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sonic toothbrush manufacturer

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What's the difference between ultrasonic and Sonic toothbrush?


The Difference between ultrasonic and electronic toothbrush: To determine a true electronic toothbrush, consider these two points: There is a word difference between sonic and electronic toothbrush. So, is a electric toothbrush manufacturer an ultrasonic toothbrush? Here, I can clearly tell you that
How do I keep my sonic toothbrush clean?


Toothbrushes are about 5,000 years old. Twigs, bones, wood, ivory and boar bristles form a long history of oral cleaning tools. The nylon bristled toothbrush we use today was invented in 1938. sonic toothbrush are also common these days. Both manual and sonic toothbrush are effective and thorough in
How long should I recharge my electric toothbrush


Rechargeable electric toothbrush now use two types of batteries: nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion. Nickel-cadmium battery: The main characteristic is the "memory effect". If the battery is not fully discharged before charging, it will cause the battery capacity to decrease over time. During charging a
Which type of toothbrushes electric is best?


In principle, there are two types of toothbrushes electric: mechanical rotary toothbrushes and acoustic vibrating toothbrushes. The mechanical rotary toothbrush was an early toothbrushes electric. High frequency friction will cause certain damage to the tooth surface. Basically, most of the time, ma
What is the best inexpensive electric toothbrush?


The most important purpose of brushing your teeth is to remove plaque.Plaques can eat away at the surface of the teeth, leading to tooth decay. Long-term adherence to the teeth can also lead to problems such as gingivitis.So brushing your teeth is a skill.It doesn't care if your hands are hard enoug