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the Water Flosser

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Measurement of the Water Flosser.


1. Motor is very important for stable and comfortable water column. The cleaning power of the Water Flosser mainly depends on the two parameters of water pressure and pulse water frequency. As the name implies, the higher the water pressure and pulse water frequency, the easier it is to wash the food residue out of the tooth crevasse. On this basis, we should also emphasize the comfort in the mouth, can stabilize the water, so that the water can comfortably impact the teeth between the teeth, the important accessories affecting the above factors is the motor. The strong water pressure of our Water Flosser can reach up to 140PSI (high frequency pulse can reach up to 1400 times per minute). This strong water pressure can penetrate into the teeth and blind areas of the mouth to quickly wash away food debris and protect the gums.