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With the development of water flosser technology, there is a rechargeable portable water flosser.

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With the development of water flosser technology, there is a rechargeable portable water flosser. The host uses a rechargeable battery as the power supply. When it is used, it only needs to be charged, and it can be used for about one to two weeks.

Due to the small size of the main machine of the portable water flosser , the body does not have wires, and the use of external power supply is not necessary. It is suitable for daily use, but also suitable for use outside or in places without power supply.

For orthodontic people (orthodontic braces), because they need to clean the food on the braces after each meal, the portable tooth rinsing device is more suitable for them to use, because it can be used on no occasions.

For more users, the reason why they prefer portable water flosser is that there is no need to plug in electricity when using, and there is no long wire of desktop t water flosser, so it is more convenient to use.

Electric water flosser is a relatively new kind of oral cleaning appliance. In Europe and the United States, tooth flusher is a necessary sanitary article for many families.

Dental flushers have also entered China, and many people have grown fond of these comfortable and effective dental health gadgets.

For exposed tooth space, the cleaning effect of the flush device is quite good.

After eating as long as 1-3 minutes of rinsing, you can put the food debris in the teeth clean.

To get the most out of a mouthwash, it's best to rinse your teeth after each meal to form another 'mouthwash' habit.

Generally speaking, just use water to flush your teeth. You can also add mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs to strengthen some of the effects.

It is easier to remove food residue from the gap between teeth when the gap between teeth is larger in middle-aged and elderly people.

The biggest advantage of a toothbrush over a toothpick is that no matter how it is used, it will not damage the tooth surface or periodontal area.

The water flosser, toothpick and floss complement each other.