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When was water flosser invented?

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When was water flosser invented?

With the improvement of economic living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to their oral health. It is now common for people to go to dental hospitals for dental implants, fillings, and regular oral check-ups and cleanings. Brushing has long been common, toothpicks have gradually been abandoned, and water flosser and water flosser have gradually integrated into our lives as alternatives. However, the mouth oral irrigator, a relatively new product, has been hailed as a relic by some and an IQ tax by others. I used to be reluctant to accept it because I occasionally heard people say that it easily causes bleeding gums and so on. It wasn't until a close friend went to orthodontics and gained a better understanding of teeth and mouth that they slowly began to accept an acceptance they didn't want to end in the first place. 1. "Past life and this life" oral irrigator  is an auxiliary tool for oral cleaning, cleaning hidden corners such as oral crevices and braces by means of high-pressure pulse water impact. In 1962, a dentist and engineer from Fort Collins, Colorado, created the world's first oral irrigator. As early as 40 years ago,water flosser manufacturer has entered developed countries in Europe and has become an essential oral cleaning appliance for many families. At present, there are two kinds of water flosser manufacturer on the domestic market: fixed frequency type and frequency conversion type. The difference is the pulse frequency. The former has a fixed pulse frequency of about 1200 times per minute, while the latter has a pulse frequency range of 1320-1500 times per minute. Generally speaking, the higher the vibration frequency, The better the cleaning effect. In addition, the latter can adjust the size of the jet itself, which is also the reason why the variable frequency water flosser manufacturer is widely loved by users. In addition to the leap in functional experience, water flosser factory have also achieved an advance from a desktop plug-in design to a rechargeable portable design. More convenient to carry, suitable for home, going out, travel and other scenes. In recent years, the landscape of the water flosser factory industry has also undergone significant changes. Foreign brands still hold a certain market share, while a series of new brands are entering the oral care field. Do you think brushing your teeth every morning and night will give you peace of mind? Brushing your teeth is not enough for water flosser factory! Whether using a regular toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, brushing can only clean 60 percent of the dirt and plaque on the surface of the teeth, and the remaining 40 percent is often embedded in hidden corners such as between teeth and inside teeth, making the bristles difficult to reach. There is a gingival groove about 2 mm deep at the junction of the teeth and gums, which is also a heavily affected area used to hide dirt. There are still two groups of people who need special attention, One is the oral irrigator factory arrangement of teeth. According to the 2020 White Paper on Oral Medicine, 36.3% of oral consumers have insufficient white teeth, and 48.7% have irregular teeth. Due to the uneven arrangement of the teeth, the uneven surface of the teeth, and the poor contact between the teeth, the cleaning blind spot is formed, which aggravates the difficulty of oral cleaning. The other group is the orthodontic population, most commonly wearing wire braces. Unlike the normal mouth, the main body of the wire braces is a metal bracket, which adds more "dead corners" inside the mouth, such as the occlusal tooth surface near the bracket and below the bow wire. If you don't clean up the residue in the dead spot for a long time, Bacteria will easily accumulate, and various microorganisms in the mouth will multiply into dental plaque, and even cause tooth demineralization to form caries, which will eventually cause red, swollen and bleeding gums, which may lead to periodontal disease, and eventually lead to tooth loss! At the same time, with the deterioration of the residue, it will ferment and emit a bad smell, which is also the culprit of "bad breath" that troubles orthodontic patients. Therefore, for people with irregular teeth and orthodontists, deep oral cleaning is very important! High-pressure water guns or toy water guns, you must have seen, they spray water cleaning power is very good. Similarly, oral irrigator factory  use a high pressure water column to remove food debris embedded between teeth and near brackets, The function of cleaning teeth twice is realized. In general, water flosser wholesale achieve "spiritual assistance" in cleaning teeth. Its 360° rotating nozzle can be flexibly shuttled through the mouth, whether the teeth are not aligned or orthodontic correction, it can be easily cleaned. It should also be emphasized that the oral douche is an auxiliary tool for oral cleaning. Draw a dot! As an auxiliary cleaning tool for the mouth, the water flosser wholesale cannot replace brushing or cleaning teeth. water flosser wholesale and food debris calcify through saliva reactions to form calculus. Once there is calculus, should be timely to the regular hospital dental cleaning. 3. How Important is an oral irrigator wholesale? In recent years, with the development of economy and the popularization of oral health education, consumers' oral health awareness has gradually awakened. According to AliResearch's 2020 Oral Care Industry Latest Trends Report, 31% of consumers buy more than two types of oral care products at the same time, such as mouthwash, floss, toothpaste, oral irrigator wholesale, etc. The awakening of oral health awareness often comes from a harsh reality. According to the fourth National Oral Health Epidemiological Survey, up to 97 percent of adults in China suffer from oral problems. Dentists reveal that most oral problems are caused by inadequate cleaning. The World Health Organization lists oral health as one of the top ten standards of human health. Poor oral health can also have a negative impact on other parts of the body. Oral infection and inflammatory factors are easy to cause or exacerbate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and other chronic diseases, harm the health of the whole body. Dental caries and periodontal disease can damage the teeth and periodontal health, not only affecting the daily diet, but also easily affecting the appearance of social difficulties. Research suggests that severe periodontal disease in pregnant women may be a risk factor for premature birth and low birth weight babies. Inadequate dental cleaning not only affects your oral health and physical well-being, it can also directly harm your wallet. Paying for teeth has begun the young tooth defense war! Tooth fillings and dental implants range from a few hundred teeth per tooth to thousands or even tens of thousands of teeth. Friends who have seen teeth should have a deep understanding. This year, a proposal made by a member of the National People's Congress triggered a wide discussion among netizens. According to the proposal, oral treatment clinics in hospitals below the county level receive an average of about 30 patients a day, and the average cost of treating an implanted tooth ranges from 60 yuan to 20,000 yuan. If you grow all your teeth, it's equivalent to buying a house in the county! Throughout the world, dentistry is widely regarded as a luxury medical expense. People all over the world are saying that dental care is expensive! Taking out a loan from a bank in Europe is as common as taking out a mortgage to buy a car or a house in China. According to one survey, Americans spent more than $700 billion on oral health in 2017. On the Internet, I once saw a Japanese student reflect, "In Japan, a self-funded dental treatment costs at least 1.2 million yuan, equivalent to more than 70,000 yuan, so many foreign students have to go back to China for dental care." Then someone will ask, how to choose the water flosser agency on the market? For those with financial means, choosing an international brand is a safe and worry-free choice. However, for most people on a limited budget, they ultimately need to consider practicality, cost-effectiveness, personal needs, and so on. Today we mainly talk about 5 small parameters for your reference when choosing. These 5 parameters include: flushing technology (Choose a combination of cleaning and gum protection), water flow pressure (consider the pressure that different people and cleaning needs can withstand), water flow diameter (the finer the water flow, the more accurate the cleaning force), portability (depending on individual needs) and after-sales service (the more perfect the better). Most of the water flosser agency on the market use a piston pump to push oral irrigator agency through the piston pump, which is very irritating to the gums, like a high-pressure small water gun. This stiff flow of water can easily cause accidental damage to the gums and tongue, resulting in bleeding gums and pain. However, if the water flow is too slow, it is easy to cause incomplete cleaning of tooth debris. therefore In order to avoid bleeding and unclean gums, it is necessary to choose an oral irrigator agency that has both cleaning and gum protection capabilities. Water pressure ranges from 40 to 140 pounds per square inch. The low minimum water pressure makes it easy for first-time users, gum allergies and orthodontics patients to adapt. The highest level of water pressure is large, suitable for oral irrigation veterans. In short, the range of regulating water pressure should be large enough. Under the same water pressure, the smaller the nozzle diameter, the more accurate the cleaning force. A finer stream of water ensures thorough cleaning of blind spots, such as the gap between the teeth and the gum line in the mouth, and near the orthodontic brackets. Therefore, it is recommended that the nozzle diameter be as small as possible. At present, portable water flosser dealer is the mainstream product, basically suitable for carrying, mainly depends on personal use and preference. For example, for people who travel frequently, the capacity of the tank is more than 120 ml, and the first-hand water flosser dealer is more ideal. But as with the Ju family, the capacity of the tank is the primary consideration, even if the oral irrigator dealer is slightly larger. As an oral care electronic product, the common brands on the market usually have a one-year warranty period. It is recommended to choose a brand with a two-year warranty as far as possible to obtain high-quality after-sales warranty service. Simply put, don't buy an oral irrigator dealer at face value. Learning to observe parameters is also important! The choice of oral care products should pursue high quality, while considering their own economic conditions and use needs. water flosser trader are not an IQ tax. It's really useful. For modern office workers, choosing the right cost-effective water flosser company, carefully cleaning the mouth, and protecting teeth is the way to save money! oral irrigator company is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the mouth. A tool that uses pulsed water to clean the space between teeth, There are mainly convenient versions and desktop versions, the general flushing pressure is less than 90psi. What are the advantages of oral irrigator? Why don't you floss? Floss and cordless water flosser have the same function. irrigator dental are also known as dental oral irrigator. Flossing is a physical rubbing and scraping method to better remove tartar. However, when using it, you will find that it is still convenient to floss your front teeth, but it is difficult to clean the big teeth at the back, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is easy to scratch the gums. An oral irrigator dental is more convenient and easier to use than floss because it sprays water automatically and has a small, swivel nozzle. The effect can achieve thorough "cleaning" And not just a cursory "clean-up" at the macro level. Especially for those who wear fixed dentures and fixed orthoses, oral irrigator dental are more helpful in cleaning teeth. In addition, in addition to cleaning the mouth of the teeth, the dental oral irrigator can also massage the gums with soft water, promote the blood circulation of the gums, enhance the resistance of local tissues, and remove bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene. What is the function of the irrigator dental? 1. In order to suppress gum bleeding, people who are prone to bleeding when brushing their teeth should rinse the gum wound through the high-pressure ultra-fine pulse water column of the cordless water flosser, which will gradually heal the wound. Mild bleeding can disappear after 1-2 days of use. 2. Relieve toothache By rinsing the sore area caused by inflammation with an oral irrigator, you can remove harmful substances from the inflamed area. At the same time, the massage effect of the pulse water column on the gums will promote the blood circulation in the painful area, thus playing a role in pain relief. In fact, a home oral irrigator can help you focus on your child's dental health. 3. In order to reduce bad breath, household oral douches can penetrate deep into tooth gaps in a high-pressure ultra-fine pulse water column, promptly and effectively remove food debris, soft dirt and harmful bacteria in the gaps, thoroughly improve the internal environment of the mouth, promote the secretion of high-oxygen saliva and accelerate its flow, thereby improving bad breath.


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