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what brand of electric toothbrush to choose can depend on personal preference

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what brand of electric toothbrush to choose can depend on personal preference

Actually electric toothbrush can effectively solve the problem, because the electric toothbrush brush is fixed, you just need to move the toothbrush when using, at the same time, most of the electric toothbrush also support the adjustment mode of brushing your teeth, can make the incidence of gingivitis and bleeding gums fell by more than half, and the ability to let everybody the brushing process more secure and efficient. In addition, because a lot of people are not the right way to brush your teeth, when you brush your teeth so easy to cause discomfort, gums and electric toothbrush can be very good avoid this problem, an electric toothbrush in high-speed rotating create a slight vibration, can very good promote oral cavity blood circulation, also have very good massage effect to gum tissue, contributes greatly to the healthy gums.

The purpose of buying an electric toothbrush is to keep teeth healthy. Most electric toothbrushes on the market are in distinguish able from regular manual toothbrushes, and only a few can clean gaps and promote healthy teeth. Therefore, we should first understand the new classification method of electric toothbrush; The second is to understand every three months to replace the consumables - electric toothbrush head price; Third, the warranty period.

The core component of electric toothbrush is the motor, and the vibration of toothbrush head is driven by the motor. To protect teeth, the vibration of the brush head must be smooth. Electric toothbrush is equipped with magnetic levitation motor at the beginning, and many domestic brands of electric toothbrush are also equipped with magnetic levitation motor.the electric toothbrush should present a 45 degree Angle when brushing teeth, brush from the interface of teeth and gums, brush from the upper row to the lower row, brush up, can not brush about. The place where the tooth meets the tooth bed is the most likely place for things to get stuck, and many people brush their teeth incorrectly, leading to plaque buildup. 3. It's easy to use: When it comes to electric toothbrush, one thing that's often overlooked is how easy it is to use. From the author's experience of using electric toothbrush in the past two years, The battery used by the 100-yuan electric toothbrush does not meet international standards, and the internal material of the toothbrush handle is not waterproof, which will lead to water and burn out the circuit board during use. You just bought the possibility to use a few times, there are frequent automatic start or cannot switch the case of the electric toothbrush, may be waterproof or battery problem.

Once you are used to using electric toothbrush, it may be really uncomfortable to pick up ordinary toothbrush again. With the continuous development of electric toothbrush, the convenience of using has become an aspect that consumers pay more and more attention to. It can last for three months, or 100 days, with five cleaning modes. The experience is indeed more and more convenient, and for "lazy people", electric toothbrush may be the only power to brush teeth in the morning.

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