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why should people choose electric toothbrush?

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Electric toothbrush head grinding rate:So-called grinding rate, in fact, the electric toothbrush sharp burr removing, front end at the same time maintain a rounded transition, rounded rate is higher, the better, the children's electric toothbrush grinding rate of grinding rate is 70% or higher, and an adult is 50% or higher, although electric toothbrush rounded rate this thing our naked eye look not to come out, but as your focus, you think so fine,And only the quality of the famous big factory can be guaranteed, right?

The results also confirm the textbook: electric toothbrush is better than manual cleaning.I started using the electric toothbrush in March last year, and now I have one for my whole family: the brushing experience and cleanliness are similar to those of the big brands, but for the same price, this electric toothbrush has more gear, charges faster, and lasts longer.You can have a try if you don't mind using a domestic brand electric toothbrush.

Buying an electric toothbrush is more than 10 times more expensive than buying a regular toothbrush, but you think you're getting an electric toothbrush?No, you're buying a service, a robot to brush your teeth.It is a merciless brushing machine, it is skilled, good technology, fast, gentle and considerate, can go into every corner, bring you a new experience.The biggest advantage is the province!Save time, effort and worry.The average life expectancy is now 77, with a discount of 70.From the age of two and a half, I began to brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush. At the age of five, I began to brush my teeth independently with an electric toothbrush. Two times a day, one time is not less than 3 minutes.Using electric toothbrush, even never use electric toothbrush is not pap method of brushing your teeth, brush brush your teeth are just 2 minutes at a time can achieve the same cleaning effect, children with an electric toothbrush to brush their teeth and eat, it is dying, no less than the supervision of homework psychological destruction (2-3 years old,Of course, when he was older, he didn't have to worry too much about eating and brushing his teeth. He didn't have to eat or brush his teeth for a variety of reasons, and finally coaxed him to brush his teeth with an electric toothbrush. His actions were not standard and he didn't have enough time.For why choose electric toothbrush, the following article has been introduced in detail :(parents can also refer to the recommendation at the end of the article, to buy a suitable electric toothbrush for themselves) Which brand of electric toothbrush is good?

Of course, brainless is not advisable!Electric toothbrush also has its own inevitable disadvantages, in addition to the price, to charge, to choose the right electric toothbrush, these are the problems that electric toothbrush has to face.And electric toothbrush brands are varied, which makes it more difficult to choose. First, let's talk about the price.Electric toothbrush is a novelty, but in fact, the core technology is not complicated, the core components of the child and raider buggies do not have what distinction, is a motor, although there are different on technology, but the cost is not high, so in fact, a good electric toothbrush actually not will you go, you can buy a 200-400 performance is excellent electric toothbrush.For example, the hot electric toothbrush from a good domestic brand.

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