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Why are most electric toothbrushes rechargeable?

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Because often remove electric toothbrush is very difficult waterproof ah! I've traded in batteries before. Then change the battery, really want to take off a layer of skin! After all, the electric toothbrush is not occasionally stained with water, but must be soaked every day, waterproof grade is very high. Do waterproof protection is also very close. If the battery compartment is well disassembled, it is necessary to make the waterproof loose, and it is difficult to ensure the waterproof performance. As for every day on the charging base. I was shocked. Do people actually use electric toothbrushes like that? Electric toothbrush charge can tube at least half a month, is it necessary to charge every day? And the toilet generally will not be equipped with a lot of sockets, the electric toothbrush of a family of three all in the toilet to charge for a long time to occupy three sockets, this sounds unrealistic. So, charging is put in the study or other places, do not need to charge at ordinary times, as far as possible all the electricity charged again. Is there really any difference between charging and changing the battery once a month? Do you misunderstand the use of rechargeable electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes are not the only ones. Many gadgets now use lithium batteries rather than dry ones. Lithium battery is more environmentally friendly, can be used for multiple charging cycle, and small size, will not take up too much product volume, this way the product can have a better design. I don't know why you don't like the lithium-ion battery-charged electric toothbrush, but if you don't like the winding of the wire harness, you can also use the wireless charging electric toothbrush.

Because convenient waterproof design. It is inevitable that water will flow across the surface during the use of electric toothbrushes. If replaceable batteries are used, the waterproof design of batteries will be difficult. There are a lot of dry batteries. If you look on the Internet, the prices are listed from lowest to highest, and the cheapest ones are all electric toothbrushes with batteries.

Although most of them are electric toothbrushes, rechargeable, also very easy to use, but the AUTHOR said, want to battery, then recommend battery. Search through the major platforms, only found a good battery electric toothbrush, cost-effective is also very good, recommend the answer to the owner and other friends who need battery electric toothbrush.

Now many cleaning products, the battery is not removable, such as razors, such as electric toothbrush, so that these things can be washed directly, convenient for users to clean after using. If you use a battery, no matter how sophisticated the lid is, it will have a slit that allows water droplets or steam to get in and damage the electronics inside, affecting the service life. Also, I don't know why you don't like rechargeable electric toothbrushes, can you tell me why?If the electric toothbrush uses batteries, it does not meet the characteristics of durability, no need to use batteries. So most are charging, and charging is more environmentally friendly.

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