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When Water Flosser became popular

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-15      Origin: Site

When Water Flosser became popular, it considered a more than 1,000 yuan tooth booster, but was put off by the price.Later, when I saw the popular science of Zhihu saying that water flosser is a marketing result and is an IQ tax, I felt relieved: Ah!I'm glad I didn't.Unexpectedly, it really smells good at last.I asked the dentist, "Is Water Flosser necessary to buy it?" during an orthodontic visit to the dentist.Is the expensive one much better?Dentist director answer: can buy, the function is normal go, the price does not matter.The main thing is to clean out the stuff between the teeth and protect the teeth.

But since I still had plenty of flosser in stock, I thought the Water Flosser was expensive and I wasn't particularly eager to buy it.Then last month, when I went to the 100-day banquet for my girlfriends' children in Chongqing, I found water flosser used by my girlfriends. She told me that it was easy to use, much less hassle than flossing, and it freed my hands.I wanted to pay the same money again, but I found water flosser for 99 yuan. Look carefully, it is a big brand, isn't it rounded to free?Even if it doesn't work out, this wave is not lost:

1. Water flosser is a great way to be lazy and save yourself a lot of work.Since using water flosser!Freed the hands of flossing, because doctors are actually quite tough with flossing. They scrape the dirt off the teeth, including a layer of food residue covering the teeth. The technique is strict and correct:But most of us just floss a little bit of the stuff between our teeth.Water flosser makes a clean wash!In addition, it can effectively inhibit bacterial growth.

2. Water flosser is just cleaning his teeth. He brushes his teeth with his teeth.For those of you who floss strictly and correctly, you can also clean up very well.I was a little worried about it at first, but after I used it, I found it was very comfortable and didn't bleed at all.As for durability, the official is 2 years of warranty, I have to wait for a period of time to share with you.At this point, I have to boast that I am a treasure girl, too good at buying!This water flosser is very cost-effective, cheap and easy to use. I have seen water flosser at the price of about 100 yuan, whose pressure is generally below 120psi, while this water flosser has a higher pressure, high frequency, delicate water flow and strong cleaning ability.Bigger capacity, 250ml large reservoir, no need to frequently add water, save time and work;

Water Flosser also has six modes: sensitive mode, gingival mode, soft mode, standard mode, pulse mode, and refreshing mode. It can be used for sensitive teeth, and it can also be used for embedded residue. The gear is more detailed, and it is more convenient to use.Have you noticed that domestic water flosser is getting better and better?In the past, I thought water flosser was affordable for the rich and the rich. As time went on, I also used it for ordinary people.

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