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Why buy an electric toothbrush when an ordinary toothbrush can do just as well

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Why buy an electric toothbrush when an ordinary toothbrush can do just as well? An electric toothbrush vibrates much faster than a hand and takes just two minutes to brush. The most important is not their own effort, as long as the switch is directly put on the teeth, their manual brush up and down, after all, is not a machine, it is inevitable that the amplitude and force of each brush are different, sometimes hurry to brush teeth in a hurry will even accidentally poke gum bleeding.

There is essentially no difference between an electric toothbrush and an ordinary toothbrush. As long as you brush carefully, the cleaning effect is the same. But in fact, many students are lazy, brushing teeth twice a day is not enough, it is impossible to use ordinary toothbrush brush out of the effect of electric toothbrush.

Choose the key elements of electric toothbrush should be concerned with

1. Brush: Please choose soft or super soft! When I choose an electric toothbrush, the bristles are the most important thing. The quality of the detection of bristles generally depends on the grinding rate of bristles, as shown in the figure, for the convenience of viewing. Using a better comparison is the brush hair on Philips and flowers, with high grinding rate of bristles with long and thin soft hair, clean ability is good, but also more comfortable.

2. Which is better, sonic vibration type or mechanical rotation type?

Electric toothbrushes on the market fall into two main factions. Mechanical rotation: the use of motor rotation to drive the swing arm, simulated manual brushing, but faster and more violent. The brush head and bristles rotate or reciprocate to achieve a clean effect by rubbing. It is characterized by violence.

Sound wave vibration type: rely on the high-speed movement of the motor to produce vibration, transfer to the bristles, produce a slight and fast movement, through the shock to achieve the effect of cleaning. Relatively mild. Which is better, machinery or sound wave? Personally, I prefer a sonic toothbrush. Although mechanical cleaning of tooth surfaces is very efficient, sonic toothbrushes are easier to access to areas such as the gingival crevicular and require less physical wear on the teeth.

3. How long is the battery life appropriate?

The longer the better, of course. One thing a lot of people don't like about electric toothbrushes is that they need to be recharged often, and many of the big brands now only last a week to two weeks. But nearly two years up some domestic brands, endurance is doing well, generally 60 days, do well 90 days.

4. What are the electric toothbrushes with less noise

Personally, I'm sensitive to sounds, especially when I have pets at home, so an electric toothbrush below 60 decibels is a priority. So the best thing I've been using lately is this. See the figure for details. Some people can also try more than 70 decibels to accept the sound, although the sound is big but not to the extent of disturbing the people.

The electric toothbrush has been accepted by more and more people since it was questioned whether it was an IQ tax at the beginning, which shows that its existence really makes our life more convenient and our oral health more healthy. Science and technology have already penetrated into all aspects of life.

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