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When choosing an electric toothbrush, what properties should we pay attention to on the electric toothbrush?

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In brief, there are the following points

1. There are several modes of electric toothbrush, and which modes are corresponding to them

In my opinion, when normal people use electric toothbrush, three modes and more than three modes can meet their personal needs. Three are the minimum requirements.Each person can adapt to only one of them, but the oral state is not always in a constant state.You need to adjust the mode when you feel uncomfortable occasionally, or when you need to vigorously clean your mouth.

2. Vibration frequency

The vibration frequency should be at least 30,000 times /min, and the faster the better.Here do not worry because the vibration frequency is too high and the mouth can not stand, vibration frequency represents the cleaning ability of the electric toothbrush.And the electric toothbrush itself will have the adjustment of the mode, there will be no unacceptable situation.It can only be said that the higher the vibration frequency of the electric toothbrush, the higher the upper limit it can bring.

3. The bristles

The national standard grinding round rate of 60%, grinding round rate, the higher the brush, the softer, the lower the gum damage.But many brands do not explain to the outside, such as a big electric toothbrush does not publicly brush round rate is how much.When buying an electric toothbrush, we must find customer service to understand clearly whether it has reached 60%?

4. Waterproof grade

Generally in IPX5 and IPX7 two IPX5, there is no abnormal IPX7 when the surface is wet with water spray, and there is no abnormal IPX7 when it is directly immersed in water. Generally speaking, the higher the waterproof grade of electric toothbrush, the better.

5. Battery endurance, charging mode, etc

For example, some low-end electric toothbrushes only have 14 days, while high-end ones only have dozens of days. If you don't wait for Roman, a single charge can last more than two months. The first time I charged my electric toothbrush, I almost couldn't remember where I put the charging cable two months ago, which made me very angry and silly.Electric toothbrush charging mode types are also charging line, USB interface charging, wireless induction charging.

6. Electric toothbrush itself system technology, except for the mode of other special functions and effects

Each brand has its own core technical system. The fact is that the more expensive electric toothbrush is, the more special functions it provides, but it does not mean that the more expensive the electric toothbrush is, the better it is.

7. Toothbrush when the noise is big

Noise has a direct impact on our brushing mood, noise beyond the acceptable range, but will become annoying brushing, electric toothbrush effect becomes a negative effect.It is best to choose an electric toothbrush with a noise-reducing function.

8. Appearance level and price

Depending on personal hobbies and consumption ability, different prices to buy the highest cost-effective electric toothbrush, is the best.

This is actually a gift selection strategy. Electric toothbrush is my favorite gift as an oral surgeon. After all, electric toothbrush greatly changes the quality of life compared to manual brushing. It is also practical, and can be used twice a day in the morning and evening.Clothes and jewelry will always be idle, but electric toothbrushes will never be.Once, I thought: buy electric toothbrush also use choice?So many manufacturers are producing electric toothbrush, this is not long eyes will be met?

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