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Can I use a sonic toothbrush for cavities

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Can I use an electric toothbrush if I have a cavity? Sum up those who can't use an electric toothbrush! Tooth decay, also known as caries, was a common practice when I was growing up. I often hear my parents tell me not to eat too much candy, or it is easy for bugs to grow on my teeth and eat them. It's just a visual metaphor, but it's still fresh in my mind. Can they use sonic toothbrush for people with cavities? In recent years, the popularity of sonic toothbrush has been very fast. As a dental nurse, I couldn't resist the temptation. Three years ago, I started using a sonic toothbrush. So far, I'm still a regular user. In general, because I often do popular science articles on oral care online, many users often ask me if I have cavities, can I use an electric toothbrush? Can you treat sensitive teeth with an electric toothbrush? There are all sorts of related issues. We are free today. Let's talk about whether users with cavities can use electric toothbrush manufacturer! Let's take a look first. How many cavity users are there in China? According to authoritative media statistics, almost 70% of Chinese people have at least one cavity or more! It can be seen that the quality of Chinese teeth is not high, and there are many dental health problems. Can people with cavities use electric toothbrush manufacturer? Look at the severity and number of cavities. The general severity of caries can be divided into three levels: shallow, medium and deep. Generally, there will be cavities where there are cavities. Mild caries are usually yellow, while deep caries gradually turn black due to inadequate cleaning. The higher the severity, the higher the sensitivity of the teeth. Because the tooth has penetrated through the enamel into the dentin, the pain gradually increases and is noticeable. electric toothbrush manufacturer can be used for mild and moderate tooth decay, but for more severe and deep cavities, prompt medical attention is needed to prevent further deterioration. It is generally not recommended to use more than 5 electric toothbrush factory with more cavities. Prompt medical attention is necessary. Under the guidance of doctors, the next step should be scientific treatment and improvement. The cause of tooth decay has prompted a number of organizations and dentists to encourage users to use electric toothbrush factory! How do cavities and caries form? In fact, the main reasons are threefold: 1. Eat too much sugar: Different foods will have different changes in the mouth, including meat spoilage and cause odor, rice spoilage will become sour, acid will cause tooth decay. Some sugary foods, such as candy cakes, are most likely to cause cavities. Eating too much without paying attention to oral hygiene can easily lead to tooth decay. 2. The occurrence of tooth decay is closely related to dental plaque, and carbohydrates are the main source of energy for bacteria in dental plaque. Caries-causing bacteria use sucrose to produce acid, which destroys the growth structure of teeth and leads to the demineralization of hard tooth tissue, which eventually leads to the gradual formation of cavities. Therefore, improper diet and excessive consumption of sweet foods are important factors leading to tooth decay in children. Poor oral hygiene: Good oral hygiene can effectively reduce the occurrence of dental caries. If you don't brush your teeth morning and night and rinse your mouth after meals, it's easy for bacteria to build up in your mouth, leading to cavities. These three factors are the main causes of tooth decay, and if we can reasonably improve our diet and oral care cleanliness, we can avoid or reduce the degree of tooth decay. The electric toothbrush factory is one such personal care tool that can scientifically improve cleaning power and improve cleaning efficiency. It's more efficient than a manual toothbrush and can vibrate to carefully clean the cracks and crowns where bacteria thrive. At the same time, it can also drive the water flow for secondary flushing. It can be said that for users with cavities, it is a tool that can greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning. However, there are some basic principles that cavities users should be aware of when buying and using sonic toothbrush manufacturer to avoid more serious gum damage! Although many media outlets and organizations on the Internet have stressed that sonic toothbrush manufacturer do not harm teeth and are safe enough. But from my perspective as an oral care professional, I don't think so. Be cautious here! Each user has a different degree of dental health. It's hard to say that sonic toothbrush manufacturer are safe, so you must not feel safe enough to buy and use them freely. In addition, we need to choose the right product for our teeth condition, and then adopt a more scientific approach to care and use, and develop a progressive improvement plan for our teeth. I see a lot of people who didn't pay much attention to dental care in the past. Suddenly, after hearing all kinds of KOL science on the Internet, they became anxious about tooth cleaning. They are eager to whiten and clean their teeth immediately, solve and improve dental problems in a timely manner, and buy the strongest cleaning products. The vibration should be strong and the brush should be clean enough. Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough. They brush their teeth three or four times and use a variety of mouthwashes. The use of products such as dental implants is not advisable. It is important to note that dental disease does not develop in a day and requires a gradual plan to improve, otherwise it may cause unnecessary burden and damage to the teeth. Is there any suitable sonic toothbrush factoryrecommended for caries users? Today, I'm not going to do an evaluation, just a few sonic toothbrush factory  that I used, past and present. Later, if you are interested, I can do in-depth comparative evaluation and explanation. I choose my own electric toothbrush wholesale. I will judge it in several ways. Of course, the first is cleanliness, the second is gum protection, the third is comfort, and the fourth is the quality of the bristles. Simply put, as our living conditions have improved, so has our sugar intake! In addition, our daily dental cleaning and care is not up to scratch or up to standard! Tooth bacteria cause acid formation that erodes the enamel on the surface of the tooth, gradually forming cavities. Our traditional manual toothbrushes have inherent disadvantages from a dental cleaning and care perspective. While it may seem simple and convenient, it can actually be difficult to achieve the daily needed tooth cleaning with a regular toothbrush! Especially nowadays, young people demand a fast pace of work, are impatient when brushing their teeth and don't know how clean they are. It should be noted that the so-called careful brushing requires careful cleaning of each tooth, which takes 10-15 minutes. However, the average time most of us spend brushing our teeth is only 59 seconds, so cavities and tooth decay are an inevitable result. From my observation of electric toothbrush wholesale and large numbers of patients over the years, most caries users can use sonic toothbrush wholesale, but there is also severity of caries. Generally speaking, we classify dental caries into four degrees of severity: superficial, medium, deep and caries. In general, a sonic toothbrush wholesale can be used for superficial and intermediate caries, but in general, deep caries and caries should be treated promptly, as deep caries may induce a range of other dental diseases and do not allow the use of an electric toothbrush agency. People with cavities also need to use electric toothbrush agency. Why? Because caries and cavities are usually present in people with cavities, it can be difficult for regular toothbrushes to properly clean these cavities. This is because cavities are themselves caused by the difficulty of cleaning properly with a regular toothbrush. This suggests that cavities that develop in this area are even more difficult to clean with a regular toothbrush. If prolonged, shallow and moderate caries will develop to the same degree as deep caries and caries. However, sonic toothbrush agency have some advantages that regular toothbrushes do not. Advantage 1: Cleaner, cleaner brush. With tens of thousands of vibrations acting on the teeth every minute, it's not as bad as brushing your teeth manually. A large number of experiments have proved that sonic toothbrush agency  are indeed cleaner than manual brushing, especially in cleaning the interdental and gingival grooves. Advantage 2: Long-term use can remove refractory dental plaque, effectively improve dental disease. Faced with the widespread problem of poor tooth quality in our country, most users suffer from problems such as tooth decay rate, periodontitis and tooth sensitivity. electric toothbrush dealer can effectively remove plaque, which is a key factor of dental disease, is a powerful tool to effectively improve dental disease. Advantage 3: The electric toothbrush dealer has precise control, stable and even cleaning power, and controllable and even strength, which is also a big advantage I have found in the past. We usually use regular manual brushing, but the force is very casual. Easy to reach teeth are brushed dry. Crowns and molars don't work as hard and often aren't cleaned once they come into contact, but sonic toothbrush dealer don't have that problem. Advantage 4: save time and effort. Don't underestimate this time-saving advantage. It is the soul of the sonic toothbrush dealer. It has effectively lowered the threshold for brushing, making many people willing to spend time brushing in the morning and at night rather than mindlessly cleaning their teeth. In the past, many people used to use manual toothbrushes to deal with problems, which greatly lowered the threshold of using electric toothbrush trader. Although electric toothbrush trader have better cleaning power and cleaning efficiency than manual toothbrushes, it can be more effective in helping users with dental caries and cavities for better care and prevention. However, when using a sonic toothbrush trader, be wary of tooth damage and tooth sensitivity caused by electric toothbrush company! Although the sonic toothbrush company itself is safe enough, after all, most Chinese teeth are of poor quality, and many people suffer from dental caries, cavities, periodontitis, etc. Blind and random use may lead to tooth injury, which is not worth the gain! Therefore, it is important to establish the awareness of safe and scientific dental care, and it is also important to remember the following three taboos! First point: Not everyone can use an electric toothbrush supplier, especially people with severe tooth decay, periodontitis, loose teeth, and people over the age of 60 are not advised to use a sonic toothbrush supplier. In particular, you must check what problems exist in your teeth before buying an electric toothbrush vendor, which is crucial to choosing the right sonic toothbrush vendor. Second, you must pay attention to three points when choosing an electric toothbrush bulk. One is cleanliness, one is tooth protection, and the other is comfort. These three indicators are essential. However, many brands are great at cleaning, but not so good at tooth protection and comfort. Therefore, when choosing a sonic toothbrush bulk, pay more attention to tooth protection and comfort than cleaning power and vibration frequency. Number three: Don't go for speed. For people with cavities and tooth decay, the decay itself is already destroying tooth enamel, so the pursuit of drastic cleaning and quick cleaning is not allowed to be excessive. This is exactly what many dental and oral care professionals are calling for. Many people have high expectations for quick whitening, quick improvement, etc., or desire speed, leading to strenuous or excessive brushing. Some people develop "cleanliness anxiety" : Many people become increasingly anxious about oral cleaning, showing a need for efficient, fast and deep cleaning. Excessive anxiety can lead to extreme results and cavities are likely to lead to tooth, sensitivity and gum damage. What should caries patients pay attention to when buying and using toothbrushes electric? 1. There are two vibration principles: acoustic vibration and rotary vibration. Rotary vibration is more suitable for European and American users, and its cleaning power is so strong that it can cause significant damage to the teeth and gums of patients with cavities and tooth decay. 2. As far as possible to choose magnetic levitation motor, transmission loss is smaller, vibration is more uniform and stable, quality and life is better. 3. A frequency of 30,000 to 38,000 vibrations per minute is more suitable for people with cavities and tooth decay. 4. Swing is a factor that many people overlook when choosing, but it's also important in terms of its impact on cleanliness. The swing Angle is best controlled within 3-9 degrees. 5. Soft bristles are more suitable for people with cavities and cavities, as hard bristles can easily irritate the gums of the teeth. 6. Roundness of bristles is very important. Roundness refers to the roundness treatment of the tip of the brush, which is low in roundness and easy to damage the teeth. Adults should be more than 80% rounded; For people with cavities and cavities, the higher the rating, the better the protection of the teeth 7. Service life of brush head: 2-4 months is the longest service life of all brush heads. After expiration, the bristles split rough and easily wear down the teeth and gums. Please replace it in time.


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