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Which is better, rotary toothbrush or vibrating toothbrush?

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Which is better, rotary toothbrush or vibrating toothbrush?


When buying an sonic toothbrush  for the first time, many novices may be confused by the classification of sonic toothbrush : rotation, vibration, sound wave, ultrasonic wave, etc., and the price difference is relatively large. Which is a sonic vibrating toothbrush or a rotary electric toothbrush? Okay, which one works better? This problem is expected to bother many new users. In this regard, I this health blogger, today published a series of science, to talk about the classification of electric toothbrush, especially the most mainstream acoustic vibration toothbrush and rotary electric tooth brush, which is better!


1. Acoustic vibration toothbrush and rotary motor principle science


Which is better, sonic toothbrush or rotary electric tooth brush? Let's explain how sonic electric toothbrush work from how they work:
1. The working principle of rotary sonic electric toothbrush


Rotary kids electric toothbrush rely on a traditional shaft to drive the head to rotate. When this kids electric toothbrush works, the brush head will also rotate left and right, creating a pendulum motion. However, it should be noted that this mechanical cleaning method has a very strong friction effect, but the wear on the teeth is very large, and the noise is very loud when brushing, so it is not recommended for long-term use.


2. Working principle of sound, vibration and electricity


The frequency of the sonic electronic toothbrush head is close to the frequency of the acoustic wave under the vibration of the motor, which can maintain a continuous and stable power output at the top of the bristles. In general, it can reach 35,000 beats per minute and can quickly generate thousands of bubbles and flow momentum. Compared to traditional toothbrushes, manual toothbrushes clean 100 times better, vibrate gently, and do not harm the gums.


Therefore, acoustic vibration electronic toothbrush is relatively more suitable for Chinese people, and it is also the most mainstream type of electric toothbrush manufacturer on the market.


2. Comparison of five dimensions between acoustic vibration toothbrush and rotary electric toothbrush manufacturer


Different electric toothbrush factory are classified, and their characteristics are of course different. However, from the current market share point of view, everyone is commonly used is rotary electric toothbrush factory and sonic sonic toothbrush manufacturer.


1. Cleaning power comparison: rotary type is slightly better, the difference is not big

Due to the mechanical friction of the rotating sonic toothbrush manufacturer, because its brush head wraps around the entire tooth, it rotates back and forth, left and right at different angles, and the short bristles are just right to clean the gums, periodontal and teeth. In every corner, the cleaning power is indeed very strong, suitable for very few users with very good teeth. However, due to greater tooth wear, many dentists do not recommend long-term use of rotary sonic toothbrush factory. In contrast, the cleaning power of acoustic vibration sonic toothbrush factory is not less, and it can also complete our oral cleaning work very well. Vibrating electric toothbrush wholesale use continuous high frequency vibration. Although the brush head is slightly larger, it does a good job of cleaning the space between teeth, roots and periodontal tissue with the correct Angle.
In fact, the cleaning power is not much different, but the shape and size of the brush head is different, which has little impact on the cleaning power. As long as the cleaning time is guaranteed, they can have a good cleaning effect.


2. Comparison of oral care index: acoustic vibration electric toothbrush wholesale wins, with obvious advantages


Data show that the average wear of a rotary sonic toothbrush wholesale is 4-5 times that of a sonic toothbrush. It produces very fast rotational speeds and a relatively large tooth surface. From this perspective, choosing a sonic toothbrush is safer for our teeth. After a long time of use, the wear gap between the sonic toothbrush and the rotary toothbrush can be seen more clearly.

3. Actual brushing experience comparison: acoustic vibration sonic toothbrush wholesale wins, softer and more comfortable


I'm not going to judge that arbitrarily. If you search for user reviews of the two, you will find a very clear difference. There have been many comments about rotary "small electric drills". This is because the vibration of the rotating toothbrush is relatively large, and it is easier to make the gums bleed. In contrast, the acoustic method of operation is gentler than the rotary method. In addition, rotating toothbrushes make a lot of noise when working, which can be uncomfortable for people sensitive to sound, while sonic toothbrushes are quieter.
4. Noise


1. The noise of rotary electric toothbrush agency is indeed larger than that of ordinary sonic electric toothbrush agency. This is not only my personal feeling, but also the feedback of many user experiences. More vividly, it feels like a "tractor."


2. The noise of acoustic sonic toothbrush agency is much softer than that of rotary sonic toothbrush agency, and basically there is no trouble to disturb others. Even if it is used in the dormitory, there is no need to worry about waking roommates in the early morning and affecting the interpersonal relationship between roommates.


5. Use experience


1. Rotating electric toothbrush dealer


Throughout the use, you can feel each tooth being tightly wrapped for deep cleaning, but the gums will feel a little irritated. If the gums are particularly sensitive, the likelihood of bleeding is higher.

2. Sound waves vibrate electric toothbrush dealer


The overall use experience is better, the vibration and noise are relatively small, the gums will not cause too much discomfort, and the cleaning force is also good.


At present, there are relatively few sonic toothbrush dealer with rotary vibration, and the options are very limited. Some people like this method very much. They think that not only the cleaning power is strong, but also they will prefer the cleaning fun brought by this packaging. Ordinary sonic toothbrushes can't meet their needs.


But there are some people especially can not accept the rotary cleaning method, this method is very irritating to the gums, if used improperly, their strong friction will cause certain damage to the teeth to a certain extent, which is also irreversible.


Three, the three basic qualities of high-quality sonic toothbrush dealer
Which is better, sonic toothbrush or rotary electric toothbrush trader? Through the above interpretation, we must all understand that in fact, all types of electric toothbrush trader have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the basic quality of high-quality sonic toothbrush trader is the same. The most basic is to achieve superior cleaning power while protecting the gums. The gum care experience is excellent, nothing is good.


Here are the three essential qualities of a good sonic toothbrush trader:


1. Cleaning power is not as high as possible, you need to be alert to the hidden dangers of chronic tooth damage!


Everyone has no doubt that the cleaning power of electric toothbrush company far exceeds that of manual toothbrushes. Therefore, do not blindly pursue fast whitening and other cleaning power of the electric toothbrush company, too much power products really hurt teeth!

Most people believe that as long as an sonic toothbrush company does not bleed or irritate the teeth and gums, it means it is qualified. In fact, this is a big mistake! Some teeth that vibrate especially hard, especially those low-priced sonic toothbrush company that are hard to find for a long time, are exaggerated. They are often not discovered until months or years later, and when they are, they can cause irreparable damage.


2. The rounding rate of the bristles must be very high, it is recommended to choose more than 90%


Qualified bristles must usually be round. If the ends of the bristles are not round, they will have sharp edges or hairy hairs, which can easily damage the gums if you are not careful. Therefore, the high round rate is also a key indicator to judge the quality of the bristles. It is reported that the process of rounding the tip of the bristles accounts for 40% of the production cost of the toothbrush. Some companies may not strictly comply The requirement to round the brush head in order to reduce costs. Some high-end brush heads of well-known brands can generally reach a repair rate of more than 90%, so it is recommended to choose this type first.


3. Gum care and dental care experience is the most important, the halo blessing is not useful


When many people buy an electric toothbrush supplier, their first reaction is to buy a toothbrush endorsed by a celebrity. They are famous and must be reliable! In fact, this is a big misconception. Celebrity endorsements are very expensive. Such brands are only willing to pile costs on marketing costs, and are not willing to invest costs in product development costs with a longer payback period. electric toothbrush supplier often have a poor brushing experience, But the price is very expensive, there is no cost-effective. Therefore, we do not need to buy such products. We must know that many mid-end high-quality domestic products have great advantages compared with those international big names who are keen on star endorsements, whether it is experience or cost performance.


Fourth, the use and maintenance of sonic toothbrush supplier


In addition to how to choose an sonic toothbrush supplier, its proper use and daily maintenance is also a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. After all, we spend "a lot of money" on electric toothbrush vendor in order to clean our teeth better and extend its service life as much as possible, which saves money and worries. For these two points, popular science is as follows:


1. Regarding the use of electric toothbrush vendor, the steps are as follows:

Install the brush head: Place the brush head tightly into the toothbrush shaft until the brush head engages with the metal shaft;


Foam: Before brushing, adjust the hardness of the bristles with water temperature. Warm water, soft; Cold water, moderate; Ice water, a little hard. The bristles are very soft after soaking in warm water, so it is recommended that users who use for the first time soak in warm water five times, and decide the water temperature according to their preferences after getting used to it;


Squeeze the toothpaste: Align the toothpaste vertically with the center of the bristles, then squeeze in the appropriate amount of toothpaste. At this time, do not turn on the power, so as not to splash the toothpaste. The sonic toothbrush vendor can be used with any brand of toothpaste;
Effective brushing: First put the brush head close to the front teeth and pull it back and forth with moderate force. After the toothpaste bubbles, turn on the light switch. After adjusting to the vibration, move the toothbrush from the front to the back teeth, clean all teeth, and pay attention to cleaning. To avoid foaming, turn off the power after brushing and take the toothbrush out of your mouth;


Clean the brush head: After each brush, put the brush head into clean water, turn on the electrical switch, shake a few times, you can clean the toothpaste and foreign matter left on the brush bristles.

2. How to carry out daily maintenance of sonic toothbrush vendor can refer to the following items:


Like regular toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush bulk heads should be replaced after 3 months of use. Although it is not much different from the naked eye, after 3 months of use, the bristles have been deformed and aging is very serious, and the cleaning effect of the teeth will be greatly reduced, and the gums will be damaged.


In general, sonic toothbrush bulk should be kept in a dry and cool place. Although it has a waterproof function, if it is placed in a dark and humid environment for a long time, the rubber on the surface of the sonic toothbrush bulk will age faster and the noise will become a little louder.


In addition, you can alternate using different brush heads in the morning and evening when brushing, which gives the sonic toothbrush bulk enough drying time. This prevents too much bacteria from attaching to the head of the electric toothbrush Root, reduce gum inflammation.


Which is better, sonic toothbrush or rotary electric toothbrush? The above is my detailed analysis and knowledge sharing of the classification of electric toothbrush. At the same time, it also reminds you how to choose an electric toothbrush. I hope you can choose an electric toothbrush that suits you according to your own characteristics. Not only that, we must also master the correct use of electric toothbrush and carry out the necessary daily maintenance, so that we can better treat toothbrushes and treat our teeth and oral health.


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