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Why you use an electric toothbrush?

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Use the same amount of toothpaste as you would with a traditional toothbrush, and don't reduce the amount of toothpaste because the head gets smaller.Turn on the electric toothbrush button only when the toothbrush is on the teeth to prevent toothpaste from splashing around.To avoid splashes, it's best to squeeze the toothpaste before turning on the power.

When brushing, place the sonic toothbrush  brush head around the thinnest front teeth.Let the teeth clamp in the middle of the three sides of the brush bristles and pull back and forth with moderate force. After the toothpaste blister, turn on the electric toothbrush switch. After the brush head vibrates with moderate force, move the toothbrushes electric back and forth from the front teeth, first brush the outer teeth, and then brush the inner teeth.Then brush the bite surface.Do this for both upper and lower teeth.Clean all your teeth!

Brush each tooth carefully, don't miss it.Pay special attention to the area where the teeth and gums meet. Pay attention to the gum line and all the teeth.You don't have to do much movement, the sonic electric toothbrush will do it automatically.

or a long time, the promotion of electric tooth brush in China also faces similar doubts, who is behind the public opinion to help the waves of that hand, it is not good to guess, because speculate this kind of things, this fairy can not do.Anyway, let's get back to the kids electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes really don't widen the gap between your teeth, and when you think about braces you have to wear them for so long to get those bad teeth back in place.Brushing for two minutes at a time is just long enough to remove plaque from your teeth.Protect the uneven you just washed the tooth, the process that used electric toothbrush to let your tooth stone form is more slow, difficult not the tooth seam is not blocked by calculus, you also blame electric toothbrush.

Do you know that in economically developed Europe and America, the penetration rate of electronic toothbrush is 40-60%? The widespread cognition must be recognized by the public.The catchphrase of the last century is to catch up with the UK and the US, and I would say it's not just the economy, it's the standard of living.Everyone agrees with things, you do not doubt, too cheap

electric toothbrush factory is not recommended, about 100 yuan may be an itch brush, and then you completely negate the sonic toothbrush manufacturer.A pole upset a boat of people do not do, an electric toothbrush manufacturer denies a category of things, you also do not do.

2 ~ 3 seconds per electric toothbrush.And put in a ventilated place, don't put in a damp place, electric toothbrush is easy to break.

As for the replacement of the brush head, it can be replaced once every three months like the ordinary toothbrush.Some electric toothbrushes have the function of prompting to change the brush head, specifically, some are prompted by APP, some are prompted by brush head fading.

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