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electric toothbrush high frequency vibration can be effective protection of oral diseases

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electric toothbrush high frequency vibration can be effective protection of oral diseases

I to electric toothbrush brand attention is not high, in my more or less used more than a dozen electric toothbrush, the actual feeling is domestic electric toothbrush slings at the same price imported toothbrush, and is killed that..... Another cost is the cost of replacing the brush head. Most of the domestic brushes cost more than 20 pieces, which is not too excessive compared to the price of ordinary toothbrushes of about 10 yuan. As long as the quality of brush head is good enough and the circular grinding rate reaches the national standard, we can choose the price from low to high.

After I go to work to now a few years of time, more or less used more than a dozen electric toothbrush....... Even smelly shameless used some brands of children's electric toothbrush, but also very good.

We must be alert to an electric toothbrush long-term chronic abrasion of teeth, not easy to find a lot of people think that electric toothbrush did buy back as long as the check for brushing teeth bleeding, stimulate gums, teeth without is unqualified, in fact wrong, buy the wrong electric toothbrushes, such as the quake particularly strong, especially the low electric toothbrush, The resulting chronic, undetectable wear of teeth is exaggerated, usually months and years later. In fact, the design ideas of foreign electric toothbrush products are not suitable for Chinese teeth. Many international brands adopt European and American standards, with high vibration frequency, too strong cleaning force and too hard brush head. These standards are not suitable for the domestic population, and the teeth may bear too much load, resulting in the risk of tooth damage. Domestic people are more suitable for products that can guarantee cleaning power while relatively not damaging teeth. Buying inferior electric toothbrushes can cause tooth injuries. Inferior electric toothbrushes are of poor quality, with substandard motors, workmanship and technology, and uneven swing, which can cause great wear and tear on teeth. In addition, the rough bristles are not rounded at all, and even with proper use, substandard electric toothbrush products can cause tooth damage.

In addition, like ordinary toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes also need to be replaced every three months, the price of four or five brush heads may need about 200 yuan, more expensive than ordinary electric toothbrush, so we will be more concerned when buying electric toothbrushes. However, the author is using this brand of electric toothbrush 8 brush head is less than 200 dupont hair, is really good.

Whether there is tooth decay and whether the frequency of tooth decay is high. From these two points, electric toothbrush is more effective than ordinary toothbrush, and whitening is not within the scope of comparison. The advantages of an electric toothbrush are obvious: 1. Keep the toothbrush on for 2 minutes and it will stop automatically. 2. At present, the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is mostly 30,000 times/minute, while the frequency of our manual brushing is about 240 times/minute (i.e., 4 times per second up and down). 

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