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What was it like using an electric toothbrush for the first time?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-19      Origin: Site

When I used electric toothbrush for the first time, I was not used to it. I didn't clean the toothbrush due to my lack of proficiency.It doesn't matter, as long as you master the right method and practice more, you can better play the role of electric toothbrush.First, answer a few common questions.First, the electric toothbrush brush head is too small, and the size difference between the general toothbrush leads to no way to start.The head of an electric toothbrush is smaller than that of a regular toothbrush. This small head is designed to make it easier to penetrate the back of the mouth and clean the teeth at the back of the mouth.

For those of you who haven't used an electric toothbrush, it's definitely the most amazing little appliance I've ever used.Before touching the electric toothbrush, I have to get up 15 minutes early every day. I have enough time to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth, I feel that the surface of my teeth is not smooth enough.Since I started using an electric toothbrush, I brush my teeth for five minutes every day, just like I clean my teeth, which not only improves oral hygiene, but also improves bad breath.Because of the good feeling, I put the people around anyway again, the parents-in-law did not let go, the old people at the beginning is very rejected, and feel a waste of money, was forced to use the husband half, now is really fragrant, often a period of time to chase my husband to change the toothbrush head, and then after a period of time to change the electric toothbrush.

Because electric toothbrushes are comfortable, you use them and you know how good they smell. People know that they are always a little bit lazy, and they want to reduce the burden on their limbs, so they study a lot of lazy products.Electric toothbrush is an evolution of toothbrush, you actually have reduced a movement, in addition, electric toothbrush has also changed the structure of a lot of toothbrushes, such as its hair will be relatively fine, toothbrush head will be relatively small, can brush more clean, brush up particularly comfortable.And the electric toothbrush has a benefit, the damage to the gums will be less, his electric toothbrush has been through a lot of attempts, control, his that force, but maybe when we brush will be not light not heavy and radish vegetables each has his own love, everyone will like more suitable for their own things.With the foot bucket, in fact, you can take a bucket soaking a foot bubble, but the electric foot bucket, he is a lot of people to buy, because it can keep the constant temperature of the water, and his following words will add some brush, these are progress.A higher level of enjoyment.

Regardless of how many gears an electric toothbrush has, you'll never use more than two gears, and even after you figure it out, you'll only use one.Therefore, the so-called electric toothbrush has five gears and three vibration frequencies, which is to give users an unexplained and severe experience.You have a lot of gears, and you can hear different frequencies and sounds and things like that in each gear.

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