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look at the electric toothbrush vibration frequency: to consider the constitution of each baby is different

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look at the electric toothbrush vibration frequency: to consider the constitution of each baby is different, the sensitivity of the baby gingiva is different, some baby gingiva is sensitive, brushing is easy to bleed, this time the electric toothbrush amplitude needs to be gentle;Some baby saliva calcium content is relatively high, it is easy to form dental stones, then the electric toothbrush amplitude needs to be larger;Now the electric toothbrush has amplitude adjustment, ordinary are three adjustment (whitening, sensitive and ordinary), so it is recommended to choose an adjustable, according to the situation of the child to adjust.5, look at the number of standard brush head and brush head price: the more the better to send, after all, the single to buy a few dozen, the general single price between 19-69, brush head 3-4 months for a change, so this is also to consider: economic/cost-effective.6, look at the electric toothbrush brushing comfort: look at the electric toothbrush noise is not big (some children can not stand the noise is very big), the level of appearance is not beautiful (beautiful things, the mood is also happy), the children are good to take, the handle is easy to mold dirty etc..7. Look at the battery life, charging mode, waterproof and timing setting of electric toothbrush. Personally, I don't think these are very important.

Battery life of electric toothbrush: battery life of different products varies from 7 to 100 days. Charging method: it depends on my favorite, but I don't think there is much difference.Waterproof: generally washable;2 minute timer: basic function, most electric toothbrushes have it.

I believe that even those who have carefully read the above contents may still be confused about which brand of electric toothbrush they should choose, which is quite normal. First, they have not been exposed to electric toothbrush before, and they are confused after reading the theory, just like they can't apply it after learning a lot of knowledge.Second, there are really too many electric toothbrushes on the market (there are more than 340 brands on the website), many of which look similar to each other, so it is difficult to choose electric toothbrushes.

Children electric toothbrush homebred brand more and more now, but we choose or pay attention to the child safety first, when we are buying an electric toothbrush, some toothpaste, for children to use toothpaste, whether also to pay attention to the composition of toothpaste, such as children's toothpaste can't use calcium carbonate as abrasive, because of the friction coefficient is big,There is damage to tooth enamel and gum.

Using an electric toothbrush if you have teeth.It's easy to say that children are more sensitive to noise, the back or rod of the brush head, and the foreign body irritation of the bristles in the mouth, and that children's baby teeth are more prone to tooth decay, but there are very few product models that can take these into account and solve the problem.The cleaning ability of eccentric electric toothbrush and braces toothbrush is very weak. The mechanical rotating electric toothbrush usually has large noise and hard brush head is thick. Most acoustic electric toothbrush has the problem of tooth shock, acid tingling and discomfort.

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