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if your electric toothbrush doesn't last long

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Except for a few quality reasons, if your electric toothbrush doesn't last long, I'm afraid that your maintenance is an important issue.So, how to maintain the electric toothbrush in the end?1. Keep it dry. Regular electric toothbrushes are IPX7 waterproof, so you can rinse them under running water after just one use.But being waterproof doesn't mean you're not afraid of water.You tend to stick your electric toothbrushes straight into the mouthwash cup after using it.Of course, regular hand toothbrushes are perfectly fine to do this.Electric toothbrushes, however, are different.The bottom of your mouthwash glass often has residual water stains that can easily seep into the bottom of your electric toothbrush.The most important part of the electric toothbrush handle is the motor, which is usually made of metal.Once the metal rusts, the motor will be scrapped and the natural electric toothbrush will not work.2. Replace brush head.Electric toothbrush brush head is generally need to be replaced once every 3 months.You may look fine after 3 months, but you'll need to replace it for hygiene reasons.After all, after three months, the brush head will accumulate a bunch of bacteria that you can't see.Now that you've already bought an electric toothbrush for dental health, don't skimp on the savings.3. Appropriate force.You're probably used to brushing your teeth forcefully, even with an electric toothbrush.But in fact, this is not necessary.Electric toothbrushes come with a high frequency vibration, you just need to gently rest the electric toothbrushes against the teeth, simply move it.Brush too hard and your teeth will be damaged.At the same time, the electric toothbrush is also a kind of wear consumption.4. Avoid repeated plugging.You may save money by sharing a brush handle with your family and using a different brush head each time you use it.This repeated plug, will cause some damage to the vibration shaft.Therefore, it is best for everyone to buy an electric toothbrush to avoid repeated unplugging.To save money, it turns out that the electric toothbrush won't last very long and isn't really necessary.There are a lot of cheap ways to use it.A cost-effective electric toothbrush can be bought for everyone in the family at a fraction of the cost. A healthy investment is just one or two meals away.

Let's take a look at the core valuable components of electric toothbrush: 1. Motor: it directly determines the vibration frequency, speed and mode of vibration, and basically determines whether the cleaning function can be played each time. The higher the speed, the more expensive the price will be.2. Brush: Make sure the electric toothbrush is made by Toray PBT or DuPont!Good bristles make your teeth feel good. You run your tongue around for a smooth touch. Cheap bristles are just plastic, and you brush your enamel every day.3. Brushing head rounding rate: rounding rate is to remove acute angles and burrs on the top of the single wire of the electric toothbrush brush head, so that the top becomes smooth.The surface of the unpolished brush head is mostly sharp and irregular (like the cheap electric toothbrush in the picture above).The requirements of oral hygiene appliances: adult electric toothbrush brush hair grinding round rate shall not be less than 50%.The rounding rate of the electric toothbrush brush head is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but can be clearly seen under a microscope magnifying several times.We brush our teeth at least twice a day. It is these innumerable sharp little bristles that act on the enamel surface of our teeth. If it is a bad rounding rate of the electric toothbrush brush head, it will damage the health of the mouth.A simple comparison: if you look a little closer, you'll see that the two above are web celebrity and cheap brands.Below is the DuPont brush head.I strongly doubt that many factories do not even have the machine for grinding round rate, or even do not know this concept, they can sell electric toothbrushes. There is no way, who makes electric toothbrushes more and more popular in recent years ~

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