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How do I keep my sonic toothbrush clean?

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Toothbrushes are about 5,000 years old. Twigs, bones, wood, ivory and boar bristles form a long history of oral cleaning tools. The nylon bristled toothbrush we use today was invented in 1938. sonic toothbrush are also common these days. Both manual and sonic toothbrush are effective and thorough in cleaning teeth. People who have trouble using a manual toothbrush may find a sonic toothbrush manufacturer more convenient and comfortable. The size and shape of the toothbrush should match the mouth in order to comfortably clean all areas of the mouth. You can ask your dentist to recommend the right type of sonic toothbrush manufacturer for you. No matter what kind of sonic toothbrush manufacturer you choose, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and use floss or an interdental brush to clean between your teeth. However, if you only do the above efforts, you may still be wasted! A dirty sonic toothbrush factory does not keep your mouth healthy. Keeping your sonic toothbrush factory clean is essential to maintaining oral hygiene. Here are five easy steps to make sure your sonic toothbrush factory  is clean: 1. Don't share your electric toothbrush wholesale. Using someone else's electric toothbrush wholesale is equivalent to exposing yourself to their body fluids and the bacteria they carry, which can lead to illness. People with poor resistance or those currently suffering from infectious diseases need special attention and should only use their own electric toothbrush wholesale to brush their teeth. 2. Rinse your sonic toothbrush wholesale thoroughly after brushing to remove any remaining toothpaste or food residue. If you have some systemic or immune diseases, you may want to use some antibacterial and anti-bacterial mouthwash to soak your used sonic toothbrush wholesale. 3. After brushing, don't leave your wet electric toothbrush agency in the medicine cabinet, drawer, or bathroom cup and forget about it. The electric toothbrush agency head should be stored upright and allowed to air dry. If more than one sonic toothbrush agency is placed in a cup or holder, they should be placed as far away as possible to avoid cross-contamination. 4. Store your  sonic toothbrush agency in an open area that is not covered, or in a closed container. Microbes are more likely to thrive in damp and enclosed environments than in open and ventilated areas. 5. Replace your electric toothbrush dealer at least every 3-4 months. As time goes by, the bristles will gradually wear out of shape, greatly reducing the effectiveness of brushing. In general, electric toothbrush dealer should be replaced after 3-4 months of use. Children's sonic toothbrush dealer need to be replaced more frequently than adult sonic toothbrush dealer. It is best to use a electric toothbrush trader certified and recommended by an authority. 6. Toothbrush head size When buying a electric toothbrush trader, the first thing to consider is the size of the head. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages: a large brush head has a larger bristle area and is more efficient, but it is not easy to brush the back teeth, which is easy to leave a sanitary blind spot; Small brush heads are more flexible, making it easier to clean all parts of your teeth, but brushing is more time consuming. In fact, there is no uniform standard for the selection of brush head size. Factors such as mouth size, openness and personal habits need to be taken into account. Gayle McCombs, director of the European University's Centre for Research in Oral Health, told OnHealth that the mouth and sonic toothbrush trader are home to a large number of bacteria that may be safe to co-exist with. The immune system also kills the bacteria, which may not necessarily be dangerous. But if the body's immune system is weakened, it can lead to a host of diseases. Therefore, cleaning and storing your sonic toothbrush trader properly can minimize the risk of bacterial infection. First of all, don't leave your electric toothbrush company near the toilet. In most family restrooms, the toilet is close to the sink, and most people keep their electric toothbrush company on the sink. So when you flush the toilet, bacteria get blown into the air and land on your sonic toothbrush company. For this reason,  sonic toothbrush company need to be kept as far away from the toilet as possible and the toilet seat covered when rinsed to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria into the air. In addition,electric toothbrush supplier holders are a habitat for a variety of bacteria. According to the National Health Foundation, electric toothbrush supplier holders are the third most common household item in terms of bacteria count, behind dish sponges and kitchen sinks. Therefore, we need to clean and disinfect the sonic toothbrush supplier holder regularly. Some products are advertised as disinfecting sonic toothbrush supplier, such as UV rays, sprays, irritants, and even electric toothbrush vendor with built-in antibacterial bristles. Although some products have some bactericidal effect, no studies have proven that they reduce the risk of oral disease. Have you ever tried sterilizing your electric toothbrush vendor in the microwave and dishwasher? Don't do this, most toothbrushes will be damaged if you sterilize them this way. The American Dental Association recommends replacing your electric toothbrush vendor every three to four months. If the bristles are worn, oral diseases, or immune system dysfunction, they need to be replaced frequently. The frequency of replacement of the head of a sonic toothbrush vendor is the same as that of an ordinary toothbrush, and the frequency of replacement of a child's sonic toothbrush vendor is higher than that of an adult's. To reduce the risk of bacterial infection, experts recommend rinsing your mouth with mouthwash before brushing your teeth and removing germs before they touch your toothbrush. This article will introduce the cleaning method of adult acoustic electric toothbrush bulk and some related precautions. 1. Remove toothbrush Clean adult acoustic electric toothbrush bulk consisting of a handle and brush head. When cleaning, the handle and head of the adult  sonic toothbrush bulk should be separated and cleaned separately. The specific method is to remove the brush head from the brush handle, and then wash the brush handle and brush head separately with warm water. It should be noted that do not immerse the electrical part in water, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the electrical part; Also, after wiping clean, reassemble the handle and brush head. Step 2 Clean with Scrub water If your adult sonic toothbrush bulk  supports scrub water cleaning, you can place the head of the sonic toothbrush bulk  in scrub water for daily cleaning, moisten it and then clean it. This will clean the electric toothbrush thoroughly and reduce the growth of bacteria. These are two methods and techniques for cleaning adult acoustic electric toothbrush.

In addition, some precautions should not be unknown during the routine maintenance of adult acoustic electric toothbrush, such as: 1. Change the brush head every three months. Adult acoustic sonic toothbrush  head should not be used for too long. Change the brush head every three months. At the same time, if the brush head is found deformed or cracked, it also needs to be replaced in time. Changing the brush head can improve cleaning efficiency and protect oral health. 2. Avoid cross infection When using an adult sonic toothbrush , be sure to avoid cross infection. Specifically, different people should not share the same handle and toothbrush head. This can reduce the risk of oral disease transmission. 3. Regular disinfection is also very important for adult acoustic toothbrushes electric. Disinfection can effectively eliminate residual pathogens on the toothbrushes electric and reduce the risk of oral health problems. At present, there are a variety of toothbrushes electric disinfection boxes for consumers to choose. Under normal circumstances, disinfection can be done once a week. In conclusion, if you want to keep the adult acoustic toothbrushes electric in good clean condition, you need to pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance at all times. Well, that's it for today's adult acoustic electric tooth brush cleaning.

There will be a gap between the brush head and the brush body. When you brush your teeth, toothpaste foam can get into gaps. Even if you rinse your body with water after brushing your teeth, you won't be able to completely flush out the gap. So when you use an electric tooth brush, it's best to remove the brush head after ten or eight days and clean the area under the faucet. Show up uninvited. My electric tooth brush is too dirty. I want to change it. Treat the symptoms with a small brush. Then, poverty made me dig deeper. First of all, I didn't think it would be so dirty. The black is washed away and the water becomes transparent. How to do it: Find a drink bottle and cut off the top half. Use clean water and a little disinfectant 84 (I think it's best to have a solvent specifically designed to remove scale, such as the citric acid mentioned earlier, but I don't have one at home, so I use 84 instead). Keep the charging port away from water. My main purpose is to clean the gross stuff inside the joint of the head of the brush. Then pull out the brush head, as shown in the image above, place the electric toothbrush factory in the bottle and drive it to maximum power vibration (i.e. the most intense vibration). Shake the electric toothbrush factory in the water with your hand, then you can see that a lot of dirt is washed off! In fact, the way to clean a electric toothbrush factory is very simple. First, put the electric toothbrush manufacturer you need to clean in the water cup, and remember to place it face down on this side of the electric toothbrush manufacturer. Pour the warm water again into the water glass. Hot water is not used because the bristles are thin and easily deformed by the heat of boiling water. Next, we pour a small amount of edible salt into a water glass. Adding salt can act as a bactericidal and disinfection agent. At this point, small bubbles will appear on the electric toothbrush manufacturer. When this little bubble stops, the sonic toothbrush manufacturer has been cleaned, solving many household worries. A sonic toothbrush manufacturer doesn't mean you can use it for as long as you have power. Like regular toothbrushes, electronic toothbrush are replaced after a long period of time. The advantage of an electronic toothbrush is that the body can use it all the time, and the effect will not be reduced. It is recommended to replace the brush head every three months, clean the interior once a month, or keep it clean after each use. The key is dry. Usually, the bottom of a water cup is relatively damp and prone to bacteria growth, so when placing a electronic toothbrush, it is important to place the bristles facing up on the side to avoid bacterial growth. The value of electronic toothbrush is obvious. It can lead to better oral cleaning and care. In addition, its appearance, function and use experience are undoubtedly better than ordinary toothbrush. Therefore, kids electric toothbrush can be widely favored and worth buying! There's only a small circle of yellow where the brush head meets the body, and it's just a matter of washing and wiping. I think this is probably because: 1. The bottom design of this brush head is not very good. After the brush head is connected to the fuselage, the remaining gap is too large, resulting in dust entry; 2. The position of rinsing the  kids electric toothbrush is not correct: (1) When rinsing the brush head, directly soak it in water. After cleaning, do not separate the brush head from the body, and then wipe it clean. ② When cleaning the fuselage with water, the water flowed into the joint, and did not dry the water that entered. In addition to the bottom of the  kids electric toothbrush head, some  kids electric toothbrush have poorly designed charging ports. I suspect this may be due to the water resistance, so the charging port is designed to be deep, and there may be a silicone cover to cover this charging port. The silicone base is particularly prone to dust accumulation and bacteria growth when it's often left in wet conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean your sonic electric toothbrush every time you use it, wipe the sonic electric toothbrush and mouthwash cup clean, and then put the sonic electric toothbrush in to prevent fouling caused by long storage. Also, it is not recommended to leave your toothbrushes electric on the sink. If you have a relatively small sink, water can squirt into your mouthwash cup or toothbrushes electric every time you turn on the faucet, which can easily get dirty. If I put hand sanitizer on the sink, it will grow a black object after a few days. So, I put it directly on the shelf to air it out. toothbrushes electric also needs fresh air. Dust is also less likely to accumulate under the electric tooth brush head. I used my toothbrush head for more than two months and cleaned it only once. Usually, the electric tooth brush head is cleaned directly by placing the head in water, then turning on the electric tooth brush and cleaning it under your own power. During this time, water does not touch the brush head and body. sonic toothbrush factory can turn black over time. This may be because the plastic handle or case is prone to mold. During the daily cleaning process, it is necessary to use it daily and often place it in a damp place such as the laundry table. As a result, it is more prone to mold and blackening over time, and often fails to wash off after rinsing.


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