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Why is a water flosser so expensive?

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Why is a water flosser so expensive? To answer this question, it is necessary to begin with the principle of the water flosser, that is, what the water flosser is used for. The principle of the water flosser is simple, using the body of the body of the pump to pressure the water, create a pulse of water, through the nozzle, to flush teeth and gums, and the teeth between the gaps between the dirty.

The water flosser can clean the adjacent surface and subgingival surface of the adjacent surface, as well as the lip buccal side and lingual palatal side gingival crevicular, with a wide cleaning range, but its price is higher than that of dental floss and interdental brush. It's also easier to use. Sometimes the teeth are in close contact with the plug, and the water flosser can't completely solve the plug, and it can't completely replace the floss. The gums will not be damaged by the use of a proper water flosser.

The water flosser is a water spout, but it's technically sophisticated. The tools for spraying water are as small as sprinkler guns and as large as high-pressure spray guns used to put out fires. To be applicable to various physiological environment of the mouth, to achieve the best cleaning effect, let's look at the technical content of the water flosser.

Pulse and water pressure are the key mechanisms of pulsing water flosser to play a cleaning role. The combined effect of pulse punch and water pressure on the tooth surface and periodontal tissue can produce alternating effect of pressure and decompression cycle. In the pressurization stage, water flows into the adjacent surface space and the periodontal pocket. In the decompression stage, food residue and bacteria flow out smoothly. As a result, the pulsing water flosser is more effective than the constant hydraulic punch in removing plaque and food debris, and can massage the gums. Earlier studies have shown that pulsed water is three times more effective at cleaning than non-pulsed water. A pulse frequency of 1 200 times /min combined with a water pressure of 55-90psi(379-621 kpa) resulted in relatively thorough plaque removal.

Water flosser as a pump body can take advantage of the fuselage on the tank pressure water spout auxiliary cleaning tools, impact strength it rushed out of the water can not only easily being blasted into the teeth wash away the dental floss residual plaque, can also be used to clean dental floss and less than crack residual bacteria, including gums ditch, ditch, and orthotics around the crack.

For those who wear orthodontics, implants, dentures, and solid dentures, the dental structure of these teeth is more complex and diverse than that of normal people. For those who have more corners and places to clean their mouths, teeth impingers are very helpful.And the unique special nozzle of the water flosser can penetrate into some places that dental floss cannot go into, such as periodontal pockets and orthodontic braces. The water flosser can quickly and efficiently clean the residue for you.

A few final tips:

1. The water flosser will not widen the gap between the teeth, but the teeth of the plug was washed away, the empty sense of self from the teeth.

2, the first use of bleeding is a normal phenomenon, later turn down the gear intensity, use one or two weeks or so the situation will be reduced and improved.

3. The water flosser cannot remove the tooth stones. The removal of tooth stones requires cleaning tools with higher frequency, at least tens of thousands of times per minute of professional tooth cleaning machine to achieve the complete removal effect.

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