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What stand or fall does electric toothbrush have, whether be worth entering?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-08      Origin: Site

Among other things, I fell in love with the automatic sterilization and new electric toothbrush. Why? Because brush head hygiene is so important! Last month, the tooth continued to bleed for more than a week. On Monday, when I brushed my teeth, the tooth began to bleed and a stone came out. I thought nothing was wrong, but the next morning when I ate the steamed stuffed bun, the steamed stuffed bun was stained with blood. When I bit something, my right tooth was surprisingly painful. It is best to change your toothbrush once a month. If it is an electric toothbrush, change the brush head frequently. Don't brush your teeth for less than two minutes to remove bacteria from your mouth. In order to clean my toothbrush later on, I learned the bus brushing method. Finally, for dental care, you can't do without a good toothbrush. Toothbrush on the market is divided into manual and electric toothbrush two kinds, electric toothbrush is more and more popular now, mainly because of the cleaning effect is strong, and very intelligent. The popularity of electric toothbrushes in Europe and the United States is very high, but China only started to promote them in recent years. Think of a month to change a toothbrush is bad, so don't bother, I bite the bullet and buy an electric toothbrush. Because this is the first time to buy, so there are no special requirements: the only thing is that the toothbrush head must be disinfected. I found on the Internet that electric toothbrushes in the market all have a cover to cover the brush head, so I think the sanitary condition of the brush head can not be guaranteed. Place the head of the toothbrush in a disinfecting box after each use. It is said that it takes five minutes to kill 99.99% of the germs inside. It's like getting a new brush head every time you take it out, which completely satisfies lazy people like me who don't want to change the brush head. This electric toothbrush has been used for more than half a month, and it still feels good. It is much more comfortable than the manual toothbrush I used before, and the cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush is really much stronger than the manual one. The most important is very intelligent, toothbrush is divided into clean, white, gentle, polishing four modes. For someone like me with delicate and delicate teeth, soft mode is very friendly. Clean mode vibration intensity is relatively large, cleaning effect is the best. Whitening and polishing are not used much at present, do not look out too much effect.For example, I don't use electric toothbrush at first, but I have sent several toothbrushes, including my parents, my clients, my elders and friends. In general, electric toothbrushes have a few shortcomings, not one flaw. If you can afford it, choosing an electric toothbrush is better than brushing your teeth manually.

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