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Which brand of electric toothbrush is good?Which one should I buy my parents an electric toothbrush?

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Now electric toothbrushes are basically foreign and domestic brands.So which one do we choose?If parents are young, teeth are also healthy and insensitive, you can choose rotary, cleaning force is really strong, especially smoke teeth.If the tooth starts to fail, choose an acoustic vibrating electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush is the first choice to choose a big brand.The design concept and comfort design of large factories are definitely in the forefront of the industry. For example, the design style of Apple earphones is more suitable for most people to wear.Give parents choose electric toothbrush, have to understand their habit of brushing your teeth, everyday is like hard brush or soft brush, use the deformation of the bristles are fast unhappy (strength) for judging when brushing your teeth, if electric the deformation of the bristles are fast, like brushing your teeth with high strength, it is recommended to use a rotary electric toothbrush, because it is rotation of the brush head model, friction force.For sensitive teeth, such as gently brushing teeth, there will be snow on the gums, that is, sensitive teeth. Acoustic wave electric toothbrush is recommended. It has three modes: clean, sensitive, clean + whitening, and the brush head is more friendly to teeth.Both are big brands of entry-level electric toothbrush, but owned by the function of the electric toothbrush is a, especially for the first time to use, with relatively low price to get a sense of the use effect and slowly adapt to this new way of brushing your teeth, such as to adapt to the parents, to upgrade to a better electric toothbrush, lost also won't love dearly,If do not get used to or like traditional toothbrush means, so idle also won't feel distressed.

How to choose their own electric toothbrush, or pay attention to the following points.

1. Depending on your oral condition, if your gums are sensitive and your teeth are fragile, or if it is for children or the elderly, it is recommended to choose an electric toothbrush with acoustic vibration.

2. If tooth stones are obvious, it is recommended to choose rotary electric toothbrush.

Choose an electric toothbrush based on your budget.

Imagine coming home late at night and trudging into the bathroom, popping your toothpaste-covered electric toothbrush into your mouth and turning it on. The electric toothbrush spins in your mouth like a power drill, vibrating noises that follow the bone conduction effect of your teeth straight to your brain, ruining any thoughts of a good night's sleep.It seems that young people in modern cities are more and more interested in using electric toothbrushes. Indeed, electric toothbrushes are indeed superior to manual toothbrushes in cleaning efficiency and effect. Therefore, when choosing, you often focus on whether the vibration frequency, the number of functional modes and even the appearance level are good or not.But less attention has been paid to the noise of an electric toothbrush when it is running.To understand how noise is created, you have to understand how an electric toothbrush works.There are two main types of electric toothbrushes - rotary and lateral swing.

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