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Why do we clean our teeth?

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Why do we clean our teeth? Because if these things are not cleaned up in time, over time they can become all kinds of bad. Cause dental caries, calcification to form dental stones → then stimulate the gums, causing gum swelling inflammation → finally simply make a periodontal disease, causing loose teeth fall out.

The American Dental Association says, "Brushing your teeth is only half done without flossing. At ordinary times, we can only brush our teeth to three teeth, the gap between the teeth is not brushed. Even if we brush our teeth every day, we can only clean 60 percent of the surface of our teeth. And 40 percent of the area can't be cleaned.

Why would I use a water flosser when I could just floss? Yes. If you're a disciplined person, skilled in flossing, willing to spend hours flossing every day, open your mouth wide for a long time without pain or fatigue, and not a special person, then flossing is enough without the need for a water flosser. But if you want to be lazy, if you want to be more efficient, if you're a special kind of person, you might want to consider a water flosser.

Oral irrigator relies on physical friction, and dental floss provides a stronger cleaning force. The water from the oral irrigator won't penetrate the entire gap between your teeth (unless you have a wide gap), but a smooth floss will do the job and will give you a more thorough cleaning. The oral irrigator is more convenient and faster to use, while floss is more difficult to use and takes time. The oral irrigator can clean more than just the gap between the teeth, and floss is for the gap between the teeth.

How to use the water flosser correctly? Before use, insert the filter into your mouth, align the teeth or gums, and open your mouth slightly to allow water to flow out smoothly. Turn on the water flosser. It is recommended to use the soft mode for the first week. When you move the water flosser, the direction of water flow is perpendicular to the gum. The water flosser is slightly tilted so that all the water doesn't run into your hand. Be careful not to mess up the order. In addition, after use, first pour out the water in the small tank, and then open the water flosser to drain the extra water, can avoid the growth of bacteria in the water flosser.

The way the oral irrigator is used is especially important. If it is not used correctly, it will not only fail to clean the teeth, but also may cause bleeding of the gums because of the wrong operation. First nozzle location is important, make sure nozzle and is one of the 90 - degree Angle between teeth, so nozzle can maximum limit, precision cleaning teeth, the second is to rush the order of the tooth, tooth washed up first, then down the teeth, teeth after first start, and then slowly moved to the front teeth and then rushed, then spray on each tooth stay about five seconds.

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