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Why would anyone recommend an electric toothbrush?

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-25      Origin: Site

it is an efficient brushing tool. Electric toothbrush is always recommended by me. The most important action for the Pap brush is a small tremor of the toothbrush, which strikes a fine balance between cleaning the teeth and avoiding excessive wear on the teeth and gums. So for this type of exercise, the electric toothbrush obviously has the advantage, as I tell many friends: if you have a washing machine at home, you should also use an electric toothbrush, the analogy makes sense, right? Believe in technology to improve life. Especially with the continuous upgrading of technology, the current electric toothbrush is no better than before, generally adopt better motor driving technology, such as magnetic levitation motor has become the standard of the new generation of high-end electric toothbrush. Moreover, under the positive promotion of brands in the domestic market, such high-end technology has also been applied to inexpensive low-end toothbrushes. My electric toothbrush is no more than 200 yuan in hand, and there is no problem after one year of use. Moreover, the soft hairs on the brush head are more comfortable than those on expensive manual toothbrushes.

By saying so much, I want to tell people with oral problems who have delayed changing electric toothbrush to believe in electric toothbrush, believe in domestic brands, believe in the choice of the market, and believe in our sincere recommendation. In case you still don't believe me, let's talk about how the electric toothbrush works. At present, there are mainly two kinds of electric toothbrush: rotary type and acoustic type. Acoustic type is easier to be accepted by everyone. The core of acoustic type electric toothbrush is the motor mentioned above, whose high-frequency vibration drives the brush head to quickly swing in a small range to clean the tooth surface. Take the shuke electric toothbrush I use as an example, vibrate 37,000 times per minute, 5.5mm wide swing amplitude, the same time it can achieve the cleaning effect of hand brush how can not reach, a little better to yourself free your hands.

Compared with the motor, I prefer the brush head and the design of the brush head. I like the design of the electric toothbrush head. Brush in the other same price electric toothbrush head before I should have been the buyback, because it's the size and shape of the brush head is not a simple imitation of manual toothbrush, on the design of the similar water droplets form, is very small, and can be a very good cover package tooth surface, even on difficult to use electric toothbrush brush teeth after the outside and inside of the back teeth under, can easily reach the tooth surface. Here I will say a few more words about why these two positions are not easy to brush, because in these two end areas, the toothbrush's back and forth movement is very limited, either to the cheek or poke nausea, it is difficult to achieve effective cleaning. This problem can be solved with a relatively small electric toothbrush. Just place the brush head in these two positions, and clean this position with the high speed movement of the bristles without having to move the brush head too much.

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