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Why don't dentists recommend electric toothbrushes?

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Reason 1, there is no why, quack doctor nonsense - they do not understand the electric toothbrush

Reason 2, recommend you to use and do not give him money, why should he care you do not use

Reason 3: Electric toothbrushes are really not for you

Say first point, do not know electric toothbrush, oneself also do not know what advantages of electric toothbrush.I'll talk to you about electric toothbrushes. What's good about electric toothbrushes?Electric toothbrush was designed for the disabled at the beginning, and then it became popular. After it was gradually transformed and popularized, everyone began to use it. Most people use electric toothbrush in foreign countries, who pay more attention to oral health than we do.There are three types of exercise, or exercise types, for electric toothbrushes.

Benefits of electric toothbrushes: the vibration rate is much faster than manual ones, ensuring efficient cleaning;Free your right hand and gently place the brush on the tooth to be cleaned.These are the two benefits that I find most useful.Of course, there are others, such as high bristles round rate, long service life and so on.The second point is whether you use an electric toothbrush or not. The teeth are yours. It is you who suffer from dental disease.The joys and sorrows of human beings are not interlinked.Look at the third point, you are really not suited to use an electric toothbrush, what kind of people are not suited to use an electric toothbrush?Electric toothbrushes are not recommended for children, the elderly and people with disabilities who do not have a good command of brushing.An electric toothbrush can help clean your teeth better, but if you leave it on one or two teeth for too long, it can damage the periodontal tissue and wear away the enamel.If this group must use an electric toothbrush, it is best to have it "trained" or assisted by a caregiver.Electric toothbrushes are not recommended for patients with severe gingivitis and periodontitis.These two types of patients have severe gum inflammation, and the high-speed vibration of electric toothbrush stimulates the gums greatly, which is easy to cause bleeding.If the patient's gums are mildly inflammatory, a small amount of bleeding is not a problem when using an electric toothbrush. Adhere to brushing for a period of time after the improvement of oral hygiene, there will be no bleeding;But if the gingival swelling is obvious, bleeding is also obvious when brushing, you should first stop using electric toothbrush.If your dentist doesn't recommend using an electric toothbrush, it could be because you have serious gingivitis or periodontitis.If it's not serious, it doesn't matter.

I almost foolishly recommend electric toothbrushes to my family and friends;For patients, they are very subdued.Yes, use it.No, it doesn't matter.Because one of the most common conversations I have in a visit is when I say to the patient: You don't brush your teeth well.The patient replied with a slightly surprised tone: I use an electric toothbrush.As long as you buy an electric toothbrush, your teeth should be clean.People who regard electric toothbrushes as possession symbols are everywhere.

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