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water flosser are originally designed for daily cleaning, mainly to clean the food residue between the teeth and the gingival crevices

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It's true that you can't wash your teeth too often, but you can use the flush every day. DENTAL CLEANING USES ultrasonic wave, the strength is relatively strong, can wash the stone, usually a year or half a year is good, can not wash frequently, will cause damage to the teeth. However, water flosser are originally designed for daily cleaning, mainly to clean the food residue between the teeth and the gingival crevices. The water pressure is not as strong as ultrasonic wave, and some water flosser can adjust the water pressure. If the teeth are sensitive, clean them at a low level.

According to the Third Epidemiological Survey of Oral Diseases, the prevalence of oral diseases in China is as high as 97.6 percent. With further research, it has been found that the root cause of the problem is the daily oral cleaning. It was thought that the use of electric water flosser and mouthwash was enough, but it turned out that only 55 percent of the residue, bacteria and dental plaque could be removed. The rest of the debris, bacteria, and tartar are left to floss, toothpicks, and water flosser, which is one of the mildest and most effective dental cleaning AIDS available.

By pressurizing the water through the pump body, the water flosser can produce a super-fine, high-pressure jet of water 1,200 times per minute. The exquisitely-designed nozzle allows this high-pressure jet to wash away without any problem to any part of the mouth, including toothbrush, dental floss, gaps between teeth and deep gums where it is difficult to reach with a toothpick. Rinse for one to three minutes after a meal to flush food debris out of your teeth.

The impact of the high-pressure pulsed water is a kind of soft stimulation. Not only does the water not damage the mouth or any part of the face, it also massages the gums and feels very comfortable. To get the most out of a mouthwash, it's best to rinse your teeth after each meal to form another 'mouthwash' habit. In addition: the use of water to flush the teeth on the line, you can also add mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, targeted to strengthen some of the effects.

Many people think that the water flosser does not have the feeling of cleaning teeth, and it is not clean. They say that the water flosser is an IQ tax. In fact, we should understand the positioning of the water flosser.What made me fall in love with the toothbrush is that I brush my teeth with an electric water flosser, and then use the toothbrush to flush out some food debris!

What is the main function of the water flosser? The cleaning principle of a toothbrush is to use a powerful high-pressure pulse to penetrate into the tooth's blind areas and remove the residue from the hidden areas. For people who are using a water flosser for the first time, they can be surprised by the filth that comes out of their mouth. It can remove food debris and harmful bacteria that accumulate in the crevices of teeth that can't be reached by teeth and floss, effectively preventing tooth decay. It massages and stimulates gums, improves blood circulation, and relieves toothache. It can efficiently clean orthodontic appliance, especially suitable for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures. To have healthy teeth, it's a good habit to have a water flosser.

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