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Why buy an electric toothbrush when you can clean it with a regular toothbrush?

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Why buy an electric toothbrush when you can clean it with a regular toothbrush?

1. A regular toothbrush can clean as well as an electric toothbrush if you use the Pasteur method every time you brush.If you don't know what Pap brushing is, check out the video on my page.

2. The reason why electric toothbrush has become a trend is not only to prove its usability, but also to reflect that it brings us a kind of efficiency and a good lifestyle.A lot of people don't know about electric toothbrushes and they just say that this is a tax on IQ, but when you actually use it, you will know the kinds of things electric toothbrushes bring to you. You will feel that it is really changing your life, it is really making your lifestyle better without being a burden.

3.One is because of laziness. Many people may not feel like they need to move their teeth all the time. While manual toothbrushes require brushing left and right, up and down, electric toothbrushes only require you to move your teeth a few times in your mouth.Second, electric toothbrush design is better.The best brushing time is three minutes, but the hand brush can not know the time, to a minute of time is estimated not to adhere to, but the electric toothbrush will generally stop midway 30 seconds to remind you to change the position of brushing, and to the time will automatically stop.Third, the cleanliness of electric toothbrush is higher, the general toothbrush is not easy to clean up the plaque, most people brush their teeth or to brush their teeth for a minute, so the cleaning effect on the teeth is small, or too hard easy to hurt the gums.While electric toothbrushes maintain a high frequency of small amplitude vibration, can better remove dental plaque.Four is cost-effective, said a electric toothbrush so many benefits but the reason why many people don't buy or because a glance don't think it's more expensive than ordinary toothbrush a decade or two times, but if I calculate carefully you will find most people usually buy a to three hundred electric toothbrush, but marketers tend to send replacement brush head, if usually bought a little toothbrush also want a decade or two,But electric toothbrush is either almost or not much more expensive if you only change the brush head, but electric toothbrush is cleaner and better than ordinary toothbrush in all aspects, so you will definitely choose electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes use ultrasonic vibration to clean teeth. This one is also based on ultrasonic vibration. Can the vibration really clean a lot?Is manual really bad?I think each has its own advantages, do not blindly praise, do not denigrate.We manual brush, is not not clean, master the correct brushing method, then just the edges and corners may be a little bit worse, we give the force is very single, some places will really be a little bit worse.The electric toothbrush, it must first follow our correct way of brushing, or it is just a vibrating machine, then it and our dental cleaning machine similar place, is vibration, dental cleaning machine used for shattering teeth stones, this use of soft scale, so the edges and corners will be clean.Is not to take electric toothbrush is very fierce, how to brush, brush clean is the hard truth.

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