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Why do most dentists recommend Water Flosser?

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Water Flosser use water to pressurize and impact the oral cavity. Its pressurized water column can be sprayed into the oral cavity without obstruction, so as to achieve a cleaning effect. Water Flosser have also been proved by many scientific studies to improve the internal oral hygiene.


If you want to improve oral problems, the most important thing is to maintain a hygienic environment in the oral cavity. It is necessary to use the help of the Water Flosser.


The Water Flosser can not only clean the oral hygiene through the water column, but also remove the bacteria in the teeth and gingival crevices. It can also improve the inflammation in the oral cavity, and its Water Flosser can also promote the blood circulation of the gingival, so as to consolidate the root of the teeth.


Tests have shown that Water Flosser reduce gingivitis more than 50 percent more than regular dental floss.


Stemmatologists know more about the structure of our mouths than we do. Well-trained doctors, if you lie down in their chair, know exactly what oral problems exist, what causes them, and what can be done to fix them. They see flossing and Water Flosser as tools to avoid these problems.


Slowly, they also found that most people can't very good use Water Flosser, easy to cause gum's injury, and blunt tooth is easy to operate, technology is mature, though not like other home appliance of how technology to support, but on the use effect, is obvious to all kinds of experimental data.


Many people still struggle with the need to use a Water Flosser.


In simple terms, if your teeth are very healthy, that means alone can ensure that your teeth brushing your teeth cleaning in place, there is no need to buy at the dental unit, if you frequently, tooth decay, bad breath, tooth stone, when brushing your teeth, bleeding gums and teeth larger wait for a symptom, or if he is with orthodontic braces, it is very necessary to use the dental unit.


At present, the mainstream technology of the Oral Irrigator is the high-frequency pulse technology. The water flow under this technology can not only clean the oral hygiene, but also play a good role in massaging the gums.


1. After using the Oral Irrigator, the gum will bleed. How is it?


The first time I used the Oral Irrigator, I had some bleeding, the second time I had some bleeding, and the third time I had almost no bleeding.


Bleeding is normal for the first time. It needs to be done in a gradual way, starting with a gentle mode and then changing to another gear after a few weeks of use.


It's very important to use the Oral Irrigator correctly, and if you start using the Oral Irrigator correctly and you start bleeding your gums, it means you probably already have inflammation. After continuous use for a period of time (2 ~3 weeks), with the improvement of gingival health and the subsidence of inflammation, gingival bleeding will be improved; If you do not get better, consult your doctor as soon as possible for a detailed examination. You may need further periodontal treatment.


Here continuous use, more refers to the first time after the use of stop use, so that may not find some dental disease. Not in spite of the strength of the teeth, but in a controlled frequency, use your comfort as a reference, and stop when you feel uncomfortable. The first bleeding is normal, but the use of a few weeks still bleeding, must be timely medical treatment, can be in the teeth can withstand the situation, control the frequency of use, use once every few days, if two or three weeks after bleeding, must be timely medical treatment.

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