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Which is better electric or battery operated toothbrush?

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Many people make it a habit to brush their teeth. It's not that good for your teeth. Moreover, electric toothbrushes are very effective in removing stains from teeth. They can reduce stains caused by tea, coffee and poor oral conditions, and restore the original color of teeth. Better cleaning ability, many people may think that brushing sonic toothbrush is to beautify teeth, brushing is actually to remove plaque. Many experiments have proved that the cleaning ability of electric toothbrushes is much higher than that of ordinary toothbrushes, which can remove a certain percentage of plaque. It can effectively prevent gingivitis and periodontitis, thereby protecting the health of the oral gums. The second sonic toothbrush is to reduce tooth damage, because the power of the electric toothbrush is relatively fixed, so only the position of the toothbrush needs to be moved. Most electric tooth brushes also allow for adjustment of brushing frequency, which can reduce gingivitis and bleeding gums by more than half. Electric toothbrushes vibrate slightly at high speeds, which is great for improving blood circulation in the mouth and also has a great massage effect on the gum tissue. It's easy to use and doesn't take a lot of effort to clean. Electric toothbrushes have several advantages, which I think are relatively good for 1-2 minutes of regular brushing time. From the time to ensure that some people brush enough time to clean the teeth and mouth, thereby reducing the incidence of dental caries and other oral diseases. 2. High frequency vibration frequency. The sonic toothbrush bristles are more than 100 times more frequent than manual toothbrushes, cleaning the surface of the teeth more frequently and cleaning plaque and tartar on the teeth more effectively. 3. Brush your teeth differently. The average electric toothbrush has three to five brushing modes. For daily cleaning, and people with sensitive gums. More people use toothbrushes electric. Intelligent pressure sensing. This can correct the wrong way of brushing, some people who brush too hard, because of this feature, use the correct way of brushing. 5. Replaceable toothbrushes electric brush head. I don't want to throw everything away like a manual toothbrush. 1. It's a little expensive. It's several or ten times the price of a manual toothbrush. 2, toothbrushes electric brush head purchase price is slightly expensive. The price of a toothbrushes electric brush head ranges from 15 yuan to 50 yuan, but the advantages of the overall electric tooth brush outweigh the disadvantages, also because of the advantages of sonic electric toothbrush, deer toothbrush cleaner, the probability of tooth decay is greatly reduced. Here are a few good recommendations for electric toothbrushes that friends can learn about themselves. 1. Electric toothbrushes save effort, are uniform, don't have to be too hard, and protect your teeth. When you do sonic electric toothbrush with your hands, you poke your gums a lot. And it's not easy to grip the toothbrush manually and the force is very poor. I feel fine on my own with a cute electric tooth brush. 2 minutes is not enough. The 2 minute brushing time will automatically turn off to ensure adequate brushing time. sonic electric toothbrushfreely before brushing the basic brush for more than a minute, and now 2 minutes doesn't feel like enough. However, I don't think 2 minutes is enough to use an electric toothbrush vendor, so I brush for a few more minutes. 3. Electric toothbrushes make full use of toothpaste, leaving you with the feeling that all parts have been brushed and an even grainy feeling in your teeth. I didn't feel that way before. Using toothpaste is very economical and used to be deceived by toothpaste advertisements that the more toothpaste, the cleaner. Now basically cover the surface of the kids electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes have many advantages! The biggest advantages are two: 1. Some people don't know how much force is needed to refresh, small forces are afraid the kids electric toothbrush won't be clean, strong forces will throw the electric toothbrush vendor out of the ditch: (the technical term is cuneform defect), electric toothbrushes solve this problem perfectly, as long as you buy sonic toothbrush vendor with power receptors that automatically stop turning when your force exceeds the threshold. You'll see. You need to relax! 2. Timing function: Many people finish other teeth in under 30 seconds. Tooth: Have you started yet? You: It's over. The electric toothbrush bulk has a timer function that prompts you to brush for 2 minutes (manual brushing is recommended for 3 minutes) 3. Simple: An electric tooth brush is a must-have for lazy people and can save time. Teeth: Come up and move. But it is recommended that you first master the proper way to brush your teeth with a kids electric toothbrush. After all, no matter how good the electronic toothbrush, the approach and direction are wrong. A growing number of experiments show that electric toothbrush bulks are cleaner than manual ones. For disabled people, or people with inconvenient hands, there is no dispute that electronic toothbrushes are better. So, in general, do ordinary people. 1. More than 80 percent of people brush their teeth incorrectly. This is not only wrong, it is not enough time. Electric toothbrush, I agree ls, if the wrong way to brush your teeth with an electronic toothbrush is still wrong. However, the rotation is much faster, and even when it is fixed to the teeth, it is much more efficient than in the past. Electric toothbrushes typically have smaller heads than regular toothbrushes, making it easy to clean areas that used to be difficult to clean, such as behind and around wisdom teeth. 3. Considering people's psychological factors, sonic toothbrush bulk save a lot of physical energy, for lazy people, initiative will be improved, more willing to electric toothbrush manufacturer. 4. Not the most important thing." Get rid of all the fancy "Bluetooth", "music", "different features", etc. Some toothbrushes have a stop function. When you apply too much force, the electric toothbrush manufacturer will stop turning. Many people brush too much, which can cause serious trauma to the teeth, sensitivity to the teeth, etc. The right amount of force is very small, and with this feature, it helps control the force. Anyway, it doesn't mean you have to use an electric toothbrush, it doesn't mean it has to be expensive, it's just that if you have dental problems, your oral habits aren't very good. (Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day.) You've already paid a lot for your dental visit, and the $2,300 benefit of buying a $2,300 electric toothbrush manufacturer (a real sonic toothbrush bulk) is definitely worth $2,300. What are the advantages and benefits of electric toothbrushes? Many people say that electric toothbrushes are much better than regular toothbrushes. But is it really the case? It's one of the most common questions which has been asked in his years as a personal care blogger. As a personal care blogger with 8 years of experience, I am constantly exposed to reviews of sonic toothbrush bulk, dental cleansers, mouthwash and more! It also includes their long-term use of these electric toothbrush manufacturers, especially the popularity of electric toothbrush factory in recent years, so that many users have a deep curiosity about electric toothbrush, what are the advantages and advantages of sonic toothbrush bulk? Today, electric toothbrush factory combined with their own use and evaluation feelings to explain to you! Let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the electric toothbrush. For sonic toothbrush manufacturer, I bought an electric toothbrush early on because of the demands of my career, mainly out of curiosity and testing, so I tried it from an observation point of view. So relatively speaking, I'm going to talk about a few advantages and benefits of the electric toothbrush from a media testing and user perspective. The first advantage of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer is that it is cleaner to brush, especially the many gaps and details of the teeth. As shown in the picture below, I compared an electric toothbrush with a manual one. Obviously, electric toothbrushes should be cleaner, with no residue in between. And another advantage and advantage is that sonic toothbrush manufacturer has a certain effect on the removal of some stubborn tartar and plaque, which is difficult to do manual brushing. In a sense, long-term persistence can also remove tartar and white teeth. The third advantage and advantage, in my personal opinion, sonic toothbrush manufacturer is better control, even and steady vibration sensation, no manual brushing blind spots or brushing places, as you can see in the picture below is the time we clean each sonic toothbrush factory per day, obviously some part of cleaning time and force (some areas are not hard to force and therefore not clean enough). This can lead to tartar, plaque, cavities and more. On the one hand, the sonic toothbrush factory has a 30-second reminder of regional changes, at the same time, the sonic toothbrush factory brushing force is even, there will not be some manual brushing Angle is not hard, bad cleaning. The reasons for these dental and oral problems are mainly related to the weak awareness of dental protection and the lack of effective electric toothbrush wholesale. You know, the most direct way to clean your teeth is to breed dental bacteria to form dental plaque, which gradually forms stubborn tartar and dental stones, which is the culprit of tooth decay, periodontitis and other diseases! Awareness of dental care has increased in recent years as many dentists have popularized knowledge on the Internet. At the same time, sales of electric toothbrushes have skyrocketed, proving that many people are paying more attention to cleaning care and improving their teeth. But not everyone has access to an electric toothbrush wholesale, so keep that in mind! Since the sonic toothbrush wholesale vibrates tens of thousands of times per minute on the gums of the teeth, although it has enough cleaning power, although a large number of authorities have proven that there are no safety issues, after all, most users in China have a low degree of dental health, weak awareness of sonic toothbrush wholesale, and unscientific brushing methods, which also lead to the risk of tooth injury. Therefore, electric toothbrushes are not recommended for the following types of people and situations. 1. It is not recommended for users with poor dental health, especially those with severe periodontitis, severe tooth sensitivity, deep caries (deep tooth decay) and frequent bleeding. We don't need to overdo electric toothbrush agency. Most of them are elderly. 2. It is not recommended for the elderly to use electric toothbrushes, because the teeth of the elderly over 60 years old are aging normally. However, electric toothbrush agency found that the elderly of the previous generation have more dental problems, and generally do not often do high intensity cleaning. 3. Users with sudden gingivitis and toothache are not advised to use in a short period of time. First understand why the sudden problem occurs, and then use it under your doctor's guidance. The results electric toothbrush agency are getting worse and worse. 4. Users who have already had dental treatment, such as filling, root canal treatment, medical whitening, dental orthodontics, etc., electric toothbrush agency are not recommended to use in a short time. Personal dental care is best done on the advice of your dentist. In the face of possible safety risks of sonic toothbrush agency, how to choose and use sonic toothbrush agency? 1. First of all, the dental health of most people in our country is not high, so we should check our teeth before buying and using electric toothbrush dealer (especially if we use them frequently, it is best to check our teeth every two weeks or so) to see the condition of the teeth. electric toothbrush dealer has a dental health chart that you can compare. Depending on the degree of dental health, the appropriate sonic toothbrush dealer and how to use it will vary. 2. Electric toothbrushes should be as gentle and protective as possible. Although strong cleaning power and powerful sonic toothbrush dealer brush head are very good in terms of cleaning power, teeth protection is very poor. Try to choose those electric toothbrush trader brands with good cleaning power and high degree of tooth protection, I have used several good brands, professional electric toothbrush trader without damaging teeth, good cleaning power, good comfort of tooth protection, suitable for most Chinese people, dentists recommend more, which can reduce tooth damage by 80%, sonic toothbrush trader is also strongly recommended by me! Big brand electric toothbrush comfort is good, the sonic toothbrush trader bristles are very soft, like doing massage, but the cleaning power will be poor, big brand comfort can also be electric toothbrush company, the bristles are the kind of soft electric toothbrush company bristles, just like the cleaning power of big brand sonic toothbrush company is poor, compared with domestic electric toothbrush will be a little better, but the price is a little more expensive. 3. If you want relatively gentle and comfortable care, the brush head is also one of the keys, so the quality of the sonic toothbrush company brush head must be high, try to choose sonic toothbrush company brush silk, brush round rate must be high enough, generally must be higher than 80%, tooth sensitivity, periodontitis and other people's electric toothbrush supplier brush round rate must be higher than 85%. Of course, there is the hardness of the electric toothbrush supplier brush head, as soft as possible, do not believe to buy what hard brush head, cleaning power is high, this is blind nonsense. 4. Beware of "cleaning anxiety" : Many people are increasingly anxious about sonic toothbrush supplier, indicating the need for efficient, fast, and deep cleaning. Too much anxiety can turn things around. Damage to teeth and gums, especially many people are particularly interested in sonic toothbrush supplier quick whitening, X weeks of tartar removal, in fact, do not know that behind this is the cleaning logic of quick success and instant profit.


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