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Is water flosser good for teeth?

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Is water flosser good for teeth?


Can floss damage your teeth? water flosser, also known as oral irrigator, has long been a lack of understanding among Chinese people. Dental damage caused by oral irrigator. So can cordless water flosser damage your teeth? As the product manager of cordless water flosser, I'm going to give you an answer today, as well as popularize some knowledge about irrigator dental and tell you some practical tips for buying irrigator dental.


1. Can dental oral irrigator damage teeth? Analyze the three hazards and shortcomings!


Can dental oral irrigator damage your teeth? To be honest, floss does have the potential to damage teeth, but only when people blindly buy and use unprofessional oral irrigator dental.


We must know that the oral health of the Chinese people is not optimistic. More than 90 percent of adults suffer from tooth decay, periodontitis and other oral diseases. What's even scarier is that the symptoms of the disease are stealthy and hard to spot. Usually They have hallucinations about their health. When buying appliances, you can do whatever you want, blindly following the trend is serious, and the result is that you often buy unprofessional products and cause dental damage!


Can oral irrigator dental damage your teeth? If you blindly buy and use unprofessional water flosser manufacturer, there will be the following three hazards:


1, grinding tooth enamel, inducing tooth sensitivity and other dental diseases, if not paid attention to later, it will also cause damage to soft tissues such as gums, resulting in gum retraction.


2. If the user suffers from oral diseases, it will also stimulate the affected area, accelerate the deterioration of oral diseases, and make the oral environment into a more complex and fragile state.

3. It will lead to chronic tooth damage, the whole process is not easy to find and irreversible, and the damage has been found after half a year.


2. Analysis of adverse trends in the four major markets


In fact, the above three major harms caused by unprofessional water flosser manufacturer are shocking and lead to unexpected disasters for many users. Now that we know the dangers of frequent water flosser factory, it is necessary to identify the root causes so that preventive measures can be taken and they can be avoided.


Why does water flosser factory damage your teeth? You can also take a look at the following survey chart on the causes of dental oral irrigator manufacturer damage. From the detailed data in the figure, you can see that the main reason is the wrong product selection.
So what causes people to make bad choices? This is the current state of the oral irrigator manufacturer industry. For a long time, due to the fierce competition, the oral irrigator factory industry has shown many unfavorable development trends, and the quality has plummeted. Let me explain to you four major bad trends that you must remember to avoid!


Bad Trend # 1: Low product prices. In the past few years, due to the fierce competition of oral irrigator factory, various merchants have been fighting a price war, sacrificing quality, resulting in a high rate of tooth damage!


Bad trend # 2: Brands lack professionalism. The vast majority of water flosser wholesale are crossover brands, or some influencer brands just launch one water flosser wholesale to expand their revenue! There is no specialization, they are sold by branded third-party factories.

Bad trend # 3: Poor product compatibility. Many products have a narrow range of pulse frequencies and water pressure, few nozzle types, a lack of technical adjustments such as motors and pumps, and dental injuries are common.


Unhealthy trend # 4: Brand influencers. In the past few years, the Internet has become popular, which has also allowed many brands to catch the express train, looking for Internet celebrities with goods. A lot of people can't pull their legs when they see Internet celebrities with goods. You must know that everyone has different dental characteristics, and dental diseases are very common. Internet celebrities say yes, but that doesn't mean you're necessarily good at it. This kind of blind buying will greatly increase the probability of tooth damage.


3. What are the benefits of oral irrigator wholesale?
Can oral irrigator wholesale damage your teeth? In fact, if we pay attention to the process of buying and water flosser agency, we can completely avoid their harm and benefit our oral health!


You must know that for the average person, water flosser agency for oral care is very necessary. Because the oral cavity of Chinese people is mostly in an unhealthy state, the data show that the prevalence of adult oral cavity in China is as high as 90%, and because there is no pain or itching, many people mistakenly think that their oral cavity is normal, so they often let the disease develop to have to see a doctor! If you use oral irrigator agency as early as possible, you can alleviate the condition and prevent it from getting worse!

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The first benefit: oral irrigator agency pressurizes the water flosser dealer, which then shoots a very fine stream through the nozzle and impinges on the teeth, penetrating deep into the tooth space, the gum line, and other areas for cleaning. Because its flow is so delicate, it can penetrate deep into the gaps between teeth and gum lines that toothbrushes can't reach, as well as blind areas that can't be cleaned by brushing, such as orthodontic orthodontics, Braces, cavities and periodontal pockets. To know that these brush not clean blind areas, after a large number of data observation, found that most of them are high incidence of oral diseases. You can also look in the mirror to see if these areas are usually yellow and black and have a lot of plaques and stones deposited in these areas. Therefore, water flosser dealer is good for flushing these areas.


The second advantage: it can effectively and real-time remove tooth bacteria, avoiding the deposition of plaque and calculus. For one thing, it can be used anytime, anywhere. After all, as long as there is water, it can be used, so it is generally used after meals, afternoon tea, etc., and can be used in real time after eating and drinking. It can promptly clean food debris and tooth bacteria. Continuous use can whiten teeth, and continuous use can also remove dental calculus to a certain extent and reduce the number of teeth cleaning.

The third benefit: improvement and relief of dental disease, which is a great benefit. It can improve and alleviate gingivitis and periodontitis. More than 90% of our adults have problems such as tooth decay and periodontitis. On the one hand, oral irrigator dealer can massage the gums, promote blood circulation, and improve the repair ability. On the other hand, it can penetrate deep into the teeth and effectively clean the surrounding area and mouth, avoiding the deterioration of tooth decay and periodontitis.


Because oral irrigator dealer can be used as long as there is water, it can clean teeth anytime, anywhere, avoid dental bad breath, and timely rinse teeth, gums, and mouth.


In fact, in terms of benefits, I highly recommend water flosser trader.
Of course, many friends in my circle also recommend using them. Why? Because of its efficient cleaning force deep into the teeth gaps and hidden parts, long-term use can effectively remove dental plaque and tartar, improve dental disease, whiten teeth.


4. Who is good for water flosser trader?


Can oral irrigator trader damage your teeth? Earlier, we explained the benefits and harms of oral irrigator trader and what causes them. Next, let's look at the crowd adaptability of dental water flosser company.


This issue is also important because water flosser company is not available to everyone, and there are certain restrictions on who can be used. If used by the wrong people, it can also cause harm. Only the right people can use it with confidence. So who's good for oral irrigator company? There are three main categories:

1. People with normal oral health. Needless to say, it is suitable for healthy people. It can completely clean the gum line and between the teeth, remove dental plaque, and is of great significance for preventing oral diseases.


2. Patients with mild dental sensitivity and periodontitis. oral irrigator company removes plaque, and for these patients, it can relieve symptoms and prevent the development of the disease.


3. Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Assists orthodontics in cleaning the residue between braces and teeth, and alleviates gum fatigue caused by braces by massaging the gums. From these three groups of people, water flosser supplier is suitable for a wide range of people, and most people can use it with confidence. In fact, only children and the elderly of a certain age, patients with special diseases (such as leukemia) and patients with serious oral diseases. It can't be used, and as long as it's not listed, you don't have to worry.


Here, I would like to point out that although water flosser supplier is suitable for a wide range of people, it is still necessary to buy professional, high-quality products that do not hurt teeth. Today, there are many oral irrigator supplier on the market under the banner of protecting teeth and gums, but in fact, it is a publicity stunt, and the product has a high rate of tooth damage, so everyone must avoid!


5. Eight Tips for choosing oral irrigator supplier!

Can water flosser vendor damage your teeth? Through the front hedge teeth


Through the analysis of the causes of tooth damage, it can be seen that the wrong product selection is the main cause of tooth damage. Therefore, when buying products, we must solve the problem of wrong choices. Only buy professional quality products, in order to effectively avoid the harm of water flosser vendor.


So, how can we achieve our goals? Here are 7 shopping tips to keep in mind.


1. The brand has technical strength. Brands with technical strength not only have solid technical accumulation, but also have rich experience in oral care. They will repeatedly adjust and optimize hundreds of parameters such as uniformity and stability of pulse frequency, water pressure range, long-term power attenuation, etc., to ensure superior product performance! In terms of tooth damage rate, merchants with technical strength are more than 300% higher than those without technical strength!


2. Strong compatibility. Compatibility is conducive to the complex and changeable oral environment of the Chinese people. Therefore, oral irrigator vendor must be equipped with multiple nozzles, multiple gear modes, and a large enough pressure range to be fully compatible.


3. Avoid exaggerating the publicity of branded products. Ads like quick whitening and quick treatment for periodontitis are common on the market. In fact, they are gimmicks designed to sell goods. Long term use of oral irrigator vendor can make the teeth white, it is impossible to cure periodontitis. It's just an auxiliary cleaning tool, It's not medicine!


4. See Type of water. At present, the main types of water outlet are pulse type, microbubble type and ultrasonic type. Of the three types, the pulse type better balances cleanliness and comfort and is by far the most popular type. In contrast, the microbubble type is very comfortable to use, but the cleaning power is not enough; Although the cleaning power of ultrasound has improved, it can easily damage teeth, which is somewhat regrettable.


5. The water tank must be removable. The water tank should be removable and the entrance should be large for easy cleaning and hygiene. Under normal circumstances, if it is not removable, the space is too closed and difficult to clean, which will lead to a large number of bacteria.

6. The capacity of the water tank should be large. The capacity of the tank must exceed 250 ml, so that there is enough water to complete the flushing, but also to avoid frequent water addition, easy to use.


7. The water flosser bulk should be good. If the water is too thick, the water will spread out, and the impact force of the water will be weak, which will have a bad effect on the cleaning power. If the water is thin, it's easy to hold together. In general, the diameter of the water flosser bulk is in the range of 0.55-0.7mm.


8, after-sales service in place. It is recommended to choose those that support trial to avoid "out of the box". In addition, pay attention to the warranty period of at least 1 year, and finally pay attention to the price of the nozzle. Because there is a cost to replace the nozzle every year, the price is low or the nozzle can be given away, which is undoubtedly the best for consumers!


Can oral irrigator bulk damage your teeth? About this question, I will share with you today. We hope that you can master the advantages and disadvantages of oral irrigator bulk detailed in this article, tooth injury cause analysis and applicable population, eight purchasing tips to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of unprofessional products, and better protect your oral health.


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