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Which soft electric toothbrushes are worth recommending?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-29      Origin: Site

After reading the topic of improving life quality and happiness, I really want to buy an electric toothbrush, because my teeth are easy to decay, but no one around has used it, I don't know which model is better?

There are several kinds of brush materials among the popular electric toothbrushes. Dupont bristles (America), BBC customized bristles (South Korea) and Toray bristles (Japan) are all useful. Among them, DuPont bristles are the most used. Most electric toothbrushes use Dupont bristles.

Apparently, many people are aware that traditional toothbrushes are difficult to remove food and plaque from between teeth, and that improper brushing methods compromise the effectiveness of brushing. Experiments have shown that the electric toothbrush can remove 38% more plaque than the manual toothbrush, and its cleaning ability has been unanimously affirmed by oral experts. However, in the face of the dazzling array of electric toothbrushes on the market, the price ranges from more than 100 to thousands of yuan, many people will ask: which electric toothbrush is the best, this is an unanswerable question, because "best" is a relative concept, can be sure to choose the most suitable for their teeth and gums is the best. In view of the fact that it is the first time to use an electric toothbrush, and the tooth is prone to decay and relatively sensitive, there are two core requirements for electric toothbrush: softness (does not hurt the gums) and easy to use (has strong cleaning power). Therefore, we can focus on the following dimensions based on the actual situation.

Did you say your teeth decay easily? In insurance feeling to see the doctor first, if the tooth itself has a problem, that is not to choose a soft to use electric toothbrush can solve ~ anyway, topic main want to soft to use electric toothbrush, that basically you can say goodbye to the rotary rotary electric toothbrush is hard, although strong but at the same time of tooth wear clean force also is bigger, Therefore, it is recommended to start with a relatively mild vibration of acoustic wave electric toothbrush.

Sonic wave type of choice is actually quite many, after all, in addition to rotary, most of the electric toothbrushes on the market now are sonic wave type, want to soft and easy to use electric toothbrushes, the most need to pay attention to is the problem of bristles and brush hair rounded rate. As the part that directly touches the gum, the importance of the bristles can be imagined. The thickness of the bristles is soft and hard, and the cleaning effect is also different. Dupont bristles are used in most electric toothbrushes on the market, such as some well-known brands. This Dupont brush is strong, wear-resistant, cleans well and does not absorb water, making electric toothbrush an excellent bristle material. Some businesses in the publicity will also duPont bristles as the main selling point to promote, we can pay attention to the time to buy.

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