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Why do some electric toothbrushes cost only tens of yuan?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-03      Origin: Site

From a professional point of view, the cleaning ability of electric toothbrush is related to the vibration frequency and amplitude, which are related to the movement motor of electric toothbrush. However, the electric toothbrush which costs tens of yuan generally uses a very cheap hollow cup motor, which is weak and the power decay is very fast after one or two months of use. This is why many people make fun of the fact that electric toothbrush has no swing at all. If the brush is not clean, it is better to use manual toothbrush. Or some is the beginning of the power, the vibration is strong, but after one or two months, the power is weaker and weaker, and the vibration is very unstable, on the teeth will frequently knock teeth.

The reason why electric toothbrush costs tens of yuan is so cheap is because the cost savings are invisible, such as host, material, bristles and so on. Inferior materials and bristles, the product material is not up to standard will lead to insufficient quality accuracy, the whole shock feeling is very rough, the probability of tooth injury is greatly improved! More can cause oral ulcer gingival bleeding and other symptoms, many people brush bleeding, tooth pain frequently.

It is well known that electric toothbrush is very important, as the saying goes, "a good horse matchs good saddle" electric toothbrush comfort and brush brush your teeth grinding rate and quality, degree of hardness and toughness, front said about several dozens yuan electric toothbrush why so cheap, costs are left out of sight, bad will brush teeth gums caused great incentives, Cause gum atrophy and tooth pain, good brush head bristles cost more than ten yuan, dozens of yuan a comfort is very good, cheap electric toothbrush head bristles 1 yuan, 2 yuan can buy! And these 1 yuan, 2 yuan electric toothbrush head brush hair is really good quality?

Few yuan electric toothbrush I see electric business evaluation, negative evaluation is more there is another problem is the battery life of shrink, basically use range 20-30 days, hundreds of day life completely is not consistent with propaganda, but also as the using time slightly stretched, almost all days between charging, originally is the product of the save Labour when the province, convenient later than manual toothbrushes. In recent years, electric toothbrush is not recommended to buy! The main reason is that the dental health rate of Chinese people is low. Many people do not know how their dental health is. They rush to use some electric toothbrushes worth dozens of yuan, which is rough and unstable, and it is very easy to aggravate oral diseases.Reciprocating rotary high cost performance, with spindle protective sleeve, toothpaste abrasive precipitation 2 years wear half of the sealing ring problem can be avoided, brush hair less grinding rate is easy to do high. So I generally recommend using a higher quality electric toothbrush. If you want cheaper, or try to choose ordinary manual toothbrush, it will be safer! Here's a picture of the dental health of our people to see just how grim the statistics are.

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