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Why do you have to use an electric toothbrush when a manual toothbrush can clean.

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For example, it's like why you want to switch from an old phone to a smartphone. The old phone is also able to contact other people, not only because of the development of technology, but also because the smartphone has more functions and can better meet your daily needs. Here, the smart phone is like an electric toothbrush, while the old phone is like an ordinary toothbrush. The ordinary toothbrush can brush cleanly, but compared to the electric toothbrush, it is still a little worse. Let me take you to understand the difference between electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush in detail.

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than regular toothbrushes, but aren't you using them for oral hygiene? Toothache isn't a big deal, but could it be cheaper to fix teeth than an electric toothbrush? So let's just tackle the problem at its source. Weight is also an important indicator to judge the quality of electric toothbrush, because electric toothbrush contains an electric motor, and the motor will have a certain quality, so the regular electric toothbrush will have a certain weight. But too light is not very good, too light may be because the motor inside the electric toothbrush is not very good, and too heavy will affect people's grip, will make people feel uncomfortable. After repeated use of electric toothbrush pick up test found that the feeling between 100-150g is the best. Noise is an important factor in choosing electric toothbrush. The working principle of electric toothbrush is that the brush head is driven by the motor to vibrate or rotate. Generally, the greater the vibration frequency, the greater the sound. But the volume of the sound must have a certain limit, not too large. Electric toothbrush is safe and labor-saving. Traditional common toothbrush is usually brushed with a see-saw method. If you poke your teeth left and right, just like sawing a tree, your wrist will be stabbed and bleeding immediately if you exert too much force carelessly. While the electric toothbrush operates by itself, and gets rid of the cleaning method of the rough saw toothbrush. It only needs to move up and down easily in your mouth, which is much more comfortable.

Electric toothbrush is not only efficient and clean, but more importantly reminder! I do not know if there is anyone like me, manual brushing is always done, will not pay attention to the Angle and time of brushing, relatively hasty brush, brush is not clean, is also such a bad habit of brushing, resulting in my tooth stones and dental caries. So for me, using an electric toothbrush is to remind myself that I should brush the toothbrush cleanly and comprehensively. I have sensitive gums, so I use relatively soft bristles for electric toothbrushes. I use electric toothbrushes. The bristles have soft and hard bristles, and the overall hardness is soft, so it feels very comfortable to brush.The vibration frequency itself is very comfortable, it can be 5 seconds of crescendo, slowly adapt to the intensity, the battery life of 70 days, super!

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