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Why does an electric toothbrush sell for thousands of yuan or more?

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I am an early user of electric toothbrush. When I discussed electric toothbrush with my friends recently, I found that there are dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars on the market now.I want to ask, what is the reason that electric toothbrush will sell for thousands of dollars?Can buy the price of a TV quickly, spend ten times the price difference is worth it?

It all depends on your personal needs, the amount of income you can spend, and your attitude to spending for electric toothbrush.There are no generalizations.According to the dentists I visited in Shanghai and the United States, my mouth shape (and that of all my family members) makes me particularly prone to dental calculus, periodontitis, gingivitis, and other diseases.And after experiencing how expensive it is for a non-American to see a dentist in the United States, it is necessary to be more careful than ordinary people in daily cleaning and gums protection.

Do you need an electric toothbrush?Is an electric toothbrush better than a manual one?Here's a study, if you're interested, you can look at it for yourself, in English.Anyway, the conclusion is that electric toothbrushes really do help a lot with plaque reduction and gingivitis.

First of all, I want to share an important point.The teeth are hard, but the gums are fragile. Don't brush too hard.There are a lot of people afraid of electric toothbrush is not clean, really good serious, good hard brush, but in fact, this is not good, very hurt the gums.Once I went to wash my teeth, the doctor said to me as soon as he saw my teeth, "brush your teeth gently at ordinary times, you see you this gum to hurt".The doctor first told me to make sure I buy the softest electric toothbrush and use anti-allergy and feel-good toothpaste to protect the gums.Then he said forget it, just say you buy an electric toothbrush, the kind with pressure sensor, you won't brush hard.Second, a dentist told me that while regular toothbrushes can do a good job of cleaning, most people can't.Even after seeing and listening to your dentist carefully tell you the right way to brush your teeth, you may stick to it for two or three days at home and immediately feel better.No more than two minutes of brushing, and even less flossing.So how exactly do you brush your teeth properly with electric toothbrush?

To tell the truth, my husband, after brushing his teeth for two seconds every day, he feels that the toothpaste has not yet been brushed into bubbles. He has no good brushing habits.So I bought him an electric toothbrush, with a timer, to keep him brushing for a little longer.How about an expensive electric toothbrush?I think it depends on everyone's choice. Why?If you are lazy, in fact, need more high-tech technology to make up for your lazy, such as how long you don't know what to brush teeth, brush or do you even more vigorously is true don't know, so just can have some what 30 s remind transposition electric toothbrush, a variety of mode switches, as well as the 3 d intelligent brush method these high-tech features of human nature,To keep our mouth and teeth healthy.Of course, an entry-level electric toothbrush is slightly better than a manual toothbrush. After all, the brush head is self-moving and can clean much more carefully and efficiently than a manual toothbrush.

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