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Are sonic toothbrushes noisy?

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Brushing your teeth is an essential part of our daily life. With the popularity of electronic toothbrush in recent years, more and more young people choose electronic toothbrush. How to choose an excellent electronic toothbrush has become a headache for many novices. The main reason is that the products on the market are good and bad. Not all electric toothbrush manufacturer give us a good experience. Some electric toothbrush manufacturer not only have low cleanliness, but also rough workmanship, loud noise, body shaking, numb hands. For a long time, many people have a misconception about electric toothbrush manufacturer. Gum damage is a pain point for all-electric toothbrush factory. "Acoustic toothbrush" does not mean that the electric toothbrush factory emits sound waves, but that the brush head moves from side to side at a frequency close to that of sound waves. In fact, it's a physical exercise. The noise of electric toothbrush factory is related to many things, such as how they work. There is also an eccentric motor, which is very low cost, so the price of the toothbrush is relatively much cheaper. The motor power is relatively small, the effect is not good when using, not as good as manual toothbrush; The motor power is relatively large, the scrubbing effect is very obvious. However, using this sonic toothbrush manufacturer makes a lot of noise and the internal shock absorption (which is much more expensive than using a motor) is only so-so. If you hold it, it has a tingling sensation; Magnetic levitation motors are highly recommended in the market, which have minimal body vibration and low noise. It does not cause numbness in the palm due to the vibration of the body. The energy of the entire vibrating part is concentrated on the brush head to achieve the best brushing effect. The pursuit of low noise depends on the environment in which you use it. It should be hard to find a sonic toothbrush manufacturer that is completely silent. A very low-frequency sonic toothbrush manufacturer will be much quieter, but its cleaning power may be average. You can choose the ultrasonic type, the rotary type will be slightly more noisy. For acoustic sonic toothbrush factory, the noise level depends on the motor and brush head: the ordinary maglev brush motor, due to its principle, will make a lot of noise when running. The new generation of magnetic levitation brushless motor, motor noise will be relatively small. However, there are many noise levels associated with the bristle design of the toothbrush head. sonic toothbrush factory are very popular among Chinese people for their excellent cleaning ability. However, with the explosion of sonic toothbrush factory, news of injuries to the teeth of electric toothbrush wholesale began to appear frequently, leading many friends to wonder if electric toothbrush wholesale are good and should be used at all. In order to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the sonic toothbrush wholesale, today your dentist will take you through the benefits and dangers of the acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale, and teach you how to avoid the dangers of the acoustic sonic toothbrush wholesale. I hope you can take better care of your oral health. What are the benefits of Sonic electric toothbrush agency? Benefits and harms of acoustic electric toothbrush agency, we believe you should understand that acoustic sonic toothbrush agency is more suitable for Chinese oral environment. What are the specific benefits and hazards of acoustic sonic toothbrush agency ? The prevalence rate of oral cavity in China is as high as 90%, which also indicates that the oral quality of Chinese people is poor, and the fragile and complex oral environment requires more attention of oral care. However, the traditional manual electric toothbrush dealer has poor cleaning power, which is difficult to cope with the complex oral living environment of Chinese people. Therefore, professional dentists recommend that we use acoustic electric toothbrush dealer, which can clean our mouths more effectively and bring more benefits to our oral health. The benefits of acoustic sonic toothbrush dealer are summarized as follows: Benefit 1: sonic toothbrush dealer has super cleaning power, can improve oral diseases. The cleaning power of sonic toothbrush dealer is dozens of times that of manual electric toothbrush trader. It can clean the dead corners of manual electric toothbrush trader in areas with high incidence of dental diseases, including interdental, gingival groove, wisdom teeth, etc., prevent the rampant growth of dental plaque, prevent and improve dental diseases. Bonus # 2: An electric toothbrush trader freshens your breath. sonic toothbrush trader can't clean dead spots. It thoroughly removes food debris and plaque from your mouth, prevents them from fermenting and causing bad breath, and keeps your breath fresh. 3. sonic toothbrush trader save time and effort. sonic toothbrush trader clean your teeth in just two or three minutes and are especially effective. It takes more than ten minutes to clean your teeth with a manual electric toothbrush company. What's more, most people only need two or three minutes to brush their teeth, and the cleaning results are worse. Bonus 4: An electric toothbrush company can massage your gums. An electric toothbrush company massages the gums to help the soft tissue heal itself, prevent gum receding, and help the orthodontist relieve the heavy pressure on the gum tissue caused by the orthodontic device. Advantage five: sonic toothbrush company brush force is accurate,  sonic toothbrush company vibration frequency is stable and even. Users can accurately control the brushing force of  sonic toothbrush company, but manual electric toothbrush supplier is subjective force, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of brushing force. Too much pressure tends to hurt teeth, while too little will not clean them. 6. You can whiten your teeth. Brushing with an electric toothbrush supplier can gradually remove stubborn tooth stains such as coffee stains, tea stains and smoke stains accumulated on the surface of teeth, slow down the formation of calculus, and have the effect of whitening teeth. The three hazards of acoustic electric toothbrush supplier and the advantages and disadvantages of acoustic sonic toothbrush supplier are popular science. I explained the benefits of sonic toothbrush supplier in detail in my last post. But know that not all acoustic sonic toothbrush supplier are good, and some can be harmful, especially when more than 90% of the Chinese population suffers from dental problems (as shown below). However, because there is no obvious pain or itching when dental disease develops, many people are slow to recognize that they have dental disease and do not consider their oral environment when buying an electric toothbrush vendor. When you often buy random Internet celebrity products, it is easy to choose inappropriate and unprofessional electric toothbrushes, which can endanger your oral health. The harm of acoustic electric toothbrush vendor mainly includes the following situations: 1. The vibration frequency of unprofessional electric toothbrush vendor is unstable, the bristles are rough and sharp, and it is easy to wear the enamel, damage the gums, and cause tooth sensitivity, sore teeth, bleeding gums and other problems. Danger number two. Dental disease is common in China, almost everyone has it, and unprofessional sonic toothbrush vendor can irritate diseased spots in the mouth, leading to accelerated deterioration of dental disease. Danger number three. Using unprofessional sonic toothbrush vendor can cause chronic damage to our oral health. The symptoms are not obvious at first, but after long-term use, irreversible oral problems such as gum receding and loose teeth can occur. sonic toothbrush vendor generally use motors to drive the brush head to rotate with high speed vibration to remove plaque and stains more effectively. However, as the vibration frequency and rotational speed increase, so does the noise. In fact, design structure has a big impact on noise levels. electric toothbrush bulk include parts such as motors and gears. Different designs use different numbers of motors and gears, which have different effects on noise levels. In addition, different vibration patterns and power also affect the noise of electric toothbrush bulk. By knowing this, we can choose a low noise electric toothbrush bulk more rationally. While pursuing noise reduction, some brands also use soft bristles to mitigate the impact of noise and improve user experience. In addition, many sonic toothbrush bulk are equipped with a variety of vibration modes to meet the needs of human comfort. Design structure is the key factor of noise problem of sonic toothbrush bulk. Consumers can choose sonic toothbrush bulk with a more rational design to enhance the experience and reduce the impact of noise. Knowing this knowledge can help improve personal oral health and comfort. The quality of the sonic toothbrush bulk brands on the market is uneven, and the electric toothbrush market is full of things. But even more disturbing is the quality of the instability and the apparent difference. This situation makes it difficult for consumers to choose high-quality, low-noise electric toothbrush. Some small brands may omit parts in the manufacturing process, thus reducing costs. These electric toothbrushes are usually cheaper, but their longevity and quality are often greatly compromised. Poor quality motors and gears may produce significant noise during use, further affecting the user experience. In order to gain a foothold in the market, many brands over-promote and exaggerate their noise control capabilities, making it difficult for consumers to judge the reliability of the brand. This is especially true of new brands. Consumers find it hard to tell which brand is truly trustworthy. However, some major brands are focusing on research and development, investing more money and improving product quality by improving design and craftsmanship. These brands of sonic toothbrush  generally have greater noise control and longer service life. In order to buy a low noise sonic toothbrush, consumers need to spend more time and effort to ensure that they choose a reliable brand. By reviewing user reviews and expert reviews, comparing prices and options, you can narrow down your choices and get a better handle on the market. The quality of sonic toothbrush on the market varies widely, so consumers should choose carefully. Although the price of some small brands is attractive, there are many problems in terms of longevity and quality. In contrast, big brands pay more attention to research and development, constantly improving product design and process, and offering high-quality toothbrushes electric with low noise. The toothbrushes electric market is growing rapidly, but it is difficult for consumers to choose low-noise toothbrushes electric, possibly due to the lack of uniform noise testing standards. Worldwide, noise standards for electric tooth brush have not been clarified, which has led to wide variations in noise data between different brands in the market and confusion among consumers. Regulators should develop unified noise testing standards, and manufacturers should actively adopt strict testing standards to provide consumers with reliable product data. Consumers should pay attention to brand reputation and product test results when purchasing, and avoid being influenced by price or advertising alone. Only in this way can consumers truly enjoy high-quality electric tooth brush with low noise. By optimizing the noise spectrum and increasing the noise frequency to ultrasonic waves above 20,00Hz, it is beyond the range of the human ear and therefore cannot hear the noise, making the brushing environment quieter. Other people standing a meter away from you can hear an even fainter noise. Why do we choose a low noise electric tooth brush? It is very important to choose a low noise electric tooth brush. Excessive noise not only affects one's mood, but also indirectly affects the lives of others. Therefore, 99% of users pursue low noise, good cleaning performance and high brushing comfort. On the one hand, acoustic sonic electric toothbrush rely on vibrations and micro-oscillations of the bristles to clean the surface of the teeth. What's more, it relies on high-frequency sonic power to produce large numbers of microbubbles that gather at the top of the bristles, causing the tiny vacuum bubbles to collapse quickly and generating energy to rinse between the teeth, thereby cleaning stains and plaque. It is not difficult to buy a Sonic sonic electric toothbrush because the Sonic sonic electric toothbrush has the best cleaning and tooth protection of all kids electric toothbrush, so when you choose the Sonic kids electric toothbrush, it means that you have made the right choice. When buying a Sonic kids electric toothbrush, you just need to look at the impact speed ratio, bristle material, roundness and durability.


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