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How much does it cost to manufacture an electric toothbrush?

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A regular manual electric toothbrush costs less than ten yuan, and maybe you have one in your bathroom to solve plaque, coffee stains and bad breath, all of which are indispensable to modern life. But in our 21st century society, more and more people are paying more for electric toothbrush to do the same. Why? Do they have a lot of money? In order to improve my dental hygiene, I recently compared many electric toothbrush. It's no surprise that expensive is better. But if you understand the construction of sonic toothbrush , you won't need to buy a particularly expensive one (well, I might be poor). Of course, a cheap sonic toothbrush is definitely not good, it is just a body, one use will be too much. Personally, I think it's worth the splurge on a sonic toothbrush. After all, I use my electric toothbrush manufacturer twice a day, which is only drizzle compared to a visit to the dentist. My protection of my teeth probably comes from inner fear, as I often dream of losing all my teeth, just as I often dream of leeches. At first, I used an electric toothbrush manufacturer because I could lick a gap in the bottom of the tiger's teeth with my tongue. According to online research, it's a wedge gap. The reason is that I usually brush my teeth too hard. There are two basic types of electric toothbrush manufacturer on the market: vibrating and rotary. I used a rotary electric toothbrush manufacturer eight years ago, but gave it up after six months. I have to charge it a lot and I don't like it very much. So now I've decided to use a vibrating sonic toothbrush manufacturer because it's easier to clean my gums. I have a habit of not buying anything too expensive, and my ability to move bricks is limited. But cheap is definitely not acceptable. Tens of yuan selling price, electric toothbrush to make money, businesses to make money, materials to make money, the quality can be imagined. Even for ordinary use, the point is that the sonic toothbrush manufacturer is used in the mouth. When I think of cheap sonic toothbrush manufacturer, I think of disposable sonic toothbrush factory in hotels. The bristles are really bad. Every time you brush, they bleed and they fall out. I personally think the key to choosing a sonic toothbrush factory is the case, the motor, the bristles and the craftsmanship. The electric toothbrush wholesale has attracted many consumers with its features of efficient cleaning, reduced damage and easy operation, and is known as "lazy patent". By now, electric toothbrush wholesale have been around for more than 60 years and have spawned many more new products, including acoustic toothbrushes, ultrasonic toothbrushes, electric spray toothbrushes and more. Although sales and production of electric toothbrush wholesale are gradually increasing, the corresponding price is still high. Why are small sonic toothbrush wholesale so expensive? 1. Manufacturing costs are in China. The retail price of manual toothbrushes is usually around tens of yuan, while the retail price of sonic toothbrush wholesale is as high as 100-800 yuan, and even thousands of yuan for some foreign products. For example, the entry price of a well-known brand Philips sonic toothbrush wholesale is 380 yuan, and the most expensive sonic toothbrush wholesale is 2,999 yuan. The technology works by using high-speed vibrations to drive the brush head to rotate or vibrate, thereby cleaning teeth. Standard accessories for an ordinary electric toothbrush agency include a toothbrush, brush head, charging cable, and packaging box. The price of a standard electric toothbrush agency set is about 50-60 yuan. Depending on different materials and technologies, the maximum cost can be raised to around 170-180 yuan. However, the prevailing price of electric toothbrush agency in the market generally fluctuates between 100-200. 2. Cost and profit of parts According to relevant data, the cost price of domestic electric toothbrush agency is generally about 50-180 yuan. If brand premium is not taken into account, sonic toothbrush agency around 70 yuan can be sold for more than 100 yuan, and those around 100 yuan can be sold for more than 200 yuan. If the brand influence is large, the cost of more than 100 yuan of sonic toothbrush agency can be sold for more than 300 yuan, or even 700 yuan. Some sonic toothbrush agency brands are constantly introducing new features, such as sterilization, cup charging, Bluetooth and so on. However, these features are not technically difficult, are also optional for consumers and have no practical use. With the addition of additional features, the price of sonic toothbrush agency will rise accordingly. Take the sonic toothbrush agency of more than 1000 yuan and 300 yuan for example, the production cost is only about 40-50 yuan. 3. Pricing factors The price of electric toothbrush dealer is influenced by a number of factors, including cost, additional features, brand premium and market competition. Every good has a base cost, which is the basis of product pricing. The cost of electric toothbrush dealer includes raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, publicity, etc. In addition, some of the major brands of electric toothbrush dealer include many additional features, to match the price increases.Product cost, sonic toothbrush dealer cost, only material cost, other financial knowledge is not understood. sonic toothbrush dealer is divided into 1, brush handle; 2 setae; 3. Packaging. 1. Brush handles are usually made of PP, PS, thermoplastic rubber and ABS, which are rarely used today. PS is a very transparent brush handle that costs between 8500 and 15,000 per ton (can be found on the website). Many people think of the cost of an electronic product as the cost of the components they have in mind, and the labor cost of putting them together. This cannot be said to be completely wrong, but this understanding is too superficial and may be too far off the mark. In fact, there are more complicated factors. 1. Even though it appears to have the same function, for example, it is also called a sonic vibrating sonic toothbrush dealer, which uses a hollow cup motor with a eccentric wheel scheme and a dry battery, while the other uses a sonic motor with a rechargeable lithium battery. Even if everyone has access to the same quality parts, the cost of electric toothbrush trader parts can vary by a factor of 5-10. In fact, of course, their final brushing performance varies between 1 and 100; 2. Even if the construction is identical, the cost of parts with the same appearance may vary by 2-5 times due to differences in reliability and quality levels. For example, the cost of batteries used by top mobile phone brands is definitely different from that of counterfeit phones, while the price of memory in the same parameter index can double or even exceed due to compatibility differences alone; 3. The cost of product development and quality control is different. R&d and quality control involve significant differences in human investment, intellectual property rights, investment in hardware and software office facility development equipment, trial and error improvement costs, cost differences in purchasing public molds or choosing to invest in mold production, etc. The high cost of innovation may be unimaginable to the average consumer; 4. Cost differences caused by different assembly quality control levels; 5. Marketing, branding, promotion, channels, warehousing and transportation costs. Each step, from the production of the product to the sale to the user, has visible or even invisible costs, and the cost of selecting different levels of people to do this varies from step to step; 6. After-sales and other service fees. The manufacturer's investment makes all the difference in terms of whether any problems or faults in the product purchase process can be smoothly resolved and whether replacement parts can be met in a timely and long-term manner; , costs 2,500 pounds per ton to process, and a typical brush handle weighs 5-18 grams. The weight of the electric toothbrush trader minus 0.6 grams is the weight of the handle. For hotels it is about 5-7g, for supermarkets it is usually 12g, and for PP it is generally 7500-1100 g. Very soft (deforms when pressed manually) thermoplastic rubber 26000 (not commonly referred to as non-slip), hard (nail clipping) rubber about 10000, medium (18000) 2. Bristles are generally divided into hard bristles, soft bristles, and some types of rubber (so-called nano) hard bristles are divided into PP and nylon bristles. The lower end of the PP bristles is commonly used in electric toothbrush trader with bristles ranging from a few to less than 2. Nylon is classified as local nylon, with the cheapest around 28,000 pounds per ton and an average of 0.055 pounds per sonic toothbrush trader (including hair transplant wages). Cixi Nylon is about 32,000 pieces per ton, with an average of 0.065 pieces per sonic toothbrush trader  (including planting wages). Wuxi Xingda 68,000, the average per sonic toothbrush trader 0.085 (including hair transplant salary), each DuPont about 150,000 (currently the best brush silk), the average per electric toothbrush company 0.2 (including hair transplant salary). Soft bristles, also known as PET bristles, come in single - and double-tipped bristles and are similarly priced and cheaper than nylon at around £0.045 per bristle. The price for large factories is higher, at around 0.08. Rubber, at 20 million tons, is about 0.16. 3 Packaging usually consists of plastic bags and blister cardboard packaging, plastic bags weigh more than 20,000 tons. Bubble cap board also considered 20000 tons, labor miscellaneous cost is 0.05%. Some misconceptions about over 1000 electric toothbrush company! A lot of people say, the higher the price, the better the cleaning ability, right? Stronger cleaning power represents a reduction in comfort, so the price will not be proportional to the cleaning power, this point must be clear. Some electric toothbrush company focus on comfort for sensitive people, while others focus on super strong vibration and strong cleaning power for people with healthy teeth. Cleanliness cannot be judged by price alone. The higher the price, the better? There's going to be some positive correlation. Higher prices allow for the use of better materials, techniques and processes. However, the cost of three or four hundred sonic toothbrush company is enough to cover mainstream technologies and processes. So what's the difference between a few hundred sonic toothbrush company and more than 1,000? In my experience and experience, the difference is within 3%. The higher the price, the better the smart experience. This is what I discovered through extensive observation. Most products priced at 1,000 yuan or above tend to focus on technology, intelligence, various applications, smart displays, etc., to find selling points. However, to be honest, it's not that different from helping brush your teeth. I myself have never opened an app once a year. What's the key to buying an electric toothbrush supplier? These three indicators are critical! There are three key factors to consider when choosing a sonic toothbrush supplier. One is cleanliness, one is tooth protection, and the other is comfort. All three are not to be missed. However, while many brands emphasize their own gum protection and tooth protection, they are actually very good at cleaning, but not so good at tooth protection and comfort. Therefore, when choosing an electric toothbrush vendor, we should not only pay attention to cleanliness and vibration frequency, but also pay more attention to the protection and comfort of teeth. In the brands I use, I don't recommend using low-priced products. Poor workmanship, some cleaning ability is acceptable. However, due to poor workmanship and materials, comfort and dental care are poor! Besides, I would recommend more domestic brands, because they are more suitable for Chinese teeth. Domestic brands have high professional skills and focus on making sonic toothbrush vendor that don't hurt teeth. It's very clean. At the same time, the teeth are highly protected and comfortable. They are suitable for most Chinese teeth and can reduce brushing wear by 80 percent. That's why many dentists and stomatologists recommend them. This is also the electric toothbrush bulk I use now. The product with high price but weak cleaning power and poor comfort depends on the product positioning and target audience! Chinese teeth are very complex. At the beginning of development, each sonic toothbrush bulk will define its own user range, which explains why some toothbrushes electric with a cleaning power of a few hundred yuan are better than those with a cleaning power of more than 1,000 yuan. The possible reason is the several hundred yuan main HD relay, while the more than 1000 yuan electric tooth brush comfortable. Good cleanliness may indicate poor comfort, and good comfort may indicate poor cleanliness, so it is important to choose according to your dental characteristics. Hollow motors and acoustic motors are on the market for sonic electric toothbrush. Tell us the difference and you'll know how to choose a kids electric toothbrush. Hollow motor: Relying on the rotation of the hollow cup motor, the eccentric hammer is driven to carry out polarization motion and produce high speed vibration. The regularity of vibration is not strong, and the intensity is weak. The electronic toothbrush doesn't use "sonic" brushing, but it's actually mechanically powered. It works by being driven by the motion of a tiny motor inside the electronic toothbrush that swings the kids electric toothbrush head from side to side at high speed, which drives the bristles to produce high-frequency vibrations with small one-dimensional oscillations. Because the bristles vibrate at the same or similar frequency as sound waves, they are called sonic electric toothbrush. The price of sonic electric toothbrush varies in many ways. Low-cost products reduce costs through materials and properties. Expensive electric teeth have advantages in cleaning ability, material selection, function configuration and use experience. However, with the rapid rise of domestic brands, many manufacturers have launched cost-effective products, making the price of electric tooth brush drop to some extent, and the price position of 100-500 has been favored by a large number of consumers.


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