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Which is better, rotating toothbrush or sonic toothbrush?

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In fact, the effect of both is not bad, as long as normal use, basically can meet the needs of tooth cleaning. Of course, if you have to make a distinction, cleaning ability: rotary toothbrush > sonic toothbrush. For softness: Sonic Toothbrush > Rotating Toothbrush. Each has its differences, so to speak.


Believe that at this time, the choice of difficult you will begin to tangle, in the end choose which? Of course, the rich can say "I want it all."


Of course, smart you have been from the smell of business opportunities, excellent manufacturers, will reduce the difficulty of consumer choice, to provide an integrated solution. Hence, the toothbrush, which is twin-powered by sound waves.


A certain elastic space is added between the base of the toothbrush and the cavity of the rotating toothbrush, so as to realize the full range of vibration, up, down, left, right, back and forth, while the bristles are rotating at high speed, which is the double power of rotating sound wave.


This can not only retain the high cleaning level of the rotating toothbrush, but also make the electric toothbrush soft and efficient without knocking teeth.


Having solved the difficulty of choosing between rotary and sonic toothbrushes, what else is there to look for? I think there are at least two points, that is, in the use of effect and feeling, is an important condition for the choice of electric toothbrush, after all, daily necessities, effect and comfort are equally important.


The factors that affect these two aspects, mainly focus on the brush head.


The following figure shows the basic structure of an electric toothbrush: brush head + brush handle. The brush head is the biggest difference.


The general brush handle is much the same, and the core competition in the brush head.


Two, the cleaning effect of the brush head


The brush head is the place where the teeth are directly in contact with, and it is also the most critical place when the electric toothbrush is cleaned, which directly determines the cleaning effect of brushing.


Although we usually like to use modeling to deal with a lot of things, but in practice, there are still a lot of differences. Take teeth, for example. The actual teeth show significant structural differences, with different teeth coming in different sizes and shapes.


General toothbrush head the same shape and strength, from the point of view of production, natural is the most convenient, but from the point of view of cleaning teeth, it is not so friendly. The uniform toothbrush structure simply and rudely treats each tooth, not only feels uncomfortable, but also affects the health of the teeth, so you need to adjust the bristles. But with one or two teeth at a time, you can't have more than 30 heads. That would be overwhelming.


So the right thing to do is to make the brush head itself has a certain amount of elastic space, so as to avoid treating every tooth uniformly.


For example, there is a certain elastic space between the back shell of the brush head, the cavity and the base of the brush hair, so as to better fit the tooth surface.


Three, electric toothbrush friendly


Experience is king, no matter how much technology, if the use of uncomfortable, in fact, is a failure. It's a struggle faced by many people making the switch from a regular toothbrush to an electric toothbrush. Can a toothbrush that spins or vibrates at such high speeds make your teeth feel super uncomfortable or even make your head buzz?


In fact, the main reason for this situation is that the vibration of the brush head of the general electric toothbrush is driven by the drive shaft to vibrate at high frequency, which causes the bristles to vibrate. Long distance transmission will cause the electric toothbrush to have to increase the vibration, so the electric toothbrush vibrates very much. The rotating motor drives the drive shaft and then drives the bristle base to vibrate, which can realize the dual function of rotation and vibration. And because there is no high-frequency vibration of the brush head, only the bristle rotates and vibrates, which can effectively avoid the knock teeth and mouth vibration caused by excessive vibration.


Combined with the above points, you can make the electric toothbrush can be very good cleaning, and avoid discomfort.