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Why do dentists recommend using electric toothbrushes?

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Why do dentists recommend using electric toothbrushes? What happens if you don't brush your teeth properly?

If you take a closer look at your teeth, is the gum a little yellow at the tooth junction? If you smoke and drink a lot, do you have brown stains on the surface of your teeth? For these people, electric toothbrushes can actually whiten teeth a bit, although electric toothbrushes can't be whitened at all. But why children's teeth are like small glutinous rice, teeth yellow part of the reason is because we do not clean their teeth enough. It may be obvious to whiten teeth with cold light and whitening paste, but it will also cause some damage to teeth (tooth sensitivity). If you want healthy, clean teeth, stick with an electric toothbrush. Because most people's teeth are slightly yellow, there is no impact on life, but problems such as tooth decay can not be cured. That's why high quality cleaning is essential. The polishing mode principle of electric toothbrush is to reduce the roughness of the tooth surface, so that it will look bright and smooth, and the naked eye will look a little shiny and bright white.

I use electric toothbrush also have a year often brush bar cooperate whitening toothpaste cough up or have a little effect however is not the credit of electric toothbrush just say can brush more clean and convenient just.

Can ah, why not, as long as you usually pay attention to brushing, whether electric toothbrush or ordinary toothbrush, can have a certain improvement on yellow teeth, but the use of electric toothbrush effect is more obvious, cleaning ability is stronger.

You can't whiten your teeth just by buying an electric toothbrush! You have to use it!! Just a little joke. If you want celebrity teeth, go to the hospital and have your teeth whitened professionally. If is the pursuit of healthy, natural white, so there is nothing wrong with buying an electric toothbrush, you know, insist for a long time to use electric toothbrush, can play a more effective than a manual toothbrush cleaning effect, and effectively remove plaque, prevent further your teeth yellow, to maintain oral health, for the teeth and create a good environment for the "life". When you buy an electric toothbrush, note that if you want to enhance the color of your teeth (whitening teeth), choose an electric toothbrush with a polished mode and use it with whitening toothpaste.

Electric toothbrushes definitely work. They brighten the color of your teeth and make them look whiter! First of all, we should know that the ultimate purpose of brushing teeth is to remove dental plaque, which is the root cause of yellow teeth, black spots on teeth and formation of dental stones. So electric toothbrush has another effect -- it can effectively remove dental plaque, clean the food debris in the teeth.

Want to know whether electric toothbrush can whiten, we must know how to whiten teeth first? First of all, the source of whitening is actually to prevent it from turning yellow! Actually make it whiter!

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