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Would you buy your parents water flosser?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-13      Origin: Site

In my opinion, water Flosser is worth buying.The purpose of Water Flosser, I don't need to say more, is to clean oral hygiene, to keep the mouth clean.In my personal experience, water Flosser is easier to use than a toothbrush.Just think about it. When you use water flosser, you just need to move the water flosser. Especially after eating, the pleasure of using water flosser to wash out a pile of food residue is much better than brushing your teeth.Water Flosser can not replace the function of brushing teeth. I bought my dad my water Flosser.

If your parents are getting by with brushing their teeth, it shows that they are not paying attention to oral health.If they want to use water flosser, you can certainly buy it.If they don't want to use it, don't buy it. Do their ideological work first.The first step is to rely on you to instill knowledge about water Flosser into them on a daily basis, so that they will gradually pay attention to it unconsciously.Second, it is important to lead by example.Water flosser means you have to pay attention to your oral hygiene.If you want to buy a water flosser for your parents, you have to use it yourself. Let them see the benefits of water Flosser and think it's helpful and easy to use, and then everything will take care of itself.Thirdly, if you want to buy water flosser for them, you should carefully choose it. Otherwise, they will feel uncomfortable or frustrated when they use it if they make a wrong choice. Then they may blame the water flosser as useless and even put it aside.

Because most of the teeth of parents are not very healthy, there are always problems of one kind or another, and the gap between teeth will be larger than us young people, and the gums will be fragile, so when choosing water flosser, it should be selected according to their specific situation.

It is most important to pay attention to oral cleaning. Water Flosser is an auxiliary tool for oral cleaning, which can improve the strength of gums, prevent and prolong dental calculus, and prevent dental plaque.Good brushing and water flosser can meet the comprehensive cleaning of oral cavity. Dental caries are usually caused by dental plaque. Therefore, water flosser can be used to clean dental plaque, prolong and prevent the formation and breeding of dental plaque.Water flosser has a very thin water column, which can be used to clean the gingival groove and crevices. At the same time, you can also put mouthwash or oral care solution in water Flosser to further protect teeth and gums and prevent the growth of dental plaque.(Dental floss is easy to scratch gums and teeth, which can easily lead to neck damage and other problems, so the use of dental floss should be moderate.) In addition, water flosser should also be carefully selected for parents. Elderly people's teeth and gums are relatively fragile, and it is best to choose water flosser with mild impact, which is easy to operate and light.

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