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Why do dentists recommend sonic electric toothbrush?

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What sonic electric toothbrush and toothbrushes does the dentist recommend? As for what kind of sonic electric toothbrush is clean, in fact, as long as the brushing method is correct, all toothbrushes are clean. Regarding the choice of working mode, the rotation mode and the acoustic mode are actually the same, but everyone likes to favor the user's understanding and thinking. Remember three things: don't look, don't look at the price, don't look at the brand, don't look at the packaging. The key is to look at the following three points: First, look at the brush head. Choose a small, round brush head. If the brush head is too large, the cleaning effect will be poor. As long as it's big enough to cover two or three teeth, it Narrows when we open our mouth. If the brush head is too big, the root inside can't be brushed, especially if we have wisdom teeth in our mouths. It is recommended to choose a smaller brush head that can be used as a children's sonic electric toothbrush. Secondly, the softer the bristles, the better. Many people worry that soft bristles won't work well. Don't forget to use your kids electric toothbrush with toothpaste, which acts as an abrasive. Toothbrush bristles that are too stiff can damage gums and teeth, especially if you suffer from periodontitis. Do not use stiff bristles. As older users who have used kids electric toothbrush know, kids electric toothbrush are clean, comfortable and less prone to damaging teeth. Based on my years of experience with electronic toothbrush, a budget of less than 1,000 is really more than enough, and it only needs to clean and whiten your teeth without being flashy. This article is divided into three parts. If you don't want to see the explanation of the principle, just the conclusion, you can skip to Parts two and three. 1. Vibration principle of acoustic electronic toothbrush II. electronic toothbrush common misunderstanding three, electronic toothbrush common judgment indicators, how is the electric toothbrush manufacturer vibration? When I was a child, I was exposed to a magnet. A magnet has both north and south poles. Repelling, reversing, and attracting current through wires can create magnetic fields, which can create the same magnetic field as a magnet and become an electromagnet. In a general practical application, we will wind the wire into a coil. Although the coil is fixed, the direction of the current can be changed. By changing the direction of the current, you can change your polarity. This way, you can get a "variable" magnet that allows the electromagnet to swing back and forth. The magnet is fixed (called a "stator") and an alternating current is applied to a coil (a "rotor") on a rotatable structure. Because the current direction of the alternating current changes constantly, the coil forms a magnet with varying polarity. Thus, the electromagnet will vibrate back and forth due to attraction/repulsion of the fixed magnet. The high-speed swing of the motor drives the high-speed swing of the toothbrush head, which is the principle of vibration of the electric toothbrush manufacturer. The frequency at which the motor vibrates is actually the frequency of the alternating current on the coil, which is also the frequency at which the electric toothbrush factory vibrates. Therefore, the motor is the core component of the electric toothbrush factory. 2. Common misconceptions about electric toothbrush factory: 1. Is more vibration better for an sonic toothbrush manufacturer? The wrong sonic toothbrush manufacturer vibrates 1 million times per minute, which is fine, but it makes no sense. The cleaning effect is more important, depending on torque and swing. It can be simply interpreted as: no matter how fast the vibration, insufficient power is not enough. 2. The more sonic toothbrush manufacturer modes, the better? Not so good. It's a matter of personal experience. There are many modes and the intensity can be adjusted. It's easier to find the right pattern and intensity, and the experience is better. 3. Will sonic toothbrush factory damage your teeth? Most sonic toothbrush factory  have a choice of mode and frequency, including areas that are difficult to clean, areas with more strength and frequency options, and areas that are difficult to clean, strength and frequency options that are less. Generally speaking, it will not damage the teeth. In addition, people with good oral hygiene can use a small, soft-bristled brush head, which reduces the chance of tooth wear and makes cleaning the small head more flexible. 4. Is an electric toothbrush wholesale enough? The wrong electric toothbrush wholesale is faster than a manual toothbrush, but neither manual nor sonic toothbrush wholesale can remove 100% plaque. In addition to brushing, floss/drill is needed to clean gaps and dead Spaces. 3. What are the common performance indicators of sonic toothbrush wholesale? When we use electric toothbrush agency, the most important thing is the cleaning effect, which is related to two factors - cleaning efficiency and cleaning time. Since most electric toothbrush agency are automatically timed for 2 minutes, the default cleaning time is this, so the cleaning efficiency directly determines the cleaning effect. Cleaning efficiency includes two main factors: motor and brush head. There are three factors for measuring the motor: vibration frequency, torque and swing, of which torque is the most important. There are two elements to measuring a brush head: bristle material and bristle layout. 1. First, let's talk about the most common but useless parameter of the electric toothbrush agency motor: vibration frequency. Most of the 31,000 vibration frequencies on the market perfectly meet the needs of most people. The speed of the motor is actually the vibration frequency of the sonic toothbrush agency. As mentioned above, the vibration frequency of an acoustic motor is the frequency of the AC power applied. The rotational speed of the acoustic motor is determined by the frequency of the AC power applied. It's easy to brush a million times a minute with today's sonic toothbrush agency, but there's no point. Therefore, no matter how high the vibration frequency is claimed in the market, it cannot be used as the most important parameter. Why do electric toothbrush dealer on the market vibrate 31,000 times per minute? When the brush is working, the small noise made in the mouth can be loud to the user, which can significantly affect the experience. 260Hz is very close to the C4 "center C" in music (261.6Hz), which is almost the pitch of an average adult male speaking voice. Sounds at this frequency are usually less likely to cause discomfort. In addition, the most important moment is the greater the torque, the stronger the power, the higher the cleaning efficiency. The physical quantity obtained by multiplying the force by the radius of the vector is called torque [manual dog head]. The greater the torque, the easier it is to turn the object. This parameter can usually be used to characterize the strength of the motor or its load resistance. If the motor has a lot of torque, it shows great resistance to load, and the force of the brush head increases when you press it by hand. This is the most important factor to measure the electric toothbrush dealer (doesn't the sonic toothbrush dealer press it against the teeth to brush the teeth). How can you increase the torque of the motor? It is common practice to use a magnet with a stronger magnetic force and increase the number of turns of the electromagnet coil to increase the magnetic force of the electromagnet. The elaborate structure allows larger magnets and coils to be inserted into the same space. Overall, however, increasing the torque of the motor is still at the cost of volume. Under the premise that the torque and vibration frequency of the swing are the same, the larger the swing, the higher the cleaning efficiency. However, the torque of sonic toothbrush dealer on the market varies widely, so swing alone is not a direct measure of cleaning efficiency. Noise Acoustic motor structure itself is difficult to produce noise, usually can be controlled below 45dB. However, collisions and friction between the motor and the structure of the external fixed motor and the rotating shaft on the brush head cover create additional noise. Therefore, structural design is very important to reduce noise. Most of the noise in the market is below 60dB and noise is acceptable. Mode setting Modes can be understood as permutations and combinations of different torques, frequencies and swings. If an sonic toothbrush dealer has more patterns and power, users can easily find a more comfortable electric toothbrush trader, and the use experience will be better. 2. The brush head of electric toothbrush trader mainly tests the bristle material and bristle layout. Brush materials are usually selected from German, Japanese and Korean brands. There are many types of toothbrush layouts on the market, but most are designed to accommodate the Pasteur method of brushing advocated by dentists (there are also other genres of brushing, currently referred to as mainstream). Dentists prefer hair with a small head and medium hardness or softness. Small head in the mouth can be flexible cleaning, soft hair on the gum less damage, not easy to cause gum bleeding. 3. Charging range and other factors are related to battery capacity. Sufficient power requires power consumption. Large battery capacity inevitably leads to large battery size at the same torque, and sonic toothbrush trader are a little heavy. Conversely, if the brush has a small battery capacity but a long battery life, it may not have enough torque and the brushing effect may be discounted. Water resistance is a basic requirement, but accessories and aftermarket issues are icing on the cake. What precautions should be taken during the correction process? 1. If you use an invisible toothbrush for orthodontics, you can remove and wear it yourself. Of course, you can use an sonic toothbrush trader when cleaning your teeth. Most friends still opt for traditional braces with bow wires and braces. In this case, an acoustically powered toothbrush can also be used, but be careful about the frequency of vibration used to avoid damaging the braces. 2. During orthodontic treatment, it is not easy to clean the mouth thoroughly due to wearing braces. However, orthodontic effectiveness can suffer if the teeth are not properly cleaned. How to maintain oral hygiene during orthodontics? 1. Brush your teeth after eating. It is recommended to place the electric toothbrush company one by one along the gums at a 45-degree Angle and brush each tooth for about 10 seconds. 2. The acoustic electric toothbrush company should be a small head soft bristle toothbrush, or an orthodontic toothbrush, with interdental brush and floss if necessary. 3. Not only do you need to clean your teeth, but you should also clean your appliances thoroughly, brushing the area around the electrical wires. Why do dentists recommend acoustic sonic toothbrush company over traditional ones? Most people don't know the proper way to brush their teeth. Over time, their teeth turn yellow and they develop various oral diseases. The scientific brushing method of sonic toothbrush company will make our oral hygiene and cleaning work cleaner, more efficient and more comfortable, reducing the damage to our teeth, while massaging the gums and loving boring brushing time. The best feature of brushing with a traditional electric toothbrush supplier is "sense-based"! "Every time I feel clean, I stop brushing my teeth. Especially now that the weather is getting colder, I will automatically reduce the time I brush my teeth. However, this is simply not true, as not having enough time to brush your teeth is the same as whitewashing your teeth, which only gives bacteria an opening!" ! No matter the rotary type or the acoustic type, it all belongs to the vibration type in the final analysis, and the acoustic sonic toothbrush supplier is well known to everyone. Rotary does not rotate, but rely on the left and right swing to achieve clean, so in the final analysis, rotary is also a vibration type. When it comes to tooth wear, gum damage should be considered here, because teeth are much harder than you think. There is no theory that electric toothbrush vendor are harmful to teeth. Many novice white in the first choice of electric toothbrush, into a damaged tooth error. In addition, some merchants give some wrong concepts about tooth damage, leading many users to misunderstand that electric toothbrush are easy to cause tooth damage. The main components of teeth are enamel, dentin, pulp and cementum. The main function of the gums is to protect other tissues, such as dentin, pulp and cementum. Tooth enamel is 6 to 7 degrees hard, while sonic toothbrush  are no stronger than 2 degrees. Even though we already know that acoustic  sonic toothbrush do no damage to our teeth, we can't ignore the damage toothbrushes electric do to our gums. Bleeding, redness and swelling of the gums are caused by damage to the gums. Therefore, the choice of electric tooth brush should consider gum damage, not tooth damage. In addition, the issue was mentioned in some evaluation videos. electric tooth brush do cause some wear and tear on the teeth, but the physical wear is almost negligible compared to the various negative effects of calculus, periodontal disease, and the inability to stick to pasteurized traditional toothbrushes electric. "Sonic powered toothbrushes electric are recommended because of poor gums. Rotating the toothbrushes electric too vigorously can cause damage to the gums themselves. If used, it may backfire."


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