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Whether sonic toothbrush is good or not should be analyzed from multiple angles

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Whether sonic toothbrush is good or not should be analyzed from multiple angles. There is no doubt that sonic toothbrushes are much stronger than manual ones. Electric toothbrushes are far superior to manual ones in terms of vibration frequency, cleaning Angle, and intensity of cleaning for harmful bacteria on your teeth.


Then how should we choose suitable for their own electric toothbrush?

1. the movement motor has mechanical and magnetic levitation, magnetic levitation more in the high-end products. Magnetic levitation motor vibration is more uniform and stable, less wear on teeth and gums.

2. The rate of bristles roundness is very important. The rate of bristles roundness refers to the degree of roundness of the bristles contacting the tip of the teeth. The higher the tooth, the better the protection of the gums.

3. Had better not choose the electric toothbrush of 100 yuan below, had used 7 low price product before, all have been spared very inferior, often bleed.

4. Be aware of the noise. Many electric toothbrushes are over 60 decibels and brushing your teeth in the morning is like driving a tractor. Used so many, the noise is not small, mostly like electric drill.

5. There is little significance in the number of gears and modes. Many brands claim 3 dynamics, 5 modes, or even more than 100 modes. I've used it for eight years, and I've always used one model.

6. The bristles can not choose too hard, most of our teeth compared to the European and American users will be much worse, but now the electric toothbrush most of the European and American standards. Hard brush exciting teeth gums.

At the end of the day, is it dangerous to use electric toothbrushes regularly? The answer is no. Electric toothbrush is a very efficient cleaning tool, it can effectively improve the tooth disease, making teeth whitening, stain removal effect, but also to guard against the harm of electric toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes sales jumped over the years, but the injury rate of tooth are rising sharply, the last hope that we can choose electric toothbrush according to their own teeth is rigorous.

The head is the soul of the toothbrush and the focus of the cost. The three main factors to judge the quality of brush head are bristle material, grinding rate and bristle density. The common bristles on the market are all made of nylon, while the middle and high end electric toothbrush is basically made of DuPont bristles, with good softness and no damage to the gums. In the choice of electric toothbrush, medium and soft hair, when the first choice, after all, the high-frequency vibration of electric toothbrush work will wear teeth, and the degree of wear of hard hair is greater than soft hair.

Generally, the surface of the brush bristles is not rounded, most of them have irregular shape, which is easy to damage the gums and wear the surface of the teeth. The rounded entrance is more comfortable.

According to the inspection standards of electric toothbrushes, the grinding rate of adult electric toothbrushes should not be less than 50%. If you use an electric toothbrush with unqualified grinding rate, it will hurt our gums, scratch the surface of the teeth and fail to achieve a good cleaning effect. The surface of unrounded bristles is usually irregular and sharp. The surface of the bristles treated by grinding is more round and full.