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Why did you ditch your cheap electric toothbrush?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-04      Origin: Site

Cheap electric toothbrushes use mostly hollow cup motors, while pricier electric toothbrushes use magnetic levitation motors, which are of course more expensive and more powerful. More expensive electric toothbrush, vibration is more stable, there will not be a strong earthquake feeling; Cheaper electric toothbrushes can leave your hands with an uncomfortable tingling sensation after just two minutes. Motor also determines the size of noise, good motor noise will be smaller, will not affect People's Daily activities. In terms of cleaning power, the pricier electric toothbrushes are better and better at removing plaque. Cheap electric toothbrushes that cost a few bucks aren't even as good as manual toothbrushes, and a hard brush head can damage the enamel on your teeth. Case of electric toothbrush of 100 yuan above charge for the making of STH more meticulous, waterproof ability can compare cheap tall a lot of. And the waterproof movement to be more superior, daily washing, soaking will not affect the use of. As a daily use of small electrical appliances, endurance is also an important assessment standard. If there are people who need to travel, the length of flight is very important. In general, when choosing, it is best to choose a charging style that can last more than a month. Cheap electric toothbrushes have a much shorter battery life and need to be recharged frequently, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, in the case of adequate budget, try not to choose a few dollars of electric toothbrush, the general reasonable price between 100~500, you can choose according to their own needs oh ~

To put it simply is the speed difference between a broken bicycle and a car to put it more exaggeratingly is a brush teeth with an electric drill, a brush teeth with a toothbrush even slightly better manual toothbrush is not only a few dollars, let alone the electric toothbrush, and there are not hundreds of manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush but why? Because electric toothbrush is convenient, cleaning efficiency is higher, there is a better brushing experience but the premise is high quality electric toothbrush. Don't even think about a bad electric toothbrush. After all, you want a good brushing experience for a few bucks. Not to mention the business operating costs, store costs, Courier fees, taxes and so on, I can't believe how deep the water is here.

The difference is that bad toothbrushes are like the ones you use in hotels, with soft, losing bristles. Found a lot of electric toothbrush evaluation and soft text are pulled east and west, what battery life, sound wave, durability, Bluetooth intelligence... A bad bristle is better than an ordinary toothbrush. What's a toothbrush for? Brush teeth, brush hair is not appropriate to brush hair ah ~

The principle of electric toothbrush is that the electric movement of the toothbrush vibrates quickly, so that the toothbrush head vibrates, and the toothpaste dissolves into foam with water, so that it can fully penetrate into each tooth. In addition, the vibration of the bristles can also promote the blood circulation of the human mouth, bring a certain massage effect to our gingival tissue, and make us brush our teeth more healthy.

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