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Who should use Water Flosser ?

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1. People with crooked teeth


With uneven teeth, it's more difficult to brush, and moving teeth in and out makes it easier for food debris to hide. For these potential dirty tooth cracks, the tooth flusher is undoubtedly a weapon, is an important supplement to brush teeth, so that the teeth not clean clean food residue has no place to hide, obediently surrender.


2. Orthodontic patients


No matter with any appliance, some brackets or accessories will be pasted on the surface of the tooth, making the originally smooth tooth surface become uneven. All of these bumps make it harder to brush your teeth, and for every bump you add, you create a bump and a dent in the surface where the food remains. Orthodontic brackets and wires also divide teeth into different areas, increasing the likelihood of food getting stuck between the appliance and making cleaning particularly difficult. Research has found that the combination of brushing with a Water Flosser is effective in maintaining oral hygiene and reducing plaque during orthodontics. The patients wearing fixed appliance were randomly divided into 3 groups. It was found that the maintenance effect of oral hygiene in the group of brushing combined with Water Flosser was better than that in the group of brushing combined with Water Flosser and the group of brushing alone. Studies have also shown that the combination of brushing with a Water Flosser can improve oral hygiene in orthodontic patients.



1. Patients with implant repair and fixed repair


An implant is a metal implant that is inserted into the bone and waits for the bone to bond with the implant and become stable. Inflammation of the gums around the teeth can lead to periodontal disease, and inflammation of the gums around the implants is called peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is an important cause of implant loss and failure. Due to the lack of periodontal barrier, implants are more susceptible to gingival inflammation and have a higher risk of spreading inflammation than normal periodontal tissue. Therefore, periodontal maintenance of implants is more important! Studies have shown that the Water Flosser equipped with periodontal sprinkler with low water pressure can safely and effectively maintain the health of the tissues around the implants. Animal experiments have shown that Water Flosser combined with dental flossing can effectively clean implants and promote peri-implant tissue reconstruction. In an in vitro study, the plaque biofilm on the surface of titanium plates was cleaned by different methods, and it was found that the cleaning efficiency of the Water Flosser combined with 0.2% CHX rinse solution was the highest.



2, patients with periodontal disease


Good oral hygiene maintenance is the key to the successful treatment of periodontal disease and the reduction of recurrence. Excessive water pressure of the Water Flosser will damage the delicate periodontal tissue. The Water Flosser has a dedicated periodontal pocket nozzle that can be inserted into the periodontal pocket. The patients with periodontal disease were treated with cleaning and cupping and root surface leveling. It was observed at 3 and 6 months later that the combination of brushing and using a Water Flosser could significantly reduce the gingival index, bleeding on probing and the depth of periodontal pocket. A number of studies have confirmed the value of Water Flosser as auxiliary cleaning tools during periodontal maintenance.


3. The elderly


The elderly may have more serious oral health problems, such as periodontal disease, tooth loss and so on. There will be dentures in the oral cavity. Dental preparation done in the design of dentures, such as adjacent hooks and clasp adjacent teeth, is more likely to remain food residues, thus leading to dental caries. And the elderly brush their teeth in the wrong way - saw teeth. My grandparents' toothbrushes had been over-bent for years, and the curved bristles were completely unsuitable for cleaning the gap between the gums and the adjacent hooks. So a Water Flosser is a good complement to their brushing. This is why many young people today choose to teach their older parents how to use a Water Flosser.



In general, the Water Flosser is useful for periodontal patients, orthodontic patients, implant patients, people with irregular teeth, and the elderly. It can help these people better clean their teeth, relieve or prevent dental problems. The surface of the tooth injector appears to spray water, but why such a big price difference? Because the technical content and safety of different Water Flosser are different, so you can choose different brands of dental flushes according to your own economic situation and needs. Water Flosser are not a substitute for brushing your teeth, but they are a powerful supplement to brushing your teeth. They are excellent consumer products for oral hygiene maintenance!

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