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What's the difference between ultrasonic and Sonic toothbrush?

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The Difference between ultrasonic and electronic toothbrush: To determine a true electronic toothbrush, consider these two points: There is a word difference between sonic and electronic toothbrush. So, is a electric toothbrush manufacturer an ultrasonic toothbrush? Here, I can clearly tell you that electric toothbrush manufacturer are not electric toothbrush factory, but they all fall into one of the categories of electric toothbrush factory. Acoustic sonic toothbrush manufacturer mainly adopts vibration cleaning mode. It needs to clean the mouth by touching and rubbing the teeth with the brush head or bristles. Ultrasonic sonic toothbrush manufacturer use the cavitation of ultrasonic waves in periodontal tissue to remove plaque and impurities without touching and rubbing teeth through bristles or brush heads. In terms of working principle, a sonic toothbrush factory using ultrasonic technology must have better cleaning ability than an acoustic electric toothbrush. It can be commonly understood that sonic toothbrush factor is a new generation of products after the acoustic electric toothbrush wholesale. Between the lines, the mysterious electric toothbrush wholesale on the market is probably an IQ tax, and the acoustic electric toothbrush wholesale has largely replaced the IQ tax as a substitute. So, how to tell if this sonic toothbrush wholesale is a real ultrasonic sonic toothbrush wholesale? Currently, there are two main criteria for determining whether it is a true electric toothbrush agency: whether there is a special vibrator inside the toothbrush that produces the ultrasonic wave, and whether the vibration frequency calibrated by the electric toothbrush agency is greater than 20,00Hz. The details are as follows: 1. Check the special vibrator. To be honest, if there is a device inside the sonic toothbrush agency that generates ultrasound, it may only be visible after the machine has been dismantled. In addition, vibration frequency is a technical parameter clearly marked on each sonic toothbrush agency, so the fastest and most effective way to judge is to pay attention to the sonic toothbrush agency vibration frequency. 2. What is the concept of a toothbrush whose vibration frequency is greater than 20000Hz? And by 20,000 Hz, that means it vibrates 20,000 times per second. On the technical specification sheet for electric toothbrush dealer products, which are billed as "luxury" by the manufacturer, attentive consumers can easily find a parameter describing the frequency of vibration of the brush head. However, this parameter may not necessarily be the frequency of vibrations in a second, many of which are actually the number of vibrations in a minute. Many consumers may suddenly see that it has gone over 20,000 times when they make a purchase, but in fact, the difference is significant. Only by dividing the vibration frequency specified in the brochure by 60 is the true frequency.For example, if an electric toothbrush dealer vibrates 31,000 times per minute, its brush head is actually vibrating at only 517Hz. These are the two key points to determine whether it is a real electric toothbrush dealer. In fact, as a consumer, electric toothbrush dealer are still immature in terms of market and related medical justification. We can sit on the fence and not go through all the twists and turns to buy a sonic toothbrush dealer that is not common in China, not to mention being led by some merchants in the market to buy a regular sonic toothbrush dealer at an unreasonable price. What are the benefits of using an sonic toothbrush dealer compared to a traditional toothbrush? One is not knowing whether regular use of electric toothbrush trader is harmful to health; Second, the cost is high. Ultrasonic wave needs to implant ultrasonic transducer inside the brush head, the cost of replacing the brush head is high. The third is that the electric toothbrush trader head itself does not vibrate, or needs to be brushed with a hand saw. Ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer inside the brush head assist in cleaning.

electric toothbrush trader are different from ultrasonic teeth cleaning. The ultrasonic tooth cleaner's transducer acts directly on the teeth, crushing the calculus and making hard contact. Instead of touching the teeth directly, however, the sonic toothbrush trader's transducer transmits energy indirectly to the teeth via water. The popular brand of sonic toothbrush trader on the market is mechanical toothbrush, which can be roughly divided into up and down swing and left and right rotation according to the direction of brushing. The up-and-down swing is often referred to as a sonic toothbrush trader, and the Oral-B's side-to-side rotation is unique. They don't work anywhere near the frequency of ultrasound! sonic toothbrush trader can only clean the tartar on the surface of the teeth, which is much cleaner than manual brushing and can effectively relieve the formation of calculus. For the dirt between the teeth, the only solution is dental drill and floss. For already formed calculus, it is best to wash the teeth! What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrush company? High-frequency vibrations, similar to the frequency of sound, shatter the toothpaste into tiny bubbles that reach every crevices in the teeth for a more comprehensive cleaning. Acoustic wave type not only has the advantages of excellent cleaning power, but also satisfies the advantages of good tooth and gum protection experience, low sound usage and high oral compatibility. It is suitable for Chinese people with complex and varied oral conditions and high incidence of dental diseases. Overall, the acoustic model can clean all corners of the mouth more comprehensively, with less tooth loss and better overall cleaning. It is recommended that you use an acoustic electric toothbrush company first. At this point, I suppose you might ask, since sonic toothbrush company are so much easier to use, can so many on the market fit in our mouths? Actually not! Although everyone belongs to the sonic class, but each product's function and internal professional technical adjustment are different, we need to distinguish carefully! Ultrasonic sonic toothbrush company is a new type of sonic toothbrush company gradually entering the life of consumers, but it only exists in its concept. So, what is this electric toothbrush supplier? Is it different from a regular electric toothbrush supplier? Is this an information tax? Next, let's take a look. What is an electric toothbrush supplier? It is understood that electric toothbrush supplier mainly uses the "cavitation effect" of ultrasonic waves. The high-frequency vibrations of sound waves cause the water in the mouth to form countless invisible, tiny bubbles, causing them to burst. This process generates a huge amount of energy, and tartar, plaque, and calculus are destroyed by the energy produced by the cavitation effect, separating them from the teeth and thus achieving a clean tooth effect.In a nutshell, ultrasonic sonic toothbrush supplier work by harnessing the "cavitation effect" of ultrasonic waves to clean the mouth and teeth. What's the difference between a sonic toothbrush supplier and an ultrasound? Ultrasonic sonic toothbrush supplier belongs to one kind of sonic toothbrush supplier, and common rotary electric toothbrush vendor and acoustic electric toothbrush vendor have essential difference. For example, a traditional rotary acoustic sonic toothbrush vendor uses a motor to drive a high-frequency mechanical motion of the brush head, which requires rubbing the teeth with bristles or less to clean the mouth; Ultrasound, on the other hand, does not require the use of bristles or small brush head friction to work. Instead, it uses the cavitation effect of ultrasound in the periodontal region to remove plaque and impurities.

It can be said that ultrasonic sonic toothbrush vendor is a new generation of sonic toothbrush vendor that integrates the ultrasonic technology into the toothbrush. No wonder the marketplace works so hard and miraculously to promote it. electric toothbrush bulk It is recommended to buy an acoustic toothbrush. Currently, there are only two core technologies for electric toothbrush bulk. The first rotary electric toothbrush bulk uses 360-degree friction between the bristles to clean teeth. The advantage is that it has strong cleaning power, but the disadvantage is that it feels the whole buzzing sound when using, which makes it less comfortable and causes great damage to teeth. sonic toothbrush bulk clean teeth by swinging them at high frequencies from the left and right of the bristles. The advantage is that it is gentle and comfortable to use and much less damaging to your teeth than a rotary toothbrush. Although less powerful, it is more than enough to clean the surface of the teeth with plaque and interdental residue. Even when done well, acoustic vibrating toothbrushes are as clean as they are rotary. How does the sonic toothbrush bulk work? sonic toothbrush bulk work the same way as regular electric toothbrush: They move back and forth across the surface of your teeth at high speeds to wipe plaque. The most obvious difference is the speed of motion: acoustic toothbrushes typically vibrate at about 260Hz (260 times per second), equivalent to 31,000 toothbrushes per minute and about 10 times faster than regular  electric toothbrush. As mentioned above, in a regular  electric toothbrush, the base of the brush rotates back and forth, with the rest of the brush head stationary, thanks to a small CAM device directly above the motor. In fact, in an in vitro experiment, it was found that the high frequency longitudinal reciprocating rotation of the motor drove the brush head to move at more than 15,000 times per minute, oscillating the flow of water. It also produces some peeling effects on bacteria without touching the surface of the petri dish. Therefore, it is called  electric toothbrush, which means ultrasonic vibration cleaning. But in reality, non-contact sterilization can not reach 100%, only can touch to reach 100%. As a result, the overall effect may not surpass that of the so-called mechanical toothbrush, the reciprocating twist toothbrush. It's just that the swiveled brush heads are too thick, and Asians have small mouths and don't like to have their wisdom teeth removed. (Neither do I, as some small clinical trials have shown that indiscriminate preventive wisdom tooth removal has no statistical significance in preventing oral cancer.) It could be that the outside of the wisdom teeth, or even the last back molar, can't stick out, but instead can't brush, causing the gums of the molar to bleed. So sonic models are selling like hot cakes. When using a sonic toothbrush , the entire brush head vibrates very fast - manufacturers claim this creates different types of cleaning effects, making it more effective. Because sonic toothbrush are so much faster than regular sonic toothbrush, they buzz around the teeth, not only brushing away plaque, but also creating turbulent waves in the toothpaste and mouth. Why are they called "sonic" toothbrushes? In fact, British dental researchers concluded in a 2004 study of five different acoustic toothbrushes that "air pockets do not occur around toothbrushes electric. No cavitation is detected after 20 minutes of toothbrush use, so this is very different from ultrasonic cleaning. This is not surprising since ultrasonic cleaning usually uses higher frequencies (20,000-40,00Hz)." , its hollowing effect is more obvious. In other words, "soundwave" is more misleading than the marketing jargon. Regular (swivel head)  toothbrushes electric can also be described as "sonic" because of the noise they make when they vibrate. What do scientists say? A couple of years ago, two British studies (2003 and 2004) found that regular (rotary oscillating)  toothbrushes electric were the only ones that worked better than manual ones. In 2005, scientists found that after using a rotating oscillating electric tooth brush for three months, the enquirer had significantly less gingivitis and plaque. However, electric tooth brush without rotary oscillating action are not necessarily better than manual toothbrushes. How does an ultrasonic electric tooth brush work? If you really want ultrasonic cleaning, you'll need a sonic electric toothbrush that vibrates 100-1000 times faster than a traditional rotary or sonic electric toothbrush to produce a true cavitation cleaning effect. sonic electric toothbrush work completely differently because they don't have internal motors. The ultrasonic toothbrush works as follows: The battery (1) generates high-frequency direct current, which powers the circuit (2). A piezoelectric transducer (4) is driven by a connecting wire (3), which then converts electrical energy into high-speed vibrations. The transducer expands and contracts at a very high rate, creating sound waves in the mouth and slight cavitation around the teeth (5), which brushes away plaque (6). Don't waste your money. Pay attention to these details. 1. The quality of the toothbrush head and whether the bristles are rounded at the end. Why? The head of the sonic electric toothbrush needs to be replaced, and a good one can reduce the cost of brushing because the head is not covered by the warranty. The rounded end of the bristles prevents damage to the gums. 2. Whether the body is IPx7 waterproof, waterproof kids electric toothbrush is necessary, because we need to clean it every day. If the waterproof grade does not meet the standard, the consequences can be imagined. 3. How long will the battery last?  kids electric toothbrush is for everyone's convenience, it's a hassle to charge every day. It is generally recommended to charge it at least once for 10 days of use. 4. Does it have a two-minute timer and a 30-second brushing zone reminder? Ask me why? This is the most scientific time to brush your teeth, whether it's important or not. 5. Whether it is safe to charge induction. 6. Most importantly, buying an electronic toothbrush should be based on your wallet, not the more expensive the better.


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