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Why using an electric toothbrush every day is not bad for your teeth?(Under the premise of correct selection and use)

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-13      Origin: Site

1. Electric toothbrush can massage the gums through high frequency vibration, and promote the blood circulation in the gums, so as to make the oral cavity more healthy.

2. High degree of intelligence, real-time detection of the state of teeth, comprehensive cleaning, timely prevention of oral diseases, just like taking your teeth every day, see a doctor.

3. Strong cleaning ability, away from dental plaque, dental calculus, dental caries, periodontitis, fresh breath, so that bacteria can not breed on the teeth.Second, why do some groups appear "after using electric toothbrush to cause damage to teeth" phenomenon?Choosing the wrong electric toothbrush.

This situation can be divided into the following two situations:

1) choose small brands without security, or even no famous brands.These brands really lure many people with low prices, but the quality of its production is not guaranteed.Electric toothbrush is related to our oral health, so we try to choose a good brand with high visibility and good reputation.

2) The performance is not suitable for the condition of their teeth.For example, you choose an electric toothbrush with a high vibration frequency, but your gums are sensitive and your teeth are weak.Or maybe you don't notice the rounding rate of the electric toothbrush , making your gums, which are already sensitive, even more sensitive.2, do not master the correct method of use.The main thing is that when you use it, you don't choose the right mode.For this point, I would like to remind you: before using must first read the manual, have a general understanding of the product, and then go to install and use.At the beginning of the use, to learn to adjust the gear, so that their teeth in a comfortable state, to fully consider the bearing capacity of teeth.Well, after reading this, you can safely use your electric toothbrush.The premise is to remember the points I have asked you to pay attention to: choosing the right electric toothbrush and using it correctly.

Proper use of an electric toothbrush is not harmful to teeth

Whether it is manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush, the most important thing is the way to brush your teeth, the right way to brush your teeth will not cause damage.

Scientific use, more convenient and more clean, the baby for the first time to use electric toothbrush is still a little afraid of ha ha, so I told the child his father also use electric toothbrush with her, didn't open the vibration, the first adapted to these days, every day is very consciously, night also take the initiative to call me in the morning to go brush your teeth, may be the children's electric toothbrush is too cute, like a lollipop, like a toy,Playing while brushing, the silica gel of brush head is very soft, and I have taught my child the method of brushing with Pap, and the electric toothbrush  has a function to remind him to change areas, so I can brush everywhere, which makes me feel relieved.

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