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When can I use an electric toothbrush?

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Regardless of whether you have fillings, implants, or no fillings, electric toothbrushes, in addition to cleaning better, cause less wear and are safer than manual toothbrushes.Therefore, acoustic electric toothbrush can be used completely.Your teeth are in such bad condition because of the following reasons: 1.General use of electric toothbrush can be deep cleaning teeth, slow down the occurrence of bleeding gums.In other words, if you used to brush your teeth and bleed, replacing an electric toothbrush can reduce or even eliminate bleeding.2. Poor periodontal condition!Your periodontal condition can accumulate because you brush your teeth incorrectly for a long time.Plaque buildup can lead to severe dental calculus.This can lead to bleeding gums and other periodontal diseases.And the use of electric toothbrush, can be more effective in removing dental plaque, relieve the generation of dental stones, periodontal disease naturally.So, in addition to being a little more expensive, electric toothbrushes are all the better than manual ones.However, if you have normal teeth and are worried about the stimulation of electric toothbrush, it is recommended to try the multi-purpose electric toothbrush.This kind of electric toothbrush has a variety of functions, the specific difference lies in the vibration frequency and vibration range of different, customers can according to their own teeth, choose suitable for their own functions.

Many people have asked me if I can use an electric toothbrush after filling my missing tooth.I usually tell them after the lack of dental fillings electric toothbrush is can use, but must pay attention to the selection and use, lack of dental fillings after teeth usually strong firm, the same position will not appear the second drop and lack of tooth, so as long as two weeks after the fillings are can use electric toothbrush, but electric toothbrush, after all, is a product of high strength and vibration frequency,There are some key risks to be aware of when buying and using.

Can such a high proportion of people who need dental fillings, or whose missing teeth have already been filled, be able to use an electric toothbrush?This involves a lot of things about electric toothbrush. Some people say that electric toothbrush cannot be used after filling teeth, while others say that it is because of missing teeth filling that we should take more care of teeth and need to use electric toothbrush.The debate itself is a fair one. Many people ask whether they can use an electric toothbrush after filling a missing tooth.Let's look at what most dentists recommend.

Most dentists will allow you to use an electric toothbrush after a filling, but only after a week or two!Dentists have always encouraged the use of electric toothbrushes. Why?The low dental health rate of Chinese people is normal, and dental health is abnormal. Therefore, under the circumstance of low dental health rate, we urgently need to improve the overall quality of teeth and oral cavity, and electric toothbrush has better cleaning power and effect than manual toothbrush.

Choosing electric toothbrush is the most critical element to avoid tooth injury, especially for people who have lost teeth and filled teeth, so what are the electric toothbrush products suitable for people who have lost teeth and filled teeth?Don't pick a cheap electric toothbrush.To make a choice based on your dental health.

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