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What is the best electric tooth brush to buy?

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According to statistics, nearly 450 million people suffer from dental sensitivity, dental caries up to 90% of the population! But the brands of electric tooth brush vary, and from function to appearance, they all look the same. What's more, people must be alert to the fact that there are many so-called international brands blindly pursuing cleanliness. Although it is more suitable for Europeans and Americans, for Chinese people, it can not only damage the teeth, but also greatly aggravate various kinds of oral inflammation! What kind of electric tooth brush should I buy? Q: Why do we choose electric tooth brush? Ordinary toothbrushes, which people usually brush their teeth manually, only serve the basic function of cleaning the surface of their teeth. The removal of plaque, which causes dental problems, is limited. electric toothbrush have been developed for a variety of dental problems. After many oral environmental studies and ergonomic experiments, it can scientifically and effectively remove dental plaque through certain vibration rules. An electric toothbrush can accomplish cleaning faster and more efficiently. Q: Does the faster the vibration, the better the cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush? The vibration frequency of an electric toothbrush is only one measure of cleaning power. The softness of the bristles is related to hardness and regularity of vibration. The faster the vibration, the greater the likelihood of tooth damage, so brands have certain requirements for smart shock absorption products. Q: The price of electric toothbrush varies in the market. Is the more expensive the better? Everyone accepts the price differently. The more expensive the electric toothbrush manufacturer, the better. Q: What kind of electric toothbrush manufacturer do you want to buy? First, look at the price. Choose from within your range of acceptance. Second, look at the brand reputation. Big brands can better ensure quality control and user experience. Cleanliness must also be ensured. Third, look at the user experience, which refers to the noise, intelligent shock absorption, durability, brush head soft and hard beginners recommend small amplitude, small vibration of the electric toothbrush manufacturer. One of the core components of an electric toothbrush manufacturer is the motor. The stability and vibration frequency of the motor determine the comfort of the toothbrushes electric. A vibration frequency of more than 30000 times /min is sufficient for daily cleaning under the condition of ensuring stable output. Too big or too small can cause discomfort. When many people use an toothbrushes electric for the first time, they feel uncomfortable vibrations. If the motor performance is not good, vibration can not be uniform lasting, novice will be more difficult to accept strong and weak vibration. Many new people give up after using an toothbrushes electric once, that is, they opt for cheap toothbrushes electric that vibrate too much or are unstable. In this regard, brand and price can filter out some inferior toothbrushes electric. Also, newbies recommend using an sonic electric toothbrush with a small brush head. Many people prefer wide bristles when using a toothbrush because they cover more area, clean more efficiently and brush faster. The downsides of the bristles are also obvious. Wide bristles won't clean small areas. Although they are faster, they are not clean. The advantage of sonic electric toothbrush is that high-frequency vibrations can replace manual brushing and the smaller brush head can penetrate into smaller areas. The cleaning efficiency of high frequency vibration can make up for the shortcomings of small brush head coverage, improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect. The recommended gums for people with sensitive teeth are divided into thin gums and thick gums according to their thickness. Thin gum types have thinner gums and are more likely to have receding gums, bleeding and pain; Thick gums are thicker and less prone to gum receding, bleeding and pain. For different gum types, choose different sonic electric toothbrush properties. Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, but long-term use can also cause some natural wear and tear, and even wear. Some people have developed enamel, which is not easily worn; In some people, tooth enamel or tetracycline fluorosis is stunted and more prone to wear. Teeth with worn enamel are more sensitive and can suffer from dentin allergies and even pain when exposed to hot and cold. Compared to manual brushing, sonic electric toothbrush are recognized by oral experts for their cleaning ability by removing plaque faster and more thoroughly under high-speed vibration, minimizing the risk of cavities and gingivitis. In addition, the dynamic balance of brushing with an kids electric toothbrush is stable. For difficult blind areas, such as cavities between teeth, it can effectively clean the power and reduce the frequency of bleeding gums by at least 62%. When brushing teeth, it will also be safer and more efficient, especially for orthodontic people, tooth decay, periodontitis and other sensitive people, kids electric toothbrush is just needed.

First of all, cleaning is more efficient. The motor in an kids electric toothbrush can provide powerful power. Whether it is rotary or sonic products, the cleaning efficiency is more than 2-3 times that of ordinary toothbrush, greatly shortening the cleaning time.

Secondly, the cleaning ability is stronger. kids electric toothbrush have been tested by authorities, and their ability to clean stubborn tooth bacteria is more than twice that of regular toothbrushes. Manual toothbrushes, not to mention antiseptic, can be difficult to clean tartar.

And it's easier to operate. Many people think that a regular toothbrush is simple, but in fact, on the contrary, we should try to keep brushing with the same force so that we can brush carefully and evenly. Manual toothbrushes cannot do this. On the contrary, kids electric toothbrush are only the most basic capabilities and are easy to operate. But there are so many products on the market now, and the quality is uneven. How to choose a good electronic toothbrush? 1. View the working mode. At present, the electronic toothbrush on the market mainly consists of rotary vibration and acoustic vibration. The specific advantages are as follows: The rotary vibration type relies on the transmission shaft to drive the brush head to rotate one circle, using friction to clean teeth. The advantage is high cleaning rate, the disadvantage is that the teeth wear. The acoustic vibration motor drives the brush head to generate high speed reciprocating vibrations at the acoustic frequency level, and creates extremely high speeds at the top of the bristles to drive water flow and air bubbles to create flowing shocks to clean the teeth. The advantages of efficient cleaning will not damage the teeth, and the disadvantages are not present. By comparison, acoustic vibration is not only efficient in cleaning, but also does not damage the teeth. We recommend that you choose this type of product whenever possible. 2. Check the cleaning capability. According to the recommendations of joint oral experts, we mainly focus on three aspects of the cleaning ability of electronic toothbrush: soft scale removal rate, plaque removal rate and dental dentition cleaning area coverage · Soft scale removal rate Teeth soft scale, also known as dental white scale, is the food residue attached to the teeth and gum edges, mixed with the pale yellow and white substance of bacteria. It's loose and soft, and it's the cause of yellowing teeth. If you want to whiten your teeth, you must effectively remove plaque · Plaque removal rate Plaque forms when saliva secreted in the mouth forms a membrane on the teeth, causing various bacteria in the mouth to grow and multiply in this membrane. Over a long period of time, plaque forms. If not removed, it can not only cause tooth decay, dental stones, but also bad breath. · Dental cleaning area coverage Dental cleaning coverage refers to the amount of coverage that the electronic toothbrush can effectively clean teeth. The higher the value, the more the toothbrush can clean teeth in all directions, and the better the cleaning effect. Of course, the higher the standard, the better. However, many enterprises do not write these parameters on the details page. Before purchasing, you must check with customer service department! 3, good bristles can not only enhance the comfort of brushing, but also better protect teeth. When buying bristle material, it is enough to look at the bristle material and roundness. The bristle material determines the elasticity, softness and hardness of the brush head, as well as a good entry experience. Here, we recommend that you prefer DuPont brush products, because they are moderate in hardness, strong and wear-resistant, not only have good cleaning effect, but also do not cause damage to the teeth. Roundness rate Roundness rate refers to the roundness treatment of the brush tip, too low to cause damage to the teeth. Generally speaking, the roundness of adult electric toothbrush factory is higher than 70%, and the roundness of children's electric toothbrush factory is higher than 90%. The rounder it is, the better it protects the teeth. 4. The intelligence of the electric toothbrush factory depends on whether it has intelligent adaptive induction function. The strength and frequency of vibration of sonic toothbrush manufacturer are not suitable for everyone, as each person has their own uniqueness in terms of gender, age, lifestyle, and tooth structure and shape. This is where smart sensing comes in handy. The brush head will automatically adapt to the state of each tooth and adjust different strengths and vibration frequencies, making teeth sensitive friends very friendly! 5. Look at stamina. Endurance is a very important metric for sonic toothbrush manufacturer, especially for those who like to carry them around. The durability of the sonic toothbrush manufacturer directly affects the experience of using it. When you choose to buy, you should try to choose a long battery life. 6. Check out the water resistance. The water resistance of sonic toothbrush factory is also very important because they need to be in contact with water when using or cleaning. Currently, the highest water resistance rating for electric toothbrush wholesale is IPX7, which ensures that they will not be damaged after being submerged at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Water resistance is very good. 7. Takeaway: Rounding rate is another factor that affects tooth damage. It refers to treatments on the ends of the bristles that make the bristles more rounded and will reduce damage to the mouth and gums. The experience is very good. It is recommended to choose an sonic toothbrush wholesale with a roundness of more than 90%. electric toothbrush agency with a lower roundness will be uneven under a magnifying glass and tend to damage the gums of the teeth when brushing. Long-term use can lead to sensitive teeth, pain, bleeding gums, etc. What kind of sonic toothbrush agency should I buy? In order to choose the right clean toothless electric toothbrush dealer, consider the following selection factors. Factor 1. Vibration frequency is moderate, more suitable for Chinese people. Vibration frequency is an important index to determine the performance of sonic toothbrush dealer. Higher vibration frequency can bring higher cleaning efficiency and cleaning capacity, cleaning effect is better. But too high is not good either. Too high can cause tooth damage. According to the survey, the frequency of earthquakes is between 30,000 and 40,000 per minute, which is suitable for Chinese people. The brush head is very round, and the soft brush head is in direct contact with our teeth. There are two important points to consider when choosing a brush head. First of all, brush materials should be soft and moderately hard products, even soft products. Because Chinese people have a lot of oral problems, it is not suitable to use a stiff brush; Second, the bristles should be more than 80 percent round, which can reduce the damage to the mouth. Many low-roundness bristles have many sharp burrs under the microscope (as shown above). They are also the cause of frequent gum bleeding! Factor 3. There are protective techniques for chronic tooth damage that is not easily detected. Many dentists have written an article on buying an electric toothbrush trader, saying that you should be aware of not only the short-term damage, but also the hidden long-term damage! If you hurt your tooth for a short time, you can buy a product with serious quality problems and avoid bleeding in the first place. However, if you buy some products whose motor quality is not up to standard, resulting in unstable use of vibration, or the bristle material is not up to standard, the bristles are relatively hard and less rounded, this kind of sonic toothbrush trader damage is usually found several months later, until it is too late, serious may cause the gums to become more sensitive, and even have serious problems such as gum shrinkage, cracks and so on!


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